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25 system of a down name meaning Quick Guide

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Serj Tankian talks how System of a Down’s members met and created the band (2022)

Serj Tankian talks how System of a Down’s members met and created the band (2022)
Serj Tankian talks how System of a Down’s members met and created the band (2022)

7 Things You Didn’t Know About System of a Down’s Self-Titled Album [1]

Every so often, a band comes along that defies all the basic principles of marketing and commerciality and yet becomes immensely popular despite — or because of — their bizarre, challenging, maniacal music. Faith No More, Korn, Tool and Slipknot fit that bill
Their self-titled record, which came out on June 30th, 1998, is a head-spinning hybrid of Slayer, Dead Kennedys, Parliament/Funkadelic and Mr. Bulldozer rhythms collide with jazzy interludes and world music influences, while barked, punk-inspired vocals segue into heartfelt, nasal melodies
“The reason we do a lot of things in the same song is because you don’t wake up in the morning and think about one thing during your whole day,” vocalist Serj Tankian told Pulse! magazine shortly after the record came out. “You think about love for a second, you think about hate, you get angry at your boss

System of a Down hometown, lineup, biography [2]

Glendale, Los Angeles County, California, United States. System of a Down is an Armenian American alternative metal band, formed in 1994 in Los Angeles, California, USA
The band consists of Serj Tankian (vocals), Daron Malakian (vocals, guitar), Shavo Odadjian (bass, vocals) and John Dolmayan (drums).. System of a Down has achieved commercial success with five albums, and many singles such as their breakout hit “Chop Suey!”, “Toxicity”, “Aerials”, “B.Y.O.B.”, “Question!”, “Hypnotize” and “Lonely Day”
The band has been influenced by heavy metal, punk rock and Armenian folk.. System of a Down went on hiatus in 2006, with Serj Tankian pursuing a solo career and Daron Malakian and John Dolmayan forming Scars on Broadway

Serj Tankian [3]

Serj Tankian (born August 21, 1967) is an Armenian-American musician, best known as the lead vocalist, primary lyricist, keyboardist, and occasional rhythm guitarist of the heavy metal band System of a Down, which was formed in 1994.[1]. Tankian has released five albums with System of a Down (System of a Down, Toxicity, Steal This Album!, Mezmerize, Hypnotize) and five solo albums (Elect the Dead, Imperfect Harmonies, Harakiri, Orca, Jazz-Iz-Christ, and Elasticity), as well as collaborating with musicians such as rapper Tech N9ne and folk singer Arto Tunçboyacıyan
He is the founder of the record label Serjical Strike Records, and is currently represented by Velvet Hammer Music and Management Group.. Tankian is regarded as one of the best vocalists in heavy metal, with praise given to his unusual delivery and his wide vocal range
In 2011, he was awarded the Armenian Prime Minister’s Medal for his contributions to the recognition of the Armenian genocide and the advancement of music.[4]. Tankian was born in Beirut, Lebanon, on August 21, 1967.[5][6] He traces his ancestry to the cities of Dörtyol, Kayseri, Tokat, and Urfa, all of which are in modern-day Turkey.[7] His four grandparents were survivors of the Armenian genocide.[7] At age seven, he moved to the U.S

System of a Down’s Serj Tankian: ‘If something is true, it should be said’ [4]

Of all the nights Serj Tankian has stood on stage surveying a crowd of 50,000 faces roaring his own words back at him, there is one that the System of a Down frontman will never forget. On 23 April 2015, the metal band gave a two-and-half hour, 37-song set to a rapturous audience in Republic Square, in the heart of the Armenian capital Yerevan
“The overwhelming feeling was of belonging,” says Tankian, 53, speaking from his airy home studio in Los Angeles. “It felt like we were created 21 years earlier so we could be there that night.”
On stage that night in Yerevan he told the story of his grandfather Stepan Haytayan, who was just five years old when he saw his father murdered in the atrocities; he later went blind from hunger. Between songs, Tankian railed against Barack Obama’s resistance to using the term “genocide” to describe the atrocities after taking office, before turning his ire on Armenia’s authoritarian president, Serzh Sargsyan

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System of a Down [5]

System of a Down (also known as SOAD or simply System) is an American heavy metal band formed in Glendale, California, in 1994. Since 1997, the band has consisted of Serj Tankian (lead vocals, keyboards); Daron Malakian (guitar, vocals); Shavo Odadjian (bass, backing vocals); and John Dolmayan (drums), who replaced original drummer Andy Khachaturian.[1]
System of a Down has been nominated for four Grammy Awards, and their song “B.Y.O.B.” won a Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock Performance in 2006. The band went on hiatus in 2006 and reunited in 2010
The band has sold over 12 million records worldwide, while two of their singles, “Aerials” and “Hypnotize”, reached number one on Billboard’s Alternative Songs chart.. All members of System of a Down are of Armenian descent, being born to Armenian immigrants or being immigrants themselves.

System of a Down Real Meaning Of Name Revealed [6]

System of a Down singer Serj Tankian has revealed the real meaning of the band’s name in a new Q 104.3 interview.. Getting back to just the name of your group, how did you decide on ‘System of a Down’? Was it your call, was it a joint call with everyone in the group?
Have anyone else ever told you that you remind them of Frank Zappa?. I used to get it more often actually when I had a full beard and longer kind of noodly hair, but yeah, thank you – that’s a huge compliment, I love Zappa.
What was fascinating was System of a Down performing for the first time in Armenia in 2015. There was somebody in the audience – and that was 50,000 strong coming out to see you – there was somebody in that audience who was ultimately ended up being a member of a very corrupt government, but he was inspired from your 2015 concert to really lead a peaceful revolution

How System Of A Down Got Their Name [7]

For a seven-year period between 1998 and 2005, System of a Down consistently released new albums as a true mainstay of the heavy music scene. Despite frequently resorting to quirky song titles and lyrical twists, the Armenian-American metal act wasn’t shy about tackling serious topics, with a strong awareness of social issues and the tragic history of their ancestors
Trends may have changed greatly since “Mezmerize” and “Hypnotize” hit stores, but System of a Down keeps fighting the good fight through their music.. Another interesting thing to note about SoaD is how they had a rather long band name at a time when brevity was the soul of wit
But where did the name come from, and why did they go with “System” as the first word in the name?. Before System of a Down, there was a band called Soil — no relation to the alt-metal band led by future Drowning Pool vocalist Ryan McCombs

What does “System of a Down” mean? [8]

This has been bugging me for awhile–usually I’m pretty good at figuring out what band names mean (or if I can’t I can find the answer on one of the fansites). I tried looking on the band’s official site, to no avail
It makes sense when you say it, but then when you think about it, you reconsider. I suppose it has to do with having a definite sheme or method of procedure of getting depressed, sick, or defeated.
It was originally called ‘Victims Of The Down,’ but Shavo didn’t really like the word ‘victims’ in the title, so I thought up ‘System Of A Down’ and it just clicked…Plus, now our album will be under the ‘S’ section, next to Slayer!”. I understand the meaning of this phrase refers to the sequence of events that occur in the unexpected failure of a machine or system of machines

The Story Behind The Song: System Of A Down’s Chop Suey! [9]

In the days after 9/11, US media conglomerate Clear Channel sent an internal memo to each of the 1,100 radio stations it owned. It included a list of more than 160 ‘lyrically questionable’ songs that programmers and DJs might want to consider not playing in the wake of the attack on the Twin Towers.
Also in there was System Of A Down’s Chop Suey!, the first single from the LA band’s second album, Toxicity, which had been released that very week. The lines ‘I don’t think you trust in my self-righteous suicide/I cry when angels deserve to die’ were deemed too much for post-9/11 America to take, and the song was quietly pulled from the Clear Channel network.
It’s almost like you’re not part of the cool group if you’re not banned once or twice. Chop Suey! wasn’t officially banned, but the edict could have stopped System’s rapid career upswing dead in its tracks

System of a Down (Music) [10]

Hide the scars to fade away the shake-up! (Hide the scars to fade away the…). System of a Down is an Armenian-American rock band formed in 1994 consisting of lead singer/keyboardist Serj Tankian, backup vocalist/guitarist Daron Malakian, bassist Shavo Odadjian, & drummer John Dolmayan, formerly drummer/one-time vocalist Ontronik Khachaturian
In their early years, they were (more or less incorrectly) labeled Nu Metal. This gradually subsided once the band gained further respect among both metal fans and the more critical segment of the mainstream
In general, most of their work fits well enough under the general label of “rock”.. After the success of their fourth and fifth albums, Mezmerize/Hypnotize, they parted ways in 2006 to work on various non-SOAD projects (Tankian’s solo effort, the band Scars on Broadway formed by Malakian and Dolmayan, and Odajian’s work with RZA)

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Band Name Origins -> S, Page 6 [11]

Do you know why a band picked out it’s name? Feel free to let us know.. I can’t verify all of these stories, so do take them with a grain of salt
Entries starting with S are split into multiple pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6. There are 4770 Band Name Origin entries on the site.
|Sum 41||They used to be called Mus 14 and they thought of a great idea to be backwards and so they were called Sum 41||Mandy Noo|. |Sunder||Word used to let people in the old west and Montana know that by sunrise they would be swinging from a noose

«Chop Suey» — System Of A Down: explaining the meaning behind song [12]

I love their sound and the messages they communicate in their songs. One of my favorites is “Chop Suey!” which has some interesting lyrics that I never really understood until recently
Chop suey is the immortal hit of the band System of a down, which the fan recognizes from the first second. But some people absolutely don’t understand the meaning and words of the song
The most common is about substance abuse, which is partly true. But Daron Malakian, the guitarist and co-writer, pays much attention to the chorus and claims that this song is about the people’s passing away and how they are regarded.

Behind the Song Lyrics: System of a Down’s “Chop Suey!” Banned Following 9/11 [13]

Rock music has always been about making a statement. From Big Mama Thornton to AC/DC, rock music offers the grit and intensity to say something bold
“Chop Suey!” is very busy both lyrically and musically. The driving strums of the guitar and frontman Serj Tankian’s rapid-fire verses make for an overstimulating experience that takes a second for the brain to catch up
The song was born in the back of an RV between stop-offs on the tour for System’s debut album. Guitarist Daron Malakian always had an acoustic guitar on-hand and picked it up to entertain himself on the long drive on some random, unnamed highway.

System of a Down’s “B.Y.O.B.” Lyrics Meaning [14]

is an acronym that is better known to many of us as standing for ‘bring your own booze’. But in the case of this song, it represents something totally different
And before proceeding with this analysis let it be known, as noted later in this post, that System of a Down’s true origin can be traced back to Armenia. in between Europe and the Middle East and close to Russia) and as such has a very tumultuous history.
And in more recent times Armenia has been going at it with its eastern neighbor, Azerbaijan.. So Serj Tankian and co., actually being based in California, could easily neglect their Armenian ancestry if they so desired

10 Facts About System of a Down’s Self-Titled Debut Only Superfans Would Know [15]

10 Facts About System of a Down’s Self-Titled Debut Only Superfans Would Know. Although it’s sometimes overshadowed by its landmark successor – 2001’s Toxicity – System of a Down’s 1998 debut was remarkable in its own right.
To this day, songs such as the brooding “Spiders,” the playfully volatile “Sugar” and the movingly insistent “P.L.U.C.K.” rank alongside some of their best material.. The LP also led to some successful music videos on MTV, plus buzzy touring stints with Mr
While there’s plenty to discover regarding its creation and legacy, we’re betting that only superfans will know the following 10 tidbits.. Loudwire contributor Jordan Blum is a university English professor and author of ‘Opeth: Every Album Every Song’, ‘Dream Theater: Every Album Every Song’ and ‘Jethro Tull: Every Album Every Song.’

System of a Down Logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG, brand [16]

System of a Down is the name of an American heavy-metal band, which was created in 1994 in Southern California. The band is also known as SOAD and is one of the world’s most famous groups in its genre.
The second wordmark was in all-caps script lettering with an underline, and appeared on “Steal This Album” cover.. It is a grunge style wordmark in Blake all-caps thick letters, which resembles of Benton Sans Extra Comp Bold font.
The pallets are switched — now the letters are white on a black background.. The System of a Down logo is strict and strong, showing the band’s character and energy.

10 Best System of a Down Songs of All Time [17]

System of a Down is one of the most innovative and influential bands to emerge from the nu-metal scene of the late 1990s and early 2000s. With their unconventional song structures, politically charged lyrics, and eclectic influences ranging from thrash metal to Armenian folk music, System of a Down quickly made a name for themselves as one of the most creative and boundary-pushing bands in heavy music
In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at the 10 best System of a Down songs of all time. These songs represent the pinnacle of the band’s discography, showcasing their ability to blend heaviness and melody, raw aggression and emotional vulnerability, into unforgettable and timeless songs.
Through their music, the band has tackled a wide range of issues, from war and government corruption to mental illness and social inequality, giving voice to the frustrations and aspirations of a generation.. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of System of a Down or a newcomer to their music, this list is sure to offer something for everyone

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The Oral History of System of a Down’s ‘Toxicity’ [18]

After nearly three years of touring behind their self-titled debut, System of a Down was ready to give the mainstream a wake-up call. In fall 2000, the heavy rockers headed home—a rehearsal space in North Hollywood called The Alley—to work on what would become their masterpiece, Toxicity.
Prime slots on Ozzfest ‘98 and ‘99 alongside metal gods like Black Sabbath, Tool, and Deftones didn’t hurt. Nu metal’s popularity was near its peak, and while System of a Down was tossed into that category, the band was a different beast: They painted their faces, were influenced by Slayer, and proudly sang about their Armenian heritage
“They made me laugh,” Rubin says, mentioning the band’s mix of Armenian folk dancing and heavy guitar riffs. They were unlike any hard rock or metal band I had seen previously.”

System of a Down’s ‘Toxicity’: 10 Things You Didn’t Know [19]

System of a Down’s ‘Toxicity’: 10 Things You Didn’t Know. System of a Down obliterated the boundaries of modern metal with their self-titled 1998 debut, a musical Jenga tower constructed from brutal distortion, Middle Eastern melodies, proggy rhythmic shifts, kooky surrealism, raw-nerve political angst and demented circus-master shrieks
But how could the band expect to match that level of originality next time out, much less top it?. In March 2001, the quartet reunited with producer Rick Rubin and entered Hollywood’s Cello Studio
Three tracks with soaring choruses – “Chop Suey!,” “Toxicity” and “Aerials” – all cracked the Billboard Hot 100, catapulting the album to Number One status.. System continued to evolve across their next three LPs, but Toxicity – which Rolling Stone ranked the 57th Best Album of the 2000s – remains their masterstroke

System Of A Down – Suite-Pee Lyrics [20]

The opening track of System of a Down’s first album is, in general, a criticism about pedophile cases in churches and extremely religious people, it isn’t criticizing people’s faith. Daron Malakian also talked about that in an interview:
But I just think a lot of people… Politicians use religion and they get their troops riled up with religion. And it’s not just here with Christianity, it’s… Those dudes, like Bin Laden, these dudes are all politicians themselves they use the simple-minded and the poor and they promise them things and that’s how they rile up their troops using religion

No Joke: SYSTEM OF A DOWN Releases Two New Songs [21]

System Of A Down have put aside their differences to release two new songs, their first new material in 15 years. The two new songs, “Protect The Land” and “Genocidal Humanoidz,” have been released to raise awareness for the ongoing situation in Artsakh, and their battles with Azerbaijan, aided by Turkey.
Drummer John Dolmayan said the songs were sparked by a text message he sent. “I texted, ‘No matter how we feel about each other, no matter what issues linger from the past, we need to put them aside because this is bigger than System of a Down and bigger than all of us
“All of us in System realize this is an existential battle for our people, so this is very personal for us. What we need right now is for the world to put politics aside and support Armenia by sanctioning Turkey and Azerbaijan and recognizing Artsakh.”

“Chop Suey” Lyrics And Meaning (System Of A Down) [22]

If you were alive in the early 2000s, you have heard the song Chop Suey! by System of a Down.. Out of all of SOAD’s songs (and there are many great ones), it is the one that has risen to the top over the years.
There have been a number of interesting theories as to what Serj is singing about in Chop Suey!. Keep reading to learn what the lyrics mean, along with a few other fascinating tidbits about this incredible song.
Especially with the album Toxicity and that frenetic song called Chop Suey!. But this song signified a great step to the top for Armenian-Americans within the industry.

‘What’s the Best and Worst Day of Your Life?’ [23]

We were just being ourselves,” System of a Down guitarist Daron Malakian tells me by way of explaining how weird his band was. Consider this: It’s the mid-1990s and four Armenian Americans from Los Angeles start a band, playing a fermented style of heavy metal that draws deeply from the traditional music of their homeland
And contrary to the hormone-crazed butt-rock boasts of the nu-metal bands suddenly dotting the culture, or the weepy, woe-is-me chugging of the post-grunge bands still trying to cash in after the end of Nirvana, these guys are deep. Their songs tackle war, genocide, American empire, organized religion, media bias, government control — the type of stuff you expect to hear from a leftist professor, not a rock band
Their first record is produced by the already legendary Rick Rubin — a big score for an unsigned band with a fervent local following. The closest thing to a single is a deranged cut of fuzz called “Sugar,” where Tankian howls about something called “the Kombucha mushroom people” before building to the kind of dizzying pitch that confuses household animals

System of a Down’s ‘Toxicity’ Turns 20: The Inside Story of a Landmark Album [24]

System of a Down released “Toxicity,” its second studio album, back on September 4, 2001, unleashing onto the world a unique concoction of hard rock with Armenian folk influences and Middle Eastern melodies. A relentless assault of crushing drop tuned guitar and bass riffs, intricate and powerful drumming with dynamic vocals ranging from frantic guttural screams to beautiful and complex harmonies, the LP is arguably among the best hard rock/heavy metal albums to be released over the last two decades.
“Toxicity” debuted atop the Billboard album chart, moving 225,000 copies its first week out, but with the terrorist attacks devastating New York City, impacting Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania and shocking the country and the world, the band had no time to celebrate that morning
He hadn’t discussed it with the group prior to its publication, but in the essay, Takian essentially blamed the attack on the U.S. on the country’s longtime interference in the Middle East

System of a Down Lyrics, Songs, Albums And More at SongMeanings! [25]

Like many late-’90s metal bands, System of a Down struck a balance between ’80s underground thrash metal and metallic early-’90s alternative rockers like Jane’s Addiction. Their dark, neo-gothic alternative metal earned a ..
Their dark, neo-gothic alternative metal earned a cult following in the wake of the popularity of such likeminded bands as Korn and the Deftones. Vocalist Serj Tankian, guitarist Daron Malakian, bassist Shavo Odadjian, and drummer John Dolmayan formed System of a Down in Southern California in the mid-’90s
A three-song demo began circulating through metal collectors, and their fan base soon spread throughout not only America, but Europe and New Zealand.. By the end of 1997, the group had signed to American, then distributed by Columbia Records

system of a down name meaning
25 system of a down name meaning Quick Guide


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