22 how to up your instagram game? Advanced Guide

22 how to up your instagram game? Advanced Guide

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We know everyone is secretly after the perfect Instagram feed! Our Instagram guru and co-founder @phineloves spills the secret of her top Instagram tips to take your account to the next level.. Have you ever spent hours editing your latest Instagram-worthy shot, published it, and realised it just doesn’t match the rest of your feed?
Make sure you always upload versatile pictures and avoid publishing similar colours and subjects next to each other. Play with different angles to create a diversified grid.
Think you nailed it with your latest post of a sailing boat cruising along the Amalfi coast? But have you paid attention to the minor detail of fixing your horizons?. You don’t need to be an expert to get this straight – simply use Instagram’s “Adjust” tool to correct your horizon line.

How to Step Up Your Instagram Game [2]

Looking for ways to improve your Instagram game? You’re not alone. Instagram boasts over 1 billion monthly active users
So to say it’s the number one social platform for brands would be an understatement.. But dominating Instagram is no longer as easy as scheduling in a couple of posts per day
That means that when it comes to how to step up your Instagram game, there’s a lot to know. Find out how to step up your Instagram game with easy key tips

11 Ways to Upgrade Your Instagram Game [3]

If you have a business, chances are you’re on Instagram. It’s one of the fastest-growing social networks, hitting 1 billion users in 2018, and counting! But not every business is using Instagram to their highest potential
– Use Stories for engagement, and Feed for conversions. This just means Stories are the best way to connect with your existing follower base, and your Feed is your best bet for attracting potential new followers
If you just carelessly tag the most popular hashtags, your posts will get lost in a sea of millions of other posts. Use specific hashtags to best attract your unique niche audience

19 Seriously Smart Tips To Up Your Instagram Game [4]

Find out the best times for posting with Iconosquare.. Iconosquare uses optimization tools to analyze your engagement
Adjust the photo brightness before playing with filters.. If the lighting can’t easily be fixed, try black and white.
Treat your Instagram like a curated collection of your life.

11 Secrets To Step Up Your Instagram Game [5]

Recently Instagram has become all about the “aesthetic” AKA the overall theme of your Instagram. Whether you’re trying to revamp your personal account by cutting down on the drunk selfie, or build a clean and uniform look for a company account, you’re going to want things to look good.
So if you take Instagram way too seriously like I do, this list is for you. Here are 11 things to keep in mind when posting your next photo!
These range from lifestyle (a mixture of food pics, selfies, and everyday life), Food Instagrams (#foodporn), Company accounts (promo codes and infographics), fashion accounts (#ootd), nature and purely selfie feeds. Knowing what type of feed you want to curate will help you when you’re trying decide on what photos to post

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5 Ways To Step-Up Your Instagram Game [6]

With all of the approaches designed to create a successful Instagram page, it can be difficult to know where to start. Here are five tips to help you succeed in the Instagram world.
This doesn’t mean every photo has to be worthy of a high-profile magazine feature, but a picture is worth a thousand words. A clear photo is the only type that deserves to do the talking
Instagram profiles can be an extension of the user’s personality: bright and bubbly, warm and nurturing, or chill and innovative. Graphic design applications like Canva and VSCO provide built-in tools, templates and illustrations that aid in the overall aesthetic of your profile, giving it that extra wow factor.

8 Tricks to Level-Up Your Instagram Game [7]

8 Tricks to Level-Up Your Instagram Game (Includes 1 Bonus Trick that Always Works). As someone who works as a hospitality marketing consultant, I would say I know a trick or two regarding Instagram marketing
So whenever I take on a new client, the first step is to do a cursory audit of their existing Instagram account including the look of the existing feed. Then comes correcting, modifying or changing certain aspects of the account to actually enter the playing field – such as the basics really, converting a personal account to a business one, setting up an attractive profile pic that arrests attention, so on and so forth.
Those are what you pay me for! (imagine a big broad smile here). So here are the 8 nifty tricks that will help you level up your Instagram game.

11 Ways to Up Your Instagram Game [8]

Instagram is a key social media platform to be using for your business. If you aren’t already taking advantage of its 500 million monthly visitors, then now is the time! Here’s what you should pay attention to when setting up your Instagram
Choose a photo or video from your Library, or take one through the app.. Once you have your photo, you can edit it and choose from the Filters.
Add a fun caption and redirect users back to your bio to shop your store link, when relevant.. Turn on Facebook (or Twitter and Tumblr) share to post it on your Facebook page with just one extra click.

5 Instagram Tips to Level up your Instagram Game – [9]

Tips to get more engagement and exposure on Instagram. Approximately 80 million users reside in the United States
Are you using Instagram in your marketing strategy? If not then maybe you should? If you are, here are 5 tips to level up your Instagram game – to gain more exposure and engagement!. If you’re like me, you may have started using Instagram before you started your business
So my profile @socialsonya has always been a ‘personal’ profile. But there are many benefits to switching to a business profile.

6 Tips On How to Up Your Instagram Game [10]

Using Social Media to your business’ advantage is crucial to many industries these days, but because of its popularity, it’s getting more difficult to stand out. Even so, new businesses and influencers are finding a way to gain the attention of Instagram users and growing their business because of it
We’ve been watching how users engage with different content and have some tips on how you can get them to engage with yours. We must warn you, Instagram is a slow burn, meaning it takes time, patience, and even more time to grow your audience
If you’re an eCommerce brand, we can’t stress the importance of using Instagram enough. Instagram is slowly becoming another version of Google for so many people (yes, we really do mean that…no typo there)

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Top 10 ways to up your Instagram game! [11]

When we deliver training sessions or have meetings with our clients about social media, the discussion always seems to naturally gravitate toward how to get the most out of Instagram.. It got us thinking recently about how can we help put people on the road to success with Instagram? We decided the best way was to create a top ten list of tips to help you up your Instagram game and maximise the potential of the platform for your business.
Also, if you link your Facebook business page, this also provides the benefit of being able to cross-post to your Facebook business page and utilise Facebook stories.. Instagram is a more casual platform and as such business bios and profile should reflect this
Be cautious though as you are limited to around 200 characters, so make sure your bio copy is good. Another aspect of a creative bio is the ability to include @ accounts and #hashtags

9 Instagram Game Ideas To Increase Reach & Engagement [12]

9 Instagram Game Ideas To Increase Reach & Engagement. Instagram games are a great tool to use in order to boost engagement and promote a community feeling on your Instagram account.
But what exactly are Instagram games, and how can they be used in the most successful way possible? We’ll talk about all this and go over 9 Instagram game ideas that you can use.. Instagram games are (you guessed it!) games or challenges that can be posted to boost engagement among your audience
Instagram games take on a variety of forms, from contests in which people submit photos to multi-person challenges that invite followers to participate and then pass the game along to friends.. When you post Instagram games or challenges on your account, your followers can be asked to tag their friends, fill in the blank, etc

10 influencer-approved tips to up your Insta game [13]

If anybody knows how to turn your Instagram feed from forgettable to flawless, it’s an influencer. Making their living from social media, these pros know the right pose for their #OOTD, the perfect way to arrange a flatlay and the best time to post it, too.
Direct visitors to your website or a recent piece of work relevant to your job. Also, use minimal emojis! For your captions, don’t force it because your audience will be into different styles of captions
“I used to always take my OOTDs in a mirror, but now I prefer asking someone to snap a quick picture. I like my background to reflect the area that I’m in and a sunny day is always best for a vibrant shot.” — Samantha Maria, YouTuber and style blogger

How to Improve Your Instagram Marketing Game with Stories? [14]

There is always more to Instagram marketing via Instagram stories along with the gaining of followers. Businesses are unlocking the potential by exploring stories to engage the audience and boost sales at large.
Among which, 51% of Instagram users access this platform daily while 35% use the platform more than one time every day.. As per the study, this platform is having the presence of 53% male and 47% female.
The feature of stories is an obvious choice for brands to promote their brands and services.. Here are some of the ways through which Instagram marketing is bringing more sales to your business.

23 Tips to Increase Instagram Engagement in 2022 [15]

In this free report we dive into millions of consumer posts on social media. to discover the latest changes in consumer behavior.
And it’s not hard to see why, since 13% of everyone on Earth is on it, and 80% of them follow brands.. According to Oberlo, engagement — measured by likes, shares, and comments from consumers — is also off the charts, boasting a rate of 4.21%
Apart from such impressive topline figures, challenges are emerging that point to Instagram’s marketing potential dimming because of reduced engagement rates and competition from new challengers, such as TikTok.. Against this backdrop, proactive marketers are seeking ways to increase Instagram engagement despite some setbacks

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Getting Your Instagram Game On [16]

Instagram has nearly 1.5 billion monthly active users, and according to an Insider Intelligence report, as of 2019, Instagram was used by 69% of marketers who work with influencers.. For brands interested in marketing to people from 13 to 34 years old, the social network can be an extremely effective place to increase brand awareness, audience, leads and sales.
An August 2022 study titled Scrolling Social Media for Dopamine revealed 70% of those polled are Instagram users, more than any other social media platform.. A July 2022 report by Statista indicated 27.3% of Instagram’s audience in the United States are between 25 and 34 years old, and almost 6% are between 13 and 17 years of age.
CouponFollow recently released its 2022 Millennial Shopping Habits Trend Report, which revealed 78% of millennials in the United States follow brands on social media, and 54% indicated that their shopping habits are most influenced by Facebook (28%) and Instagram (27%).. Joe Sinkwitz, CEO of Intellifluence, a warm-contact influencer marketing network, told CMSWire that brands seeking to attract millennial and Gen Z consumers have moved away from using large celebrity influencers and are now more inclined to work with niche micro-influencers who have built up trust and expertise in their market.

How to up Your Instagram Game? [Answered 2023]- Droidrant [17]

If you are wondering how to up Your Instagram game, it’s time to think beyond your photos. With over one billion active users, Instagram is the perfect platform for brands
By following a few simple tips, you can boost your account and start making an impact on your audience. Read on to learn how to get noticed and increase your following! And don’t forget to follow these tips to boost your Instagram profile!
The social media world changes on a daily basis, so staying updated is crucial. Similarly, you must keep an eye out for posts by famous people such as Beyonce, Dwayne “Rock” Johnson, and Will Smith

30 Instagram Hacks to Up Your Instagram Game [18]

Instagram has changed drastically over the years, changing some features while introducing newer ones to make it more optimized for creators and business owners alike.. Here we’ll explore tips and tricks for posts, stories, and other account features that will help you maximize how you use the app.
– Tap the three-line menu on the upper hand corner of your profile. Instagram has an archive feature that allows you to remove photos from your feed temporarily.
If you want to view archived posts, tap the three-line icon in the top right corner of your profile and choose archive. You’ll see your posts, live videos, and story archives.

5 Tips to Up Your Instagram Game [19]

Over the past few years, Instagram has become the new way to for businesses to showcase their brand, content, and services. However, it has also become increasingly more difficult for businesses to be seen due to Instagram’s new algorithm changes
Think of your Instagram profile as your new home page. It’s the first impression that potential followers will have of you and you want to make a good one
Hashtags are a great way to increase your reach but be sure to use them wisely. lifestyle, food, fashion, etc), use hashtags that reflect that

5 Sure Fire Tips To Step Up Your Instagram Game – SMACK! Media [20]

Admit it, you take a peek at your Instagram feed at least once (if not more times a day). The simple visual platform is highly engaging and there are benefits for everyone from brands to individual users to grow their audience
Posting great photos is straightforward but can be challenging. Gone are the days where grainy overly filtered photos make an impact
This doesn’t mean that images need to be posed, overly polished or professionally done, but it does mean you should think before you hit post. When selecting which images to use, think about lighting, relevance to your audience, color scheme and how it will pair with your written content

24 Instagram Apps to Take Your Posts to the Next Level [21]

24 Instagram Apps to Take Your Posts to the Next Level. These Instagram apps can help boost the quality of your posts — and save you time.
If you’re using Instagram for business, you’re probably aware of the countless benefits of using this social media platform to connect with your target audience and promote your products or services.. Instagram itself provides marketers with tons of useful functionality
Bonus: 14 Time-Saving Hacks for Instagram Power Users. Get the list of secret shortcuts Hootsuite’s own social media team uses to create thumb-stopping content.

10 Best Apps To Up Your Instagram Game [22]

These days, it’s not enough to just own an Instagram account. If you’re looking to up your game for the ‘gram and create a more curated and aesthetically pleasing feed, here are some apps to help you achieve your goal.
Used by influencers everywhere including Julie Sarinana and Zoe Sugg — Unfold is the ultimate Instagram app that’s bound to make your stories pop. The app has a bunch of unique design-focused templates that allow you to create a curated presentation of stories
Besides the free templates, you can also purchase premium templates to differentiate your story from everyone else’s. Unfold occasionally releases themed templates for a limited time in line with the festive season or for a big event such as the Billboard Music Awards

22 how to up your instagram game? Advanced Guide
22 how to up your instagram game? Advanced Guide


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