When I Fly Towards You Season 2 Release Date, Spoiler, Recap, Trailer, Cast, Countdown, and All We Know So Far

When I Fly Towards You Season 2 Release Date, Spoiler, Recap, Trailer, Cast, Countdown, and All We Know So Far

Brace yourself for an enchanting journey brimming with joy, romance, and vibrant allure as you set off on the captivating Chinese TV series, ‘When I Fly Towards You,’ skillfully helmed by the visionary Mao De Shu.

Brace yourself for an extraordinary journey as you delve into the mesmerizing world of “When I Fly Towards You”. Crafted with remarkable finesse by the brilliant minds of Yue An and Tao Kai Xin, this captivating series guarantees to captivate viewers with its seamless blend of humor, romance, and relatable narratives. Unfolding over 24 spellbinding episodes, this delightful masterpiece took off on June 13, 2023, and continued to enthrall audiences until its grand finale on June 29, 2023. Prepare to be amazed as we unveil thrilling insights about the highly anticipated upcoming season!

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When I Fly Towards You Season 2 Overview
Season NameWhen I Fly Towards You
No. of Seasons1
No. of Episode12 (Season 1)
Country of OriginChina
Origin LanguageChinese
Available LanguagesChinese
First Episode Aired13 June 2023
Next episode Aired 11 july 2023
Latest Season Aired NA
Available Onyouku

When I Fly Towards You Season 2 Release Date

As the curtains close on the debut season of “When I Soar Towards You,” enthusiasts are already brimming with excitement for the forthcoming chapter in this mesmerizing tale. With Su Zaizai and Zhang Lurang’s heartwarming and spellbinding journey coming to an end, onlookers bid adieu while their hearts brim with anticipation for the adventures yet to unfold.

With its exquisitely woven storyline, interwoven with laughter, romance, and the magical impact of authentic bonds, this masterpiece has left viewers craving for more. As the first season comes to a close, fans can find solace in knowing that the exceptional crew behind the production, led by the visionary director Mao De Shu and the brilliant screenwriters Yue An and Tao Kai Xin, will persist in crafting a captivating tale that will forever resonate with emotions and fuel boundless creativity.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the upcoming installment of Su Zaizai and Zhang Lurang’s extraordinary journey as they venture into another thrilling and unforeseeable escapade within the approaching season of ‘When I Soar Towards Your Horizon’.

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What happened at the end of season 1?

The last installment of the Chinese drama ‘When I Soar Towards You’ unveils a delightfully heartening and fulfilling ending. The mysterious and seemingly aloof persona of Lu Rang astounds Zai Zai with a surprise visit to their newly purchased apartment, proclaiming it as their future haven. This tender and affectionate act showcases Lu Rang’s personal development and unwavering dedication to their love.

As the pair embraces their fresh surroundings, a moment of great significance unfolds as a colossal television within their abode reveals a clandestine diary or a covert tape belonging to Lu Rang. The screen bursts to life, unveiling a treasure trove of memories and hidden fragments, now laid bare for Zai Zai to confirm. This revelation imbues their bond with a profound emotional dimension, allowing Zai Zai an intimate peek into the vulnerable and private musings of Lu Rang.

The exquisite and genuine moment unfolds, unveiling the evolution and metamorphosis of Lu Rang, as he reveals his deepest secrets to Zai Zai. It symbolizes a progression in their connection, cementing their bond and fostering a profound comprehension. Through its joyous culmination, ‘When I Fly Towards You’ bestows upon onlookers a gratifying and comforting sensation, as the characters discover love, acceptance, and a promising shared destiny.

What Is The Storyline Of When I Fly Towards You?

On the fateful inaugural day of the prestigious academy, destiny weaved together the paths of Su Zaizai and Zhang Lurang. Su Zaizai, a humble scholar brimming with passion and inquisitiveness, crossed paths with Zhang Lurang, a distant and aloof prodigy. Since that very moment, Su Zaizai found himself captivated by Zhang Lurang’s mysterious aura and transformed into a devoted admirer. However, beneath Zhang Lurang’s calm exterior, a labyrinthine paradox lay concealed.

Despite radiating self-assurance, he carried the weight of hidden insecurities. Zhang Lurang had spent more than ten years enveloped in a shield of emotions, distancing himself from genuine relationships. However, fate took a turn when he collided with Su Zaizai. In the presence of Su Zaizai, Zhang Lurang’s protective barriers started to disintegrate. Their meeting ignited a profound metamorphosis in Zhang Lurang’s existence, gradually revealing the intricate layers of his guarded persona.

What Is The Storyline Of When I Fly Towards You

The interplay between the duo sparked an enchanting alchemy, an extraordinary fusion of camaraderie, comprehension, and affection that infused a revitalized sense of direction into their respective existences. As they embarked on this joint expedition, Su Zaizai and Zhang Lurang unearthed a profound connection that transcended their initial expectations. They evolved into catalysts for personal development and transformation, igniting in one another the courage to embrace their true selves and confront their inner struggles.

The profound influence they had on each other’s lives highlighted the potency of true human bonding and the inevitable process of personal growth. “When I Fly Towards You,” an uplifting and thought-provoking story, delves into the intricacies of self-discovery, companionship, and the transformative potential of authentic relationships. Embark on a journey with Su Zaizai and Zhang Lurang as they navigate through a whirlwind of emotions, ultimately gaining valuable insights about love, acceptance, and the liberating beauty of stepping out of one’s comfort zone.

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What Can We Expect from When I Fly Towards You Season 2?

Although there haven’t been any official announcements about a possible continuation of ‘When I Fly Towards You,’ enthusiasts can let their imagination run wild with potential narratives and progressions that could transpire if the show were to continue. As Season 2 unfolds, avid viewers could eagerly anticipate a deeper exploration of the ever-evolving dynamics between Su Zaizai and Zhang Lurang. Together, they could triumph over fresh hurdles, forging a stronger connection and providing mutual support to conquer individual obstacles.

Exploring the depths of their personal journeys, the show has the potential to uncover hidden aspects of their pasts and unveil unexplored dimensions of their individualities. Moreover, the introduction of new and intriguing personas could infuse the storyline with captivating dynamics and compelling conflicts. These intriguing elements have the power to ignite transformative character growth and enrich the overall narrative trajectory. Additionally, Season 2 holds the promise of delving into profound themes such as embracing oneself, embracing change, and chasing aspirations.

The narrative holds the potential to unravel the characters’ quests in search of their true destinies, while emphasizing the profound impact of camaraderie, affection, and individual development. As the future plot remains enigmatic, enthusiasts can still nurture anticipation for a tacit alternative season of “When I Fly Towards You,” promising to enthrall viewers once again with its sincere narration, relatable personas, and an amalgamation of humor, romance, and youthful allure.

What Does the showrunner say about Season 2?

Although the eagerly anticipated first season of “When I Fly Towards You” has recently come to an end, there have been no confirmations from the show’s creators, producers, or cast members about a potential second season. It is not uncommon for a significant amount of time to elapse before any official announcements are made regarding the renewal of a television series. Fans of the show will have to exercise patience and remain hopeful for updates on the future of the captivating storyline. Keep your eyes peeled for any forthcoming announcements about the potential continuation of ‘When I Fly Towards You.’

When I Fly Towards You Season 2 Cast and Character

Yiran ZhouZhang Lurang
Miao Yi ZhangSu Zaizai
Jiang Zhi NanJiang Jia
Bian Tian YangGu Ran
Roy XieXie Lin Nan
Chen Si SiZhou Xiao Li [Su Zai Zai’s mother]
Feng Xiang KunShen Qian Yu
Wang Mu XuanZhu Miao

When I Fly Towards You Season 2 Rating

The mesmerizing series, When I Soar Towards You, has earned an impressive rating of 9.4/10 on IMDb, along with a solid 9.0 on MyDramalist. This enchanting drama has captured the hearts of viewers with its enthralling plot, charismatic personalities, and a delightful blend of humor, romance, and themes that resonate with the young generation.

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The show’s exceptional rating showcases its remarkable talent for captivating and delighting its dedicated audience. It proves to be a compelling option for enthusiasts of Chinese dramas in search of a gratifying and highly regarded series.

When I Fly Towards You Season 2 Review

Discovering an untangled love tale, devoid of unexpected turns, misinterpretations, adversaries, vindictive former lovers, and other clichés, is an exceedingly uncommon occurrence. Witnessing the FL fearlessly expose her emotions, even when the ML struggled to acknowledge and reciprocate, brought a breath of fresh air. Moreover, the ML’s presence in “Falling into your smile” was a delight. I opted to delve into this series due to the captivating central character, yet all of the five friends proved to be equally charming.

Their bond of friendship was simply captivating, devoid of any complicated love entanglements. Alongside their collective camaraderie, the unique connections formed between the two girls and three boys were truly remarkable. Despite being in my forties, I typically steer clear of high school romances as they fail to captivate my interest. However, this particular series proved to be a breath of fresh air, evoking a delightful mix of emotions and leaving me utterly enchanted. I wholeheartedly vouch for it!

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When I Fly Towards You Season 2 Trailer Update

The highly anticipated trailer for the upcoming season of “When I Soar Towards You” is still under wraps. It is expected to make its debut either in the near future or possibly in early 2024, offering a tantalizing glimpse into what the forthcoming season has in its magical repertoire.

How many episodes will there be in When I Fly Towards You Season 2?

The inaugural season of the show boasts a total of ten episodes, with two of them already released. The forthcoming season will maintain an equal number of occurrences compared to the first. Consequently, viewers can anticipate an equivalent abundance of events in the upcoming season, ensuring a captivating storyline and an immersive viewing journey.

Where Can You Watch When I Fly Towards You Season 2?

The program has already commenced its broadcast and is readily accessible on YOUKU. However, in case you miss the initial airing, you can catch up by watching it on YOUKU the following day. The first two episodes have already been released for your viewing pleasure.

When I Fly Towards You Season 2 Worth Watching?

“Fly Me to You” is a captivating spectacle that will enthrall enthusiasts of Chinese storytelling, blending comedy, romance, and a vibrant narrative centered around youthful exuberance. Although the show’s trendy appeal may fluctuate, it gained significant acclaim when it took flight on Youku, an indigenous platform devoted to Chinese viewership.

Youku, a renowned streaming platform in China, provides an extensive selection of Chinese dramas and diverse content. Enthusiasts can indulge in the mesmerizing tale of “When I Fly Towards You” on Youku, immersing themselves in the enthralling expedition of Su Zaizai and Zhang Lurang as they embark on a remarkable journey of companionship, romance, and personal development.


In summary, it is highly advised to give ‘When I fly towards you’ a try if you haven’t already. This Chinese drama has garnered popularity among viewers due to its enthralling plot, relatable cast, and a delightful blend of humor, romance, and themes that resonate with the younger generation.

Devoted followers anxiously anticipate updates on a clandestine sequel following the conclusion of the initial installment. Stay tuned to official communications and stay ahead of the curve regarding any forthcoming advancements. Immerse yourself in this captivating and endearing saga that has resonated deeply with countless individuals. Experience the enchantment of “When I Fly Towards You” and set off on a whimsical journey brimming with joy, affection, and personal evolution.

Frequently Ask Questions About When I Fly Towards You Season 2

Who is the series’ Director?

Cattrree holds the esteemed position of Director for the mesmerizing production, When I Soar Into Your Embrace.

Where is When I Fly Towards You filmed?

The filming of the show took place amidst the vibrant landscapes of China.

How many seasons of When I Fly Towards You are there?

To this day, the series has exclusively showcased a Second season.

Is a Second season of When I Fly Towards You in the works?

The mesmerizing saga of When I Fly Towards You came to a halt as the Viaplay network decided not to extend its journey beyond the illustrious First season. Alas, the curtains have fallen, and the prospect of a Second season remains but a distant dream.

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