The Kirlian Frequency Season 3 Release Date will it ever happen, or will it be canceled by the studio – Everything we know so far

The Kirlian Frequency Season 3 Release Date will it ever happen, or will it be canceled by the studio – Everything we know so far

The highly anticipated Season 3 of (La Frecuencia Kirlian), also known as The Kirlian Frequency, is poised to captivate audiences this year. This gripping television series, now in its third installment, delves into the chilling realm of the supernatural. Originally published in 2017, Cristian Ponce’s fictional masterpiece, The Kirlian Frequency, is now conveniently accessible online. Prepare to embark on a bone-chilling journey as you explore the eerie encounters of unsuspecting individuals who, through a radio transmission, inadvertently stumble upon haunting secrets from beyond.

The accounts were narrated by an avid radio listener. When will the much-anticipated next season of the immensely popular animated series resume its production, ready to grace our television screens? Let’s dive in and uncover the truth! The subsequent sections unveil intriguing details about the culmination of the riveting third season of “The Kirlian Frequency,” awaiting your exploration below.

Currently, the fate of The Kirlian Frequency hangs in the balance as no official confirmation regarding its cancellation or renewal has been made. Netflix has kept the audience in suspense by withholding any information about the show’s future. As of now, there is no official announcement from Netflix regarding the highly anticipated third season of The Kirlian Frequency, leaving fans uncertain about the ultimate conclusion of the series.

The Kirlian Frequency Season 3 Release Date will it ever happen, or will it be canceled by the studio – Everything we know so far

The Kirlian Frequency Season 3 Overview

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The Kirlian Frequency Quick Info

“The Kirlian Frequency” is a mesmerizing auditory experience that immerses you in a world of ethereal vibrations.

The Kirlian Frequency
SeasonThe Kirlian Frequency
Name In SpainLa Frecuencia Kirlian
No. of Seasons2
No Of Episodes10 (1 To 2)
WriterCristian Ponce
DirectorCristian Ponce
GenreAnimation, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
ProductionTangram Cine Decimu Labs
Country of OriginArgentina
Origin LanguageSpanish
Available LanguagesEnglish
First Season Aired On30 Apr 2017
Second Season Aired On22 Dec 2019
Third Season Release DateTBA
Run Time10 Minutes
Available OnOfficial Youtube
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The Kirlian Frequency Season 3 Expected Release date & time

The highly anticipated release date for The Kirlian Frequency season 3 remains a mystery, leaving fans and viewers across the globe in eager anticipation. Despite the immense popularity the series garnered, the conclusion of its second season in 2019 left everyone in suspense, with no official word on when the highly anticipated third season will grace our screens.

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The Kirlian Frequency Season 2 summary

The Kirlian Frequency mesmerizes viewers with its animated series revolving around a mystical radio that exclusively transmits during the darkness of night. Through its eerie broadcasts, the radio delves into numerous paranormal occurrences transpiring in a quaint town nestled within the Buenos Aires Province. In the inaugural episode, the spotlight falls upon the enigmatic Valerga Clinic and its freshest intern, Bilder. Subsequently, an enthralling tale unfolds, centering around a possessed property; however, this is no ordinary haunted abode, for its events transport one to the depths of outer space. Typically, video games serve as a source of amusement and recreation, but within the realms of Kirlian, this specific arcade venture may prove to be your ultimate and final challenge.

The plot line of The Kirlian Frequency

In the realm of eerie tales, The Kirlian Frequency paints a captivating picture of a bewitched radio that exclusively airs under the cloak of night. Within the confines of Kirlian, a diminutive township nestled in the heart of Buenos Aires Province, this enigmatic phenomenon unfolds. Through its ethereal transmissions, the radio divulges accounts of otherworldly occurrences that pervade the fabric of this close-knit community. Yet, the true intrigue lies in the enigma surrounding Kirlian itself, as this clandestine hamlet defies cartographic existence, eluding the gaze of Argentina’s maps and shrouding its location in an impenetrable veil of secrecy.

The Kirlian Frequency Cast

The Kirlian Frequency does not possess a conventional ensemble. This extraordinary animated series unfolds in a realm beyond the natural, where the presence of cast members remains absent throughout the initial two seasons, save for the captivating narrator. The forthcoming third season shall continue to adhere to this fascinating framework.

CastVoice Actor
Nicolás Van de MoorteleLocutor
Casper UncalCaín Eldritch
Ciro HerceCiro
Letizia Denise BloisiAdela
Jorge PinarelloBilder
Jorge Luis AlonsoRodolfo
Natalia MaldiniEnfermera Ratchet
Milagros MolinaCarlita M.
The Kirlian Frequency

What will happen next in season 3 of The Kirlian Frequency?

The third season of The Kirlian Frequency is shrouded in mystery, with only minuscule details trickling in. Speculations run rampant, debating whether the series will be renewed or abruptly cancelled. Consequently, an urgent need arises for further insights into the captivating storyline that will unfold in The Kirlian Frequency season 3. Nevertheless, should the third season grace our screens once more, viewers can expect a continuation of enthralling tales showcasing the eerie supernatural occurrences within the enigmatic realm of Kirlian.

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How is The Kirlian Frequency rated?

The Kirlian Frequency has captivated audiences with its one-of-a-kind narrative approach, leading to remarkable ratings and glowing reviews. This extraordinary series boasts a solid 7.5 out of 10 on IMDb, a stellar 8.6 out of 10 on Geek Culture, and a well-deserved four out of five on Letterboxd.

The Kirlian Frequency
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The Kirlian Frequency Season 2 review

The worldwide reputation of the Kirlian series stems from its unparalleled uniqueness and captivating nature. Cristian Ponce exhibits unwavering determination in delivering an extraordinary supernatural television show that surpasses all standards. The animation featured in The Kirlian Frequency is renowned for its unparalleled brilliance and distinctive charm, making it a well-known and highly sought-after aspect of the show. Moreover, the show’s exceptional qualities have garnered it recognition, including the esteemed Best Script award at the Bawebfest 2018 Festival in the United Kingdom. Enthusiastic fans are drawn to the show for its ability to immerse them in thrilling, chilling, and astonishing supernatural adventures.

What happened at the end of season 2?

Videogames possess the ability to captivate and entertain, yet they also harbor the peril of grave harm or even fatality. Within Kirlian’s borders, a novel arcade has emerged, and within this realm, the game that reigns supreme may potentially become your ultimate and conclusive encounter. Amidst the solitude, a nurse finds herself the recipient of astonishing messages transmitted via the midnight airwaves of her humble television station.

Input: What seems like a phone call from a different realm unveils the imminent clash in Kirlian. Kirlian is a place known to all, where almost every person has a loved one or a dear companion. Additionally, Pilar’s circumstances have been verified in this particular case. The Kirlian Frequency has reached its conclusion, and Pilar has resurfaced just in the nick of time for the ultimate face-off.

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The Kirlian Frequency Age Rating And Parental Guide

Age Rating

The second season of the series delves into the dark realms of horror and drama, captivating viewers with its spine-chilling narrative. Follow a group of teenage hackers as they unravel government conspiracies, clandestine factions, and supernatural enigmas. Brace yourselves as our heroes confront an enigmatic new menace, heightening the thrill and peril of their adventure. The Kirlian Frequency’s second season promises to enthrall mature audiences with its gripping suspense, adrenaline-fueled action sequences, and captivating storyline. This TV 14-rated show pushes boundaries with its intense violence, provocative themes, and raw language.

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The Kirlian Frequency

Parental Guide

The second season of the Parental Guide series offers parents a comprehensive glimpse into this adult-oriented, animated science fiction adventure comedy. Within the show, two siblings and their extraterrestrial companion embark on thrilling escapades to safeguard the world. Despite its intended audience being mature individuals, parents are advised to preview the show prior to allowing their children to watch it. The guide provides information about the recommended age group, language usage, levels of violence, sexual content, and other factors to assist in determining its suitability for their family. Season 2 boasts even more excitement, daring exploits, and wit, captivating viewers of all generations.

The Kirlian Frequency Popularity

The second season of the show has captivated viewers with its captivating narrative, compelling characters, and visually stunning animation. Enthusiasts and reviewers alike have showered it with adoration, highlighting its ability to generate suspense and establish a captivating backdrop for the intricate plot.

Is The Kirlian Frequency worth watching?

I highly suggest indulging in The Kirlian Frequency, a captivating series that has been masterfully crafted to ignite a sense of exhilaration within you. Prepare to be mesmerized by its breathtaking animation and captivated by the unexpected and spine-tingling narratives it presents. For aficionados of horror series and films, The Kirlian Frequency is an absolute must-see.

Similar Shows Like The Kirlian Frequency

The 3rd season of The Kirlian Frequency remains elusive to viewers, yet there exists a plethora of captivating shows akin to its allure, waiting to be relished.

  • The Enigmatic Saga of Horror by Eli Roth.
  • Tales of Terrifying American Horrors.
  • Creepshow.
  • The Animation of Vazzrock.
  • Nijiyon Animation.

Where can I watch Season 2 of The Kirlian Frequency?

In the year 2017, The KirlianFrequency made its debut on YouTube, captivating audiences with its magnetic allure. Since then, the series underwent multiple invigorating reboots, breathing new life into its mesmerizing storyline. Netflix, the trailblazing platform, bestowed upon its viewers a handful of exclusively released episodes, leaving them hungry for more. Fear not, for the remaining episodes can be savored on the illustrious streaming service known as Flixxo, where they await to transport you to a captivating world of wonder.

The Kirlian Frequency Season 3 Trailer

Brace yourselves for a wave of excitement as the highly anticipated third installment of The Kirlian Frequency is currently under production and slated for a sensational unveiling in 2023. While fans eagerly await the release, the elusive trailer for this gripping season is still shrouded in mystery. Rest assured, the moment an official release date is locked in for The Kirlian Frequency season 3, the long-awaited trailer shall grace our screens and send chills down our spines.


The Kirlian Frequency, a captivating Argentinian TV series, has managed to make a lasting, unforgettable impact on its audience. With its one-of-a-kind storytelling style, the show has achieved a level of success that is truly exceptional. What immediately grabs the viewers’ attention is the intricately woven plot, full of surprising twists and turns that keep them on the edge of their seats. However, it is the show’s cutting-edge camera angles, breathtaking visuals, and exceptional writing that truly set it apart and contribute to its triumph. The KirlianFrequency offers a truly enchanting and enthralling experience, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating what lies ahead.

FAQ About The Kirlian Frequency Season 3

1.Where is The Kirlian Frequency season 2 filmed?

The KirlianFrequency mesmerizes viewers with its animated brilliance, immersing them in captivating tales that unfold within the quaint confines of a charming town nestled in the heart of Buenos Aires Province.

2. On which OTT platforms The Kirlian Frequency is available?

Catch a glimpse of the KirlianFrequency as it mesmerizes viewers on both Netflix and Flixxo.

3. In which language does the show The Kirlian Frequency available?

Experience the captivating Kirlian frequency in both Portuguese and English, immersing yourself in its mesmerizing allure.

4. Is The Kirlian Frequency based on a true story?

Nope, The Kirlian Frequency is purely a fictional tale, devoid of any real events or truth.

5. Did The Kirlian Frequency get Cancelled?

Input: The fate of The Kirlian Frequency season 3 remains shrouded in mystery as no official statements about its renewal or cancellation have surfaced yet.

6. Who Was The Composer Of The Kirlian Frequency?

The visionary mind behind The Kirlian Frequency was none other than Marcelo Cataldo.

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