A Town Called Malice Season 2 Release Date, Spoiler, Recap, Where To Watch? & More

A Town Called Malice Season 2 Release Date, Spoiler, Recap, Where To Watch? & More

Sky made its mark in 2023 with the grand introduction of A Town Called Malice, a captivating crime drama immersed in the vibrant 1980s era. The Lords, a notorious South London gangster clan, take center stage in this gripping series, embarking on a daring quest to resurrect their once-mighty empire amidst the sun-drenched landscapes of the Costa del Sol.

Critics showered the show with glowing reviews, praising the brilliance of its director, the captivating writing, and the exceptional performances. Alas, Sky decided not to grant A Town Called Malice a well-deserved second season, leaving fans disappointed in April 2023.

The network’s decision left many in a state of disbelief as the show had been thriving. While Sky has remained tight-lipped about the rationale behind this choice, it is possible that the extravagant production expenses of the show had a part to play.

Input: Only time will tell if A Town Called Malice will get a second chance. In the meantime, fans can still enjoy the first season, which is available to stream on Sky and NOW TV.The fate of A Town Called Malice remains uncertain, awaiting the verdict of time. Meanwhile, devoted fans can continue to revel in the delight of the inaugural season, readily accessible for streaming on Sky and NOW TV.

A Town Called Malice Season 2 Release Date, Spoiler, Recap, Where To Watch? & More

A Town Called Malice Season 2 Renewed Or Canceled?

Surprising many, Sky has unexpectedly announced the conclusion of the Spanish murder drama A Town Called Malice after a mere season, leaving fans and producers from Vertigo Films and Rogue State in shock, especially considering the previously anticipated plans for Season 2.

Drawing inspiration from the notorious 1980s Costa del Sol crime wave, Nick Love, the brilliant mind behind Bulletproof and director of The Football Factory, ingeniously crafted his novel, A Town Called Malice.

Before delving into this subject, take a moment to acquaint yourself with the fundamental details provided below. They could prove to be quite beneficial on your journey.

Quick Info

Season TitleA Town Called Malice
No. of Seasons1
No. of Episode8 (Season 1)
StatusSeason 2 End
DirectorJamie Donoughue
WriterMelissa Bubnic
MusicAlfie Godfrey
GenreDrama, Crime, Thriller
StarsMartha Plimpton, Eliza Butterworth,
Jason Flemyng
ProductionRogue State, Vertigo Films, SKY Studios
Country of OriginUnited Kingdom
Origin LanguageEnglish
Available LanguagesEnglish
First Season Aired OnMarch 16, 2023 (United States)
Second Season Aired OnTBA
Run Time51 Min
Available OnSky Original

A Town Called Malice Season 2 Possible Release Date

Brace yourselves, dear fans of Sky’s A Town Called Malice, as we unveil a rather disheartening update. Although the early ’80s witnessed the mesmerizing debut of this captivating fusion between a crime thriller and a family saga, regrettably, a second season will not grace our screens.

In the heart of South London, a gritty town named Malice became the backdrop for the daring escapades of the Lords—a band of small-scale thieves who had hit rock bottom in the underworld hierarchy. With danger lurking at every corner, our protagonists found themselves compelled to seek refuge in the sun-soaked Costa del Sol of Spain, desperately evading the clutches of a deadly gang war.

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NOW TV made a grand entrance in March by unveiling a captivating box set comprising all eight episodes, delighting viewers with a weekly spectacle on Thursday nights via Sky Max. However, an unfortunate turn of events occurred as Sky conveyed their decision to Vertigo Films and Rogue State, the brilliant minds behind the show, that the series would not be renewed.

What Is The Storyline Of A Town Called Malice?

In the very first episode, Gene Lord (played by Jack Rowan), the youthful scion of the series, finds his heart captivated by the enchanting Cindy Carter (portrayed by Tahirah Sharif). Their love blossoms swiftly, prompting them to decide on tying the knot. However, just as their engagement was on the horizon, a devastating misfortune befell their path.

The Peckhams’ henchmen unleashed their fury upon the Lords as Cindy encountered Gene’s folks, owing to their unfulfilled responsibilities. Once Gene was entangled in the skirmish, the law enforcement swiftly intervened.

In a daring act, Cindy swooped in to rescue her beloved fiancé by forcefully crashing a car into the office just as the police were closing in on them. Without wasting a moment, she swiftly took charge and discreetly secured him under custody. The esteemed Lord Patriarch, Albert (portrayed by the talented Jason Flemyng), made a wise decision to send the couple to his brother’s magnificent villa nestled on the beautiful Costa del Sol. It was a sanctuary where they could potentially go unnoticed, far away from prying eyes.

Nonetheless, Gene and Cindy swiftly discovered the true colors of Tony Lord, Albert’s sibling, upon reaching Costa del Sol – he was nothing but a charlatan who had deceitfully claimed ownership of his villa. Unbeknownst to them, this abode had been wrongfully seized from a Swedish family, and Tony found himself entangled in the web of obligations to the notorious local drug syndicate.

Amidst their arrival at Ernesto’s grand estate, Tony and Ernesto found themselves embroiled in a heated dispute. The confrontation escalated to the point where Ernesto suffered severe wounds, rendering him unconscious on the cold floor. It was precisely at this moment of turmoil that Cindy dramatically stormed into the chamber, swiftly putting an end to the conflict by eliminating Tony.

In a clandestine act, Cindy took Ernesto’s life within the confines of the hospital, driven by the fear that he might have witnessed her heinous act of ending Tony’s life. With Gene and his family’s departure to Spain to pay their final respects to Tony, Cindy was left to guard the dark secret of Ernesto’s demise.

Celebrity or creator’s statements

Before the premiere of Season 1, Deadline fueled the anticipation by revealing grand hopes for the triumphant comeback of A Town Called Malice. The commencement of filming for Season 2 is set to grace the screen this spring, bringing back the untamed allure of A Town Called Malice.

Sky takes immense pride in the neon-drenched tribute to the 1980s. Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to Nick Love, the talented cast, and the innovative crew at Vertigo Films for their unwavering commitment and boundless creativity. Although we bid farewell to the Costa del Crime, our appreciation remains unyielding.

A devoted fan of Jeremy Clarkson, mesmerized by the charm of A Town Called Malice, enthusiastically declared it as “absolutely brilliant” and hailed it as the finest television series of recent times. Conversely, detractors from the entertainment realm dismissed it as “unimpressive.”

What We Can Expect From A Town Called Malice Season 2?

Brace yourselves, loyal fans of Sky’s A Town Called Malice, for we bear somber tidings. Alas, the dawn of this year unveiled a mesmerizing concoction of crime, suspense, and familial drama set in the captivating era of the early ’80s. However, the stars have decided against gracing us with a second season.

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Sky has taken the creators of the show, Vertigo Films and Rogue State, by surprise with their decision not to renew the series. Deadline reports that the sudden revelation about the ongoing preparations for season 2 caught everyone off guard.

What Happened At The End Of A Town Called Malice Season 1?

In the thrilling conclusion of A Town Called Malice’s first season, Gene and Cindy make a daring escape to Spain following Tony’s tragic demise. Little did they know that Cindy’s hidden truth about Tony’s murder would inevitably unravel, leading to yet another desperate flight. Their path takes them to the vibrant streets of London, where their fate unfolds amidst the city’s bustling chaos.

The Lord family finally reunites, but their journey takes an unexpected turn. Entangled in a labyrinth of suspense and aggression, Gene and Cindy are left grappling with an uncertain fate. Together, they must navigate a path to freedom, leaving their haunting history behind.

In a sinister twist of events, Cindy takes Ernesto’s life within the walls of the hospital, driven by her fear that he might have witnessed her committing the heinous act of murdering Tony. Meanwhile, Gene and his family, who had already embarked on a somber journey to Spain to lay Tony to rest, remain oblivious to the shocking truth surrounding Tony’s untimely demise.

Gene and Cindy, driven by an irresistible force, embark on another journey that leads them to the enchanting city of London. As they reunite with the rest of the Lord’s family, a sense of homecoming pervades, yet the challenges that lie ahead are anything but resolved. Before long, the Lord family finds themselves entwined in a labyrinth of brutality and duplicity, where navigating the treacherous path becomes imperative.

The unjust accusation of murder compels Cindy to embark on a hasty escape, leaving behind a perplexed Gene. As the curtains fall on the enigmatic narrative of A Town Called Malice, spectators are left pondering the uncertain fate of Gene and Cindy. Alas, the cancellation of the show may forever deprive us of discovering their ultimate destiny.

The conclusion of the season remains immensely satisfying as it successfully concludes a masterfully crafted crime thriller.

A Town Called Malice Series Popularity

On March 16, 2023, Sky Max premiered the inaugural episode of A Town Called Malice, a captivating British crime drama series. While receiving a blend of reviews from critics, this sitcom triumphed in its commercial endeavors, captivating over 1 million viewers for its premiere.

A Town Called Malice has garnered praise for its stylish visuals, captivating cast, and evocative soundtrack. However, detractors have taken issue with its lack of realism and gratuitous use of violence. Nevertheless, the show has managed to amass a dedicated following, defying the odds posed by unfavorable critiques.

Unfortunately, the second season of A Town Called Malice has been scrapped. All in all, this impeccably crafted and delightful show captivates viewers of every generation. Determining whether A Town Called Malice is worthy of your time remains subjective.

The show has its fair share of both enthusiasts and detractors, and opinions vary without any definitive answer. Should you have an inclination towards crime dramas, the show might captivate you with its visually striking aesthetics, dynamic acting, and evocative soundtrack.

Input: However, you might be disappointed if you were hoping for a grimmer, more realistic criminal drama. You are ultimately responsible for deciding whether or not to watch A Town Called Malice.Should you have yearned for a darker and grittier portrayal of criminality, brace yourself for possible disappointment. The final call on whether to indulge in the enigmatic world of A Town Called Malice rests solely in your hands.

Welcome to A Town Called Malice, a program that exudes amusement with a hint of quirkiness, yet harbors certain imperfections. If you yearn for a stylish and nostalgic criminal drama, this show might just tickle your fancy. However, if your expectations lean towards a darker and grittier portrayal of crime, you might find yourself slightly let down.

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A Town Called Malice Series Cast And Crew

Showcasing a stellar ensemble of renowned and exceptionally gifted actors, this production captivates audiences with its star-studded cast.

Martha PlimptonMint Ma Lord
Eliza ButterworthCarly Lord
Jason FlemyngAlbert Lord
Daniel SharmanKelly Lord
Tahirah SharifCindy Carter
Lex ShrapnelLeonard Lord
Jack RowanGene Lord

A Town Called Malice Series Rating

The movie A Town Called Malice has sparked a whirlwind of reactions from both critics and viewers alike. While some have showered praise upon its visually stunning aesthetics, electrifying performances, and a soundtrack that hits all the right nostalgic notes, others have taken aim at its excessive violence and departure from reality. The film currently boasts a 6.5/10 rating on IMDb, accompanied by a modest 53% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

A Town Called Malice Series Detailed Review

Initially, I pondered upon whether this curriculum would captivate my interest. However, after indulging in six captivating episodes, I found myself completely enthralled and unable to tear my eyes away. The remarkable melodies intertwined within the show transport you effortlessly back to the vibrant era of the ’80s. With every episode concluding on a nail-biting cliffhanger, an insatiable desire to delve into the next installment is inevitably ignited.

The show has been absolutely mind-blowing, employing a mesmerizing music video aesthetic. However, the presentation cleverly embraces a comedic and tongue-in-cheek approach. While certain individuals have voiced their concerns about the production, specifically the accents, it is undeniable that Martha Plimpton’s performance shines brightly amidst it all.

From my perspective, certain critics are excessively fixating on the show’s resemblances to other gangster films, disregarding its intended lack of seriousness. The show exudes brilliance through its exceptional performances, masterful direction, and captivating camera work. I firmly believe that those who give it a try will be pleasantly astounded by the remarkable talent displayed.

Similar Shows Like A Town Called Malice Season 2

Input: As of now, A Town Called Malice Season 2 has yet to be released. Here are some Similar Shows Like This Series.Presently, the release of A Town Called Malice Season 2 is still pending. Delve into a selection of comparable shows that share similarities with this captivating series.

  • Dave.
  • Gotham Knights.
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How Many Episodes Will Be There In A Town Called Malice Season 2?

The upcoming second season of A Town Called Malice still remains a mystery, with no official announcement regarding the number of episodes. Nevertheless, one thing that can be expected is a consistent level of attacks throughout each season.

The show’s creators and production team will determine the duration of the season, taking into account factors such as the performers’ availability and the narrative trajectory.

Rest assured, the forthcoming season’s episode count remains a mystery, but be prepared for a thrilling and captivating experience akin to the brilliance of its predecessors.

Where Can You Watch A Town Called Malice Series?

Ever since its grand debut, the captivating and thrilling series known as A Town Called Malice has ignited a whirlwind of excitement. This remarkable creation from Sky Originals has become an absolute must-watch for enthusiasts of enigmatic narratives. Countless individuals are eagerly yearning to witness the wonders of A Town Called Malice, but are in dire need of discovering its online whereabouts.

Look no further for a simple resolution – indulge in the captivating episode streaming exclusively on Sky Original. This fascinating addition stands tall among the plethora of top-notch shows offered by this esteemed streaming platform.

Explore the boundless world of entertainment with Sky Original, where the captivating series, A Town Called Malice, awaits to mesmerize you on any screen, whether it’s your TV, phone, or any other device. Delve into this intriguing new show, conveniently accessible exclusively on Sky Original.

A Town Called Malice Season 2 Trailer Update

Season 2 of the show is shrouded in uncertainty, making the anticipation for a trailer nonexistent. The possibility of its cancellation looms over any hopes of catching a glimpse of what’s to come.


I found immense pleasure in A Town Called Malice. The theatrical production was expertly crafted, filled with delightful moments, and showcased a vibrant cast of characters. The captivating blend of chic visuals and nostalgic melodies further captivated my senses.

Input: But I can see how some viewers might be repulsed by the show’s gratuitous violence and departure from reality. A Town Called Malice was a masterfully crafted and captivating series, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who relishes crime dramas.

Frequently Ask Questions About A Town Called Malice Season 2

1. Where is A Town Called Malice filmed?

The captivating series was beautifully captured in the breathtaking landscapes of Tenerife, located in the mesmerizing Canary Islands of Spain.

2. What language is A Town Called Malice filmed in?

This captivating series was shot in the English Language.

3. On which OTT platforms A Town Called Malice is available?

Sky Original offers an exceptional OTT Platform to indulge in the world of series.

4. In which language does the show A Town Called Malice available?

English is the language in which the show is conveniently accessible.

5. Is A Town Called Malice on Amazon Prime?

Unfortunately, Prime Video does not offer the show for streaming.

6. When was A Town Called Malice initially released?

March 16, 2023 marked the auspicious debut of the series, unveiling its captivating narrative to the world for the very first time.

7. How many seasons of A Town Called Malice are there?

Only a single season has been witnessed by The Series up to now.

8. What is the age rating of A Town Called Malice?

The show has been deemed appropriate for viewers aged 14 and above.

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