Blue Lock Chapter 222 Spoiler, Release Date, Raw Scan, Count Down, Color Page & Where to Read

Blue Lock Chapter 222 Spoiler, Release Date, Raw Scan, Count Down, Color Page & Where to Read

Dive into the thrilling world of Blue Lock Chapter 222! If you’re a fan of sports manga and in search of an exciting new series to immerse yourself in, look no further. Blue Lock presents an intense football narrative that will captivate and have you at the edge of your seat. With its compelling matches and intricately woven character dynamics, Blue Lock is a manga that guarantees enjoyment for all.

Today on Amazfeed, we’re about to embark on an immersive journey into the captivating narrative of the show. Brace yourself as we uncover the intricacies of the latest chapter release and unfiltered scans, and engage in a lively discussion on which medium, manga or anime, offers a more enriching encounter with this spellbinding saga.

*Blue Lock Chapter 221 Leaked Spoiler!

Blue Lock Chapter 222 Countdown…


Please be informed that the release of Blue Lock Chapter 222 has been made available if the Counter is no longer active.

The eager fanbase of Blue Lock is buzzing with excitement for the long-awaited release of Chapter 222. Luckily, we are here to reveal the official date. Fans worldwide can rejoice as they dive into the thrilling pages of Blue Lock Chapter 222, aptly titled “Predator Eye,” on the anticipated day of Tuesday, June 27th.

Blue Lock Chapter 222 Release Date

Stay on the lookout for updates on your preferred manga platform as the release time may differ according to your time zone.

*Blue Lock Chapter 221 Leaked Spoiler!

Blue Lock Chapter 222 Different Country Different Time Zone

Different CountryDifferent Time zone
Eastern European Summer Time3:30 A.M
Pacific Daylight Time9 AM
Eastern Daylight Time12 Noon
Central Daylight Time11 AM
British Summer Time5 PM
Japan Standard Time9:30 PM
Korea Standard Time9:30 PM
Eastern Standard Time8 A.M
India Standard Time11:30 P.M
Australian Eastern Time10:30 A.M
Washington DC08:30 A.M
New York, USA08:00 A.M
*Blue Lock Chapter 221 Leaked Spoiler!

Blue Lock Chapter 222 English Spoiler and Prediction

The upcoming game presents an exciting opportunity to witness the legendary Italian coach, Snuffy, in action. Snuffy, widely recognized as the “Crown Deliveryman,” boasts an impressive track record of guiding teams to triumph. Now, let’s shift our focus to you: What unique attributes do you possess as a player?

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It is believed that he possesses a keen sense of strategic prowess and is adept at implementing it, thus I eagerly anticipate witnessing his masterful maneuvering. I am thrilled to observe their prowess in scoring under these circumstances.

Noah, alongside Snuffy’s presence, is actively engaging in the game. Lately, Noah has been showcasing commendable skills in his matches. During the inaugural match of the Neo Egoist League, he successfully netted a goal, and in the subsequent game, he played a pivotal role in thwarting Chris. With bated breath, I await the spectacle Noah will unfurl in this upcoming match.

Currently, Italy finds itself in a precarious situation, striving to prevent defeat in the event of Germany’s successful goal. As preparations are made to counter Snuffy’s involvement in the game, my aspiration is to secure a point during this crucial period. It is anticipated that Mao will successfully score a goal, yet I also yearn to bear witness to Snuffy’s valuable contribution to the overall score.

The Kaiser’s goal has ignited the crowd, as the scoreboard now reads 2-1. The Neo Egoist League, with a triumphant lead of three points, stands on the edge of victory. Should Germany secure just one more point, they shall emerge as the rightful victors of this exhilarating match.

Input: Unfortunately, with Italian coach Snuffy still unavailable, it will be challenging to make that final goal. I am excited to see how the game will progress.Regrettably, given the unavailability of Italian coach Snuffy, achieving that ultimate goal will pose a formidable challenge. I eagerly anticipate witnessing the unfolding of the game.

Kiyoshi and Kaiser both contributed a solitary point to the game, leaving us on the edge of anticipation as to whether Kiyoshi will grace us with his scoring prowess once more, perhaps even for the rival team.

Despite Lorenzo’s marking, Kaiser’s score showcased a remarkable display of skill. However, the outcome of the match hinges on Germany scoring another goal, fostering hope that they will ultimately accomplish this feat.

Mao, the mastermind behind Italy’s first-ever goal, now lies dormant. The grand finale shall only transpire when Germany effortlessly adds yet another point to their tally. Hence, it becomes imperative for us to elevate our score before that decisive moment arrives.

Mao’s remarkable hat-trick in the last game has set the stage for an exhilarating performance in this match. With his exceptional goal-scoring abilities, it is only natural to expect a flurry of goals from Mao. Should Italy manage to score, it would be a delight to see Mao as the one finding the back of the net.

In the meta-vision match, Kiyoshi emerged victorious over Futako, leaving her skills now deemed merely average in Kiyoshi’s eyes, as he affectionately labels her as “not the epitome of excellence.”

Despite being in its nascent stages, Futako’s ability to perceive beyond the ordinary remains untapped. She seems to possess only a partial understanding of her potential until Kiyoshi enlightens her about it.

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In the days to come, my goal is to enhance my abilities and become a true connoisseur of Futako’s visual perception. Moreover, I anticipate an exhilarating encounter with a theatrical spectacle that brilliantly harnesses its power.

Blue Lock Chapter 222 Reddit Spoiler Countdown…


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*Blue Lock Chapter 221 Leaked Spoiler!

Blue Lock Chapter 222 Reddit Spoiler Release Date

As of this moment, there were no available spoilers for Chapter 222 of Blue Lock. The highly anticipated chapter is on its way to Reddit, generating buzz about its imminent release.

As whispers circulate, it has been revealed that the awaited chapter is set to make its grand entrance on June 24, 2023, fueling wild speculation among eager fans eagerly awaiting its arrival.

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Blue Lock Chapter 222 Raw Scan Countdown…


Please take note that the Blue Lock Chapter 222 Spoiler has already been unveiled if the Counter has been halted.

Blue Lock Chapter 222 English Raw Scan Release Date

Are you impatiently counting down the days till the official release of Blue Lock Chapter 222? Well, fret not, for the raw scans have just surfaced, allowing you a sneak peek. Mark your calendars for June 24, 2023, as that’s when the authentic scans will be available to satisfy your anticipation.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to bear in mind that viewing unprocessed scans without endorsing the authorized release could potentially pose harm to both the creators of the series and its prospects. Often presented in Japanese, these scans may exhibit imperfections or discrepancies that could undermine the overall enjoyment of reading.

*Blue Lock Chapter 221 Leaked Spoiler!

Recap of Blue Lock Chapter 221 Summary

As the game unfolds, a wave of excitement surges through the plot as multiple players sustain injuries, paving the way for the skilled strikers to step in. Their arrival electrifies the field, captivating both players and fans with their mesmerizing performance.

The game becomes an arena of unpredictability as these extraordinary players showcase their exceptional abilities, striving to create an impact and shape the ultimate outcome.

Hiroi Yo sits on the sidelines, brimming with anticipation, yearning for his opportunity to partake in the game. Despite his current absence from the field, his unwavering determination and fervor to excel and contribute to his team’s triumph remains unshakable.

The atmosphere becomes electrifying as the game intensifies, pulsating with anticipation, as every player strives to surpass their opponents and flaunt their abilities in their relentless pursuit of triumph.

*Blue Lock Chapter 221 Leaked Spoiler!

Where To Read Blue Lock Chapter 222?

If you have a keen interest in indulging in Blue Lock, you’ll be delighted to discover its presence in both the tangible world and the vast digital realm. Numerous online emporiums, such as Amazon and Google Books, have embraced the manga and made it accessible to all. Chapter 222 of Blue Lock can be savored on kodansha, with the added bonus of English translations, ensuring that readers from all corners of the globe can delve into this captivating series.

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The translations provided enhance the reader’s journey through the storyline, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the captivating show. Consequently, if you have a desire to delve into the world of Blue Lock, you’ll effortlessly stumble upon it across numerous platforms, enabling you to choose the medium that suits your preferences. The manga is conveniently accessible for purchase online, catering to both traditional bookworms and tech-savvy individuals alike.

Is Blue Lock Manga better than anime?

Input: Although both the anime and manga versions of Blue Lock are exceptional, numerous fans argue that the manga reigns supreme. With its profound exploration of the characters and their inner struggles, along with stunning visuals, the manga provides a more immersive experience. On the other hand, the anime has garnered praise for its mesmerizing soundtrack and captivating animation.

While the manga did manage to accumulate a few additional accolades in the realm of reviews, the ultimate verdict rests solely on individual inclination. Personally, I find manga to be superior to anime due to its ability to grant me the liberty of revisiting any chapter at my discretion, enabling me to fashion an entire cosmos within my imagination where the characters engage in intricate interactions and portray their roles.

*Blue Lock Chapter 221 Leaked Spoiler!

How Much Chapter Is Covered By The Anime?

Within the expansive world of the Blue Lock anime, a mesmerizing tapestry of 94 chapters awaits, brimming with profound plot arcs and transformative junctures. While the show never falters in its brilliance, avid enthusiasts yearning for the complete Blue Lock immersion are implored to embark on the manga’s voyage, for it holds a treasury of unparalleled delights.

More About Blue Lock Manga

Yoichi Isagi, the protagonist of the thrilling sports manga Blue Lock, is a determined high school student who dreams of making it big in the world of professional football. Despite being a part of his school’s football team, his lack of exceptional skills often hinders his performance on the field. However, everything changes when Isagi is unexpectedly invited to join the prestigious Blue Lock training facility. This exclusive project aims to mold him into the ultimate striker, destined to dominate the football scene in Japan.

Blue Lock Chapter 222 Where to Read

Upon stepping foot into Blue Lock, Isagi discovers a world where he and his fellow exceptional players must embark on a relentless quest to claim the coveted title of the “Ace of Strikers,” the unrivaled star of the team. However, Ego Jinpachi, the enigmatic mastermind behind this program, firmly believes that individual brilliance should reign supreme over teamwork when it comes to achieving the ultimate goal of scoring. As the players grapple with the weight of expectations, they must also navigate the intricate web of relationships that intertwine their destinies.

Within the series, readers will immerse themselves in the protagonists’ inner struggles of uncertainty and competition, intertwined with intense matches and rigorous training sessions. Isagi, specifically, delves deep into his own potential for triumph and his underlying motivations for pursuing football. To ascend as the unrivaled Ace of Strikers within the confines of Blue Lock, he must master the art of teamwork, conquer his anxieties, and refine his extraordinary talents.

*Blue Lock Chapter 221 Leaked Spoiler!


Ultimately, Blue Lock stands as a manga that beckons to all enthusiasts of sports manga, beckoning them to embark on a journey of captivating storytelling intertwined with breathtaking artistry. The meticulousness and flair showcased by the artist seamlessly permeate the pages of Blue Lock. The sheer brilliance of the writing propels the narrative forward with unyielding momentum, captivating the reader’s undivided attention until the final page.

Within the realm of artistic expression, lies a realm untouched by extraneous leaps or excessive pages. While it may solely encompass the initial 94 chapters of the manga, the anime adaptation has faithfully paid homage to its source material, leaving us yearning for future seasons that will unfurl the plot. In its entirety, Blue Lock is an invaluable gem that simply cannot be overlooked.

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