23 line down middle of tongue meaning Quick Guide

23 line down middle of tongue meaning Quick Guide

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Fissured Tongue: Pictures, Symptoms, Causes & More [1]

A non-fissured tongue is relatively flat across its length. A fissured tongue is marked by a deep, prominent groove in the middle
Fissured tongue is a benign condition affecting the top surface of the tongue. There may also be small furrows or fissures across the surface, causing the tongue to have a wrinkled appearance
Fissured tongue occurs in approximately 5 percent of Americans. It may be evident at birth or develop during childhood

Frenulum of tongue [2]

The frenulum of tongue or tongue web (also lingual frenulum, frenulum linguae, or fraenulum[1]) is a small fold of mucous membrane extending from the floor of the mouth to the midline of the underside of the tongue.. The tongue originates from the first, second, and third pharyngeal arches which induces the migration of muscles from the occipital myotomes
This allows the tongue to be free and highly mobile, except at the region of the lingual frenulum, where it remains attached. Disturbances during this stage cause tongue tie or ankyloglossia
During early gestation (as early as four weeks) the lingual frenulum serves as a guide for the forward growth of the tongue. After birth the tip of the tongue continues to elongate, giving the impression of the frenulum retracting, though in reality this has been going on for some time before birth

Cracks in Tongue – Causes & Treatment for Fissured Tongue [3]

Cracks in Tongue – Causes & Treatment for Fissured Tongue. Clinical content featured by Byte is reviewed and fact-checked by a licensed dentist or orthodontist to help ensure clinical accuracy.
According to the American Academy of Oral Medicine, about 5 percent of the U.S. These are multiple shallow grooves, commonly known as fissures, that occur on the surface of your tongue.
Doctors and dentists insist that the condition does not pose a health risk and can be controlled by a healthy oral care regimen.. Clinicians don’t know definitively what causes them.

Tongue: Definition, Location, Anatomy & Function [4]

Your tongue is a muscular organ in your mouth that aids in chewing, speaking and breathing.. A digestive organ, your tongue moves food around your mouth to help you chew and swallow
Your tongue helps keep your airway open so you can breathe properly, too.. Your tongue runs from your hyoid bone (located in the middle of your neck) to the floor of your mouth.
Your tongue is also covered with different types of papillae (bumps) and taste buds. You have four different types of taste buds, including:

Fissured Tongue: Pictures, Symptoms, Causes & More [5]

A non-fissured tongue is relatively flat across its length. A fissured tongue is marked by a deep, prominent groove in the middle
Fissured tongue is a benign condition affecting the top surface of the tongue. There may also be small furrows or fissures across the surface, causing the tongue to have a wrinkled appearance
Fissured tongue occurs in approximately 5 percent of Americans. It may be evident at birth or develop during childhood

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Health and the tongue – Glucosamine [6]

In traditional Chinese health practice, it is believed each area of the tongue corresponds to different organs of the body. The front of the tongue is directed to the lungs and heart; the middle, to the spleen and stomach; the sides, to the liver and gall bladder; and the back, to the kidneys, small intestine, and the colon
Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese (TCM) healing modalities have been using the tongue as a diagnostic tool for thousands of years, and the practise is becoming popular in Western naturopathic practice. Whilst it is best to check with your healthcare provider, such as a GP or naturopath, you can look at your tongue and observe the shape, colour, and coating, to get an idea of what your tongue may be saying about your health.
A pale or whitish tongue could be indicative of poor circulation, cold temperature, and a lack of healthy red blood cells. A pale tongue may signal nutritional deficiencies including iron, folate, and vitamin B12

Why Do I Have Cracks In My Tongue? Fissured Tongue Explained [7]

Why Do I Have Cracks In My Tongue? Fissured Tongue Explained. When you stick your tongue out and look in the mirror, what do you see? Is your tongue smooth or are their cracks running across it? Is there one big line running down the middle or various cracks on the tongue spread out in every direction? It could be linked to a syndrome or deficiency
Is it normal to have cracks on your tongue’s surface? No and yes. A typical tongue doesn’t usually have “big” cracks or deep grooves
Even though there are medical conditions linked to cracks on the tongue, a perfectly healthy person could still have tongue fissures without anything else to worry about. However, seriously deep or infected cracks on the tongue could be a cause for alarm for your oral health.

What is Chinese Tongue Diagnosis? [8]

When you come to see me for Acupuncture, I usually ask to see your tongue. Why? Because Chinese tongue diagnosis helps make acupuncture more effective.
I ask to see your tongue for a couple of seconds, 2 or 3 times. I look at your tongue’s body colour, shape, coating and markings
In Chinese Medicine all of these things relate to different aspects of your health.. In Chinese medicine, the tongue body colour reflects the state of your vital energy, also called Qi (Chee)

Read your tongue yourself: Ayurvedic tongue diagnosis [9]

According to Ayurveda the tongue is not just an organ of taste only but also a strong tool for diagnosis. Tongue analysis is a part of Ayurvedic diagnosis complementary with pulse, nails, eye, face etc
It is important to check your tongue regularly to recognize the inner system. Be your own doctor and look your own tongue in the mirror
– Tension and emotions held in spine, shoulder or organs.. – The front of the tongue is related to upper GI tract, lungs, and heart;

Fissured Tongue [10]

If you have fissures in your tongue, it’s likely no cause for concern. In fact, certain types of grooves or cracks are considered simply a variation of a normal tongue
However, it’s rarely a good idea to diagnose yourself. So, if you have any concerns, set your mind at ease by discussing this with your doctor or oral specialist.
– Cracks, grooves, or clefts appear on the top and sides of the tongue.. – Fissures on the tongue vary in depth, but they may be as deep as 6 millimeters.

Ayurvedic Tongue Analysis: What does your tongue say about your health? [11]

The tongue, according to Ayurveda, is a strong diagnostic tool for looking at one’s systemic health. It is a very accurate view of the inner health of an individual
Although this technique is typically used by Ayurvedic practitioners and other Eastern healers, it is simple enough to do a self-diagnosis, even with an Ayurvedic newbie! Although not everything will always show up on the tongue, more often than not it does.. It is important to regularly check your tongue in order to recognize when your body is accumulating toxins, when foods are causing negative reactions to your system, or when other indications of disorder may arise.
– Tension and emotions held in the spine, shoulders, or organs. Basically, each area of the tongue is related to a certain organ in the body

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What Those Spots on Your Tongue Mean [12]

There are many reasons why you might have spots on your tongue. First, healthy tongues have lots of little spots — like taste buds and papilla (tiny projections) — to help with sensation and taste
In other instances, they can indicate an underlying health condition. It’s important to know the difference between these types of spots so you can seek care when you need it.
But certain spots on your tongue can indicate an underlying health issue, such as food allergies, autoimmune diseases or, less commonly, tongue cancer.. Here are some of the most common spots you can get on your tongue and what they look like:

9 ways your tongue can tell you how healthy you are [13]

When we think about the health of our mouth we focus on our teeth. Not many people know it, but the tongue is a highly efficient and powerful muscle
As a muscle it is an invaluable aid to speech, cleaning teeth (although it’s nowhere near as good as a toothbrush) and chewing and swallowing food.. It’s one of the few parts of the digestive system you can actually see
The length of the average tongue is 10cm but the size and shape can vary and still be normal – the tongue is unique in that it has the ability to shrink or grow depending on its surroundings.. If you lost all your teeth, the tongue would fill all the available space, but if you had dentures fitted after being toothless for years, it would shrink to an appropriate size.

How to Diagnose a Tongue in Traditional Chinese Medicine — The Wellness Principle [14]

How to Diagnose a Tongue in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Maybe you feel a little apprehensive, or you are excited for the relaxation to come
You’ve answered all the questions about your aches and pains, your sleep, your bowel movements. You let yourself relax as your acupuncturist feels the ins and outs of your pulse on either wrist
One of the most common questions we receive in the clinic is, “What are you looking for on my tongue?” We understand it’s an odd request so we are here to shed some light on why the tongue is one of our most utilized traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) diagnostic tools.. Traditional Chinese Medicine is about finding balance in the body

Wikipedia [15]

|Precursor||pharyngeal arches, lateral lingual swelling, tuberculum impar[1]|. |Artery||lingual, tonsillar branch, ascending pharyngeal|
Hypoglossal (XII), except palatoglossus muscle supplied by the pharyngeal plexus via vagus (X). The tongue is a muscular organ in the mouth of a typical tetrapod
The tongue’s upper surface (dorsum) is covered by taste buds housed in numerous lingual papillae. It is sensitive and kept moist by saliva and is richly supplied with nerves and blood vessels

Tongue Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine by Giovanni Maciocia [16]

An essential tool in Chinese medicine, the Tongue nearly always shows the true condition of the patient. It is particularly useful in complex, chronic conditions manifesting with contradicting symptoms and signs
Compared to pulse diagnosis, it is also much easier to learn! This course consists of a 170-slide presentation with video narration, text, diagrams and over 200 photos, together with an audio live lecture on Tongue Diagnosis by Giovanni.. A Reddish-Purple tongue body colour usually indicates Blood stasis deriving from or associated with Heat (whereas a Bluish-Purple colour generally indicates Blood stasis deriving from Cold)
However, the most likely pattern is that of Liver-Blood stasis.. The tongue body is also Swollen which indicates the presence of Phlegm

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What Is Fissured Tongue? [17]

If you see some little deep cracks on the surface of your tongue when you look at it in the mirror, they are likely nothing to worry about. Most often, there is no pain associated with the condition, and it is not contagious
Since the deeper grooves can collect more bacteria, fungal species, and food particles, it’s crucial to clean your tongue at least once a day. The only fissured tongue treatment you really need to take part in is to keep up with your rigorous oral care routine
But Candida is the most common form of fungal infection, and your dentist can prescribe a topical antifungal medication for treatment.. It’s vital to incorporate into your oral care routine the habit of cleaning your tongue

What is tongue cancer? [18]

Cancer is when abnormal cells start to divide and grow in an uncontrolled way. Symptoms can include a spot or lump on your tongue that doesn’t go away.
The oral tongue is the part you see when you poke your tongue out at someone. Cancers that develop in this part of the tongue come under a group of cancers called mouth (oral) cancer.
Cancers that develop in this part are called oropharyngeal cancers (pronounced oar-o-farin-gee-al).. The most common type of tongue cancer is squamous cell carcinoma (SCC)

Black hairy tongue – Symptoms and causes [19]

Print Overview Black hairy tongue Enlarge image Close Black hairy tongue Black hairy tongue Black hairy tongue is caused by an overgrowth of dead skin cells, causing lengthening of the papillae, and staining from bacteria, yeast, food, tobacco or other substances in the mouth. Black hairy tongue is a temporary, harmless oral condition that gives the tongue a dark, furry appearance
These papillae, which are longer than normal, can easily trap and be stained by bacteria, yeast, tobacco, food or other substances. Although black hairy tongue may look alarming, typically it doesn’t cause any health problems, and it’s usually painless
Products & ServicesBook: Mayo Clinic Family Health Book, 5th EditionNewsletter: Mayo Clinic Health Letter — Digital EditionShow more products from Mayo Clinic SymptomsSigns and symptoms of black hairy tongue include: Black discoloration of the tongue, although the color may be brown, tan, green, yellow or white A hairy or furry appearance of the tongue Altered taste or metallic taste in your mouth Bad breath (halitosis) Gagging or tickling sensation, if the overgrowth of the papillae is excessive When to see a doctorThough unattractive, black hairy tongue is usually a temporary, harmless condition. See your doctor if: You’re concerned about the appearance of your tongue Black hairy tongue persists despite brushing your teeth and tongue twice daily Request an appointment CausesBlack hairy tongue typically results when projections on the tongue called papillae grow longer because they don’t shed dead skin cells like normal

What Do Different Tongue Color Mean? [20]

Changes in tongue color can indicate an underlying health issue, such as an infection. Medical conditions can also affect the shape and texture of the tongue.
Usually, a person has a pink tongue with a thin white coating. A healthy tongue has many papillae on the top and sides
Underlying health issues can turn the tongue various colors. Some of these issues clear up on their own, while others require treatment.

Tongue Cancer [21]

Several types of cancer grow in the tongue, but squamous cell carcinoma is the most common. Squamous cells are thin, flat cells that line the mouth and other organs.
The base is the back one-third of the tongue that extends down the throat.. What causes tongue cancer, and what are the risk factors?
The cancer is more common in older age groups, age 40 and up, although it may be found in young people. Smokers are five times more likely to develop tongue cancer than nonsmokers.

Fissured Tongue [22]

The term fissured tongue describes the finding of multiple small furrows or grooves on the dorsal (top) surface of the tongue.. These fissures can be shallow or deep, single or multiple
Typically most fissures are found on the middle one-third of the tongue. As people age, this condition is found more commonly and the severity also increases
The patient to the left has a fissured tongue with white coating from food intake.. The information contained in this monograph is for educational purposes only

6 reasons for white spots that crop up on your tongue [23]

– White spots on the tongue may be callous-like spots that come from biting down.. – White spots can also occur if you have an infection like candidiasis or HPV.
Have you noticed that your tongue isn’t as uniformly pink as it usually is? If you’re experiencing white spots or patches on your tongue, you may be wondering what’s going on, particularly if you’re having any type of discomfort or pain.. White spots on the tongue are common and there are various causes for them
Some types of white spots on the tongue may appear more frequently in people who are immunocompromised.. Here are six possible causes for white spots on your tongue and how to treat them.

line down middle of tongue meaning
23 line down middle of tongue meaning Quick Guide


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