20 te tra gram ma ton pendant meaning Full Guide

20 te tra gram ma ton pendant meaning Full Guide

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What do the symbols of the Tetragrammaton mean? [1]

What do the symbols that appear in the tetragrammaton mean?. The tetragrammaton is a compendium of the main symbols of Judaism and Christianity, covering the ancient world, the classical age and the Middle Ages
At MeriTomasa I offer you various Tetragrammaton models that you can buy online and share a design faithful to the original.. In short, it is a protection talisman that invokes a large number of symbols in a tiny space
The symbols it contains can be grouped into three large blocks: 1- the circle and the pentagram; 2- the texts and numbers, and 3- the other symbols.. 1- The tetragrammaton is formed by a circle containing a pentagram: God and man

Tetragrammaton Definition & Meaning [2]

the Hebrew word for God, consisting of the four letters yod, he, waw, and he, transliterated consonantally usually as YHWH, now pronounced as Adonai or Elohim in substitution for the original pronunciation forbidden since the 2nd or 3rd century b.c.. Dictionary.com Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc
Bible the Hebrew name for God revealed to Moses on Mount Sinai (Exodus 3), consisting of the four consonants Y H V H (or Y H W H) and regarded by Jews as too sacred to be pronounced. It is usually transliterated as Jehovah or Yahweh: Sometimes shortened to: Tetragram
1979, 1986 © HarperCollins Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012

Tetragram [3]

Tetragram or tetragraph generally refers to any a group of four letters, but more specifically may refer to:. – Tetragraph, in orthography, referring to a sequence of four letters that represent sounds not necessarily corresponding to those of the individual letters
– Complete quadrilateral, a geometric system of four lines and their six points of intersection. – Tetragraph (from Chinese 方塊字; fāngkuàizì), referring to Chinese characters written on squared graph paper
– All pages with titles containing Tetragramma, including multiple scientific names

Tetragrammaton Pendant: Meaning and Consecration Explained [4]

This is the most powerful amulet and symbol that I have known to date. I always recommend it for those suffering cases of envy, jealousy and negative energies that we often make us an easy target.
It expresses the domination of the spirit over the elements of Nature. With this Magic symbol we can command and conquer the elemental creatures that populate the regions of Fire, Air, Water and Earth.
– When placed in the threshold of the home or above the main door, always facing towards the outside, it brings protection and wards off all negative entities and spirits.. – The tip of the star should always face upwards to invoke positivity and peace

Tetragrammaton [5]

The Tetragrammaton (/ˌtɛtrəˈɡræmətɒn/; from Ancient Greek τετραγράμματον (tetragrámmaton) ‘[consisting of] four letters’), or the Tetragram, is the four-letter Hebrew theonym יהוה (transliterated as YHWH or YHVH), the name of God in the Hebrew Bible. The four letters, written and read from right to left (in Hebrew), are yodh, he, waw, and he.[1] The name may be derived from a verb that means “to be”, “to exist”, “to cause to become”, or “to come to pass”.[2] While there is no consensus about the structure and etymology of the name, the form Yahweh is now accepted almost universally, though the vocalization Jehovah continues to have wide usage.[3][4][5]
Common substitutions in Hebrew are Adonai (“My Lord”) or Elohim (literally “gods” but treated as singular when meaning “God”) in prayer, or HaShem (“The Name”) in everyday speech.. The letters, properly written and read from right to left (in Biblical Hebrew), are:
|ה||He||[h] (or often a silent letter at the end of a word)|. The Hebrew Bible explains it by the formula Ehye ašer ehye (“I Am that I Am”), the name of God revealed to Moses in Exodus 3:14.[6] This would frame Y-H-W-H as a derivation from the Hebrew triconsonantal root היה (h-y-h), “to be, become, come to pass”, with a third person masculine y- prefix, equivalent to English “he”,[7][8] thereby affording translations as “he who causes to exist”,[9][10] “he who is”,[8] etc.; although this would elicit the form Y-H-Y-H (יהיה), not Y-H-W-H

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Tetragrammaton + 72 names of God [6]

Tetragrammaton (side 1)The Tetragrammaton (TE TRA GRAM MA TON, which in Greek means “the four letters”) is the combination of four Hebrew letters to form the ancient Hebrew name of God, YHWH. This name, the Yahweh meaning, demonstrates God’s self-existence and self-sufficiency and is linked to how God described himself to Moses.
The Tetragrammaton is the ancient Israelitish name for God. According to actual count, it occurs 5,410 times in the Bible
Circle: the five points of the tetragrammaton draw a circle, also known as a “circle of protection”. the upper point of the pentagram, which represents the spirit, shelters and controls the four earthly elements water, fire, earth and air.


Went to the lake this morning with my 8 year old son. His first noteworthy find was this charm about the size of a quarter, and has a bunch of symbols and words all over it
God? or sometimes used in magic? or sometimes is a good luck charm? Has anyone seen one of these or have a better understanding of what it is? Seems kinda sketchy…. If it was a good luck charm, my son shortly after found a Mercury dime!!! Still can’t believe it, it’s his second in just a few weeks
My luck didn’t get any better when I pulled a big gold earring that was as fake as they come.. Happy Hunting! Hopefully someone knows more about this charm.


The Secret Name of God is not much of a secret any more, since as we can see here on the ROTOR, Greek “Gramma” herself may have been the original or ora-gynal source of Writing, Art and sundry Notes. However, at some point things got quite Turned A-round so that now all things are quite clearly spelled back-words on the ROTOR.
This “magic” pentacle diagram reveals an encoded phrase, which is de-ciphered into English as “grammar, art, and music” — the real magical “keys” used historically to re-shape or shape-shift our thoughts in order to create the World itself in the I-Mage De-Sired by the Pa-Tree -Arches.. This mechanism of TWISTING symbolisms endlessly in order to shape human EYE-Doll-atry and I-Dea-S (S= serpent = symbol of energy) is also em-bodied in the artist’s message in the above painting
The TETRAGRAMMATON Pentacle symbol at the top of this page contains a mixture of Hebrew, Greek, and Latin, providing a real clue to the true intention of this exploration — which is to de-code all language and symbolisms by presenting them in a new light for all to see THROUGH. This “magic” pentacle diagram reveals an encoded phrase, which is de-ciphered into English as “grammar, art, and music” — the real magical “keys” used historically to re-shape or shape-shift our thoughts in order to create the World itself in the I-Mage De-Sired by the Pa-Tree -Arches.

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Levi’s Pentagram — Mystic Symbolism [9]

Eliphas Levi’s depiction of the Pentagram is packed with various cabalistic symbols. Tetragrammaton is the descriptor for the four-lettered name of God, יהוה
The three T’s are filled in black, while the rest of the letters are white. The magickal implements, the wand, cup, sword, and disk, are all present, but are in a slightly different order
This is a break down of the number 5 and provides the building blocks. In rhythm, collections of 2 or 3 beats are the smallest two perceptual units

Big Tetragrammaton Pendant® [10]

The most powerful protection amulet that exists, it appears 200 years before the Christian era,in the first Bible known ,a Hebrew text which was translated into Greek, known as the Septuagint … The wearer shows the way to the light and wisdom and possess infinite powers, giving total protection.. Placed at the door of the house, not allowing the passage of evil “entities”, the tetragrammaton represents the supreme being and expresses the domination of spirit over the elements of Nature.
is the Divinity name; It is the Holy One Unutterable name ,YOD HE VAU . The word YOD HE VAU HE , is pronounced like YAHVÉ, in other languages has four letters: Spanish (DIOS), Latin (DEUS), Greek (TESO), Arabic (ALIAH).
It is the mystery, is the passive principle, wisdom.. It is the middle ground between assets and liabilities.

Tetra gram Maton Pentragram Pendant with Black Stone – con 668 [11]

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Tetragrammaton [12]

The four Hebrew letters usually transliterated as YHWH or JHVH, used as a biblical proper name for God.. [Middle English Tetragramaton, from Greek tetragrammaton, four-letter word, from neuter of tetragrammatos, four-lettered : tetra-, tetra- + gramma, grammat-, letter; see gerbh- in Indo-European roots.]
Copyright © 2016 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company
[C14: from Greek, from tetragrammatos having four letters, from tetra- + gramma letter]. Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged, 12th Edition 2014 © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2014


One of the most important aspects of the Occult is that of The Tetragrammaton. The Tetragrammaton is a Greek word meaning ‘the four lettered name’ and represents the four lettered name of God; the four Hebrew letters Yod, Heh, Vav, Heh, which transliterates into YHVH, or IHVH in Latin
As all four letters are consonants, the true name of God is unpronounceable. Because the name is unpronounceable, inherently many derivations of a pronunciation exist which the magician can invoke in the work he performs
The Tetragrammaton in this representation is drawn as a Pentagram, which is one of the most important and misunderstand elements in the Occult. The Pentagram has 5 points, each of these points represents one of the 5 elements in nature: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and the topmost center point represents Ether, or Spirit; all 5 elements of God and nature

Tetragrammaton, meaning, origin, symbol and more ▷➡️ Postposmo [14]

El tetragrammaton, is a symbol whose shape can be taken as a certain variation of the 5-pointed star or pentagram. Thanks to this relationship between both symbols, the tetragrammaton can contain several meanings, which have been increasing over time and that are usually framed within the esoteric and religious.
In the religious part, it is associated with the current of Judaism, where with this symbol, it was the name of the Enlightened One in the Hebrew language, a record that is supported within the Old Testament. To see other symbols you can check the topic Prime.
Within the Kabbalistic tradition, each of these letters is given a specific meaning. Yod which is the root from which the rest of the letters are derived, representing a seed that gives life.

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TE TRA GRAM MA TON Esoteric Protection Amulet Pendent Charm Evil Eye W/18″ CHAIN [15]

TE TRA GRAM MA TON Esoteric Protection Amulet Pendent Charm Evil Eye W/18″ CHAIN. TE TRA GRAM MA TON Esoteric Protection Amulet Pendent Charm Evil Eye W/18″ CHAIN | eBay
Oops! Looks like we’re having trouble connecting to our server.. TE TRA GRAM MA TON ESOTERIC “EVIL EYE” PROTECTION PENDANT WITH 18″ INCH CHAIN
Collectibles > Religion & Spirituality > Wicca & Paganism > Amulets, Pendants & Charms. This item may be subject to import charges and taxes on delivery

Alchemy and the Tetragram (2) — Defense for Spiritual Warfare [16]

“And Elohim said, Let us make Adam in our image, after our likeness…. So Elohim created Adam in his own image, in the image of Elohim created he them; male and female created he them.” – Genesis 1: 26, 27
“Our image” is the “Alpha” or א Aleph of אל El and אלה Elah, their fiery power reflected in השמים HaShamayim, in the throat, דעת Daath, the waters of Heaven. “Our likeness” is the אד Od and אב Ob in the Omega, the fiery power of heaven that descends from א Aleph, the oxygen in דם Dam, the blood of the heart, אדם Adam, and is distilled, extracted, refined as sperm and ovum, the seed or semen, the המים HaMayim, the genital waters of מין Min, sex.
Alchemy relates to the Tree of Good and Evil that, in the Bible is called, “the Tree of Knowledge.” Alchemy is the science of transmutation: the way in which we change one element into another, transform or as we say “mutate.”. For אלהים Elohim doth know that in the day you eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and you shall be as אלהים Elohim, knowing good and evil.” – Genesis 3: 5

A question of time [17]

Ever wondered what the words inside of the contract between Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian Michaelis mean?. It is actually a lot more complex than you would think
It came from a Greek word that means “(a word) having four letters”. These four letters are usually transliterated from Hebrew as IHVH in Latin, JHWH in German, French and Dutch, and JHVH/YHWH in English
But what is extremely interesting to ME are the six words INSIDE of the star.. * Ballaton – Come forth from thy abode and speak clearly in my speech.

The contract seal on seastian (black butler/kuroshitsuji) [18]

So I saw a post about Sebastian’s contract seal and what the words meant, so I did a bunch of research and found this…. (I would tag the person who made the post about it first but I thought it would be rude even though I trying not to be rude
TETRAGRAMMATON came from a Greek word that means “having four letters”. TETRAGRAMMATON is seen 6,828 times in the Hebrew version of both the Biblia Hebraica and Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia.
This has been changed to “Yahweh” or sometimes as “Jehovah”, based on the Latin form of the term, while the Hebrew text does not clearly indicate the omitted vowels.. (So in the first post this is where the poster got confused with why something about God would be on a contract with a demon

Pentacle. Meaning of the Tetragrammaton [19]

“The symbol expresses the domain of the spirit on the elements of nature. We can command from the elemental creatures that inhabit the regions of fire, air, water and land with this magical sign.
The symbol with its apex pointing up requires dark entities to disperse.. The symbol with its apex pointing down is used to appeal to the dark entities.
The Pentagram is the sign of the word made flesh, and according to the direction of its vertices, can represent God or the devil.. When the apex of the Pentagram is pointing towards the sky, represents Christ.

Tetragrammaton Western Christians and the Hebrew Name of God, from the Beginnings to the Seventeenth Century [20]

To browse Academia.edu and the wider internet faster and more securely, please take a few seconds to upgrade your browser.. This publication has been typeset in the multilingual “Brill” typeface
For more information, please see www.brill.com/brill-typeface.. Jewish Studies – Special Issue: Early Jewish MysticismNotes on the Study of Merkabah Mysticism and Hekhalot Literature in English
Jewish Magic–A Selection of Sources in English Appendix 2. Synopse zur Hekhalot-Literatur: An Outline of Contents Appendix 3

te tra gram ma ton pendant meaning
20 te tra gram ma ton pendant meaning Full Guide


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