17 whats up meaning in chat reply Full Guide

17 whats up meaning in chat reply Full Guide

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How to Respond to “What’s Up?”: 19 Great & Clever Replies [1]

This article was co-authored by Kelli Miller, LCSW, MSW and by wikiHow staff writer, Aly Rusciano. Kelli Miller is a Psychotherapist based in Los Angeles, California
Kelli also facilitates groups for those struggling with alcohol and drug addiction as well as anger management groups. She is the author of “Professor Kelli’s Guide to Finding a Husband” and the award-winning and best-selling book “Thriving with ADHD”
She received her MSW (Masters of Social Work) from the University of Pennsylvania and a BA in Sociology/Health from the University of Florida.. You’re minding your own business when a “What’s up?” is thrown your way

How to Answer WHAT’S UP in English [2]

Learn the most common and expected response to the question “What’s up?” in American English. But if English isn’t your native language, you might think, “I don’t know, the ceiling fan?”
They are literally just saying hi when they say “What’s up?”. So, how do you respond to the question “What’s up?”
So say nothing or not much and then return the question, that is generally how we respond to this greeting.

How to reply to WHAT’S UP? in English [3]

It is a way to start a conversation in informal English. You have a few different options to answer What’s up?
The question:”What’s up?” is really asking “what’s new?” since the last time I saw you. You can either give a short answer when there is nothing new or a longer answer where you can go into the details of what is new in your life.
These answers are very common but are not very good answers if you want to have an interesting and meaningful conversation.. A better way to answer the question is to go into some details about what is new in your life

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How to Answer ‘How Are You’ And ‘What’s Up’ in English? [4]

Before coming to the response, let’s quickly understand the intent behind the question, which many don’t understand.. When someone pops how are you, they don’t want to know what’s going on in your life
So, next time someone shoots how are you at you, don’t launch into your tale of woes or the big prize you won last week. Looking for more conversations and introductions? Here are few:
Improve Pronunciation Fast: 2,000+ Commonly-Mispronounced Words. However, if you’re in a formal setting, you may add thank you to your response.

How to Respond to “What’s Up?” (15+ Clever Ways) [5]

“What’s up?” is a popular slang phrase that people use in text messages and social media as an informal greeting. It can be used as an icebreaker or to ask about someone else’s day.
When someone texts “What’s Up,” they don’t literally mean to ask you what you are doing necessarily at this moment. It’s more along the lines if they just texted “Hey,” but then that would sound a little like not a complete thought or effort, and “what’s up” sort of works a bit better.
You wouldn’t give them a complete rundown of your day and life, so don’t respond with something lengthy and literal. A short reply that quickly answers so that you can either show you are interested and keep the flow going or a little flirting is all you need.

How to Respond to What’s Up [6]

“What’s up” is one of the many phrases people use to greet. It does not literally mean to ask what is up in the air or above you at the time but rather how you are faring
Unlike some other similar phrases, however, “what’s up” is generally used by people in an informal setting. It has also proven to be a good shorthand version to use when texting or communicating via social media.
The problem would however be how to respond to it as there are many ways through which one can respond to “what’s up”, either in English or in another language. Below, we break down all the different ways to respond to the greeting as well as ways through which non-English speakers might respond to it in their languages.

What is a good reply for “What’s up” and “How are you”? [7]

Ever been in a situation where a friend asks “what’s up,” and you just smile awkwardly because you have no idea how to respond? Yeah, I know how you feel. How about that sweet old lady at work that always asked “How are you?” but you never know if you should respond truthfully or lie, or with a one worded answer
By the end of this post, you should know what “what’s up” means, how to answer to how are you, how to respond to what’s up, and the difference between the two.. Are the two phrases the same? Are they different? Is the only difference generational? How come I never really hear older people say “what’s up?” So many questions, so let’s just start with how they are used, and if they’re different, how so? Let’s dig a little deeper here and try to find the difference together.
They all start off as slang a first, but sometimes, like in this instance, they graduate to the actual dictionary, but for now, let’s go with dictionary.com‘s slang dictionary’s definition, which says that “what’s up” is “an informal greeting, idiomatic phrase, or an inquiry about a current or recent state of affairs.”Now, let’s see if we can find the difference here between “what’s up” and “how are you.” Typically, when people say “what’s up,” they are basically asking what’s going on. To which you can respond with “nothing much,” or something along those lines and move on

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How To Respond To “What’s Up?” (50+ Best Replies) [8]

Whether it’s a friend, co-worker, or stranger, if someone hits you with a “What’s up?” you may not always know what to say.. It could cause you to freeze and say something nonsensical.
To avoid that situation, it’s helpful to know what to say when someone asks you, “What’s up?”. Perhaps one of the most common responses to, “What’s up?” is, “Not much.”
If your day is pretty standard, then you might just use this response.. It’s also used when you don’t really want to talk about your day.

How to Respond to the Question “What Are You Up To?” [9]

Your friends and people you know might ask you “What are you up to?” How do you respond to this question? You might be eating lunch, watching TV, or working. It’s a casual way saying hello and maybe starting a conversation with you
“Up to” is one of those pesky little phrasal verbs that you can’t translate literally. So the question “What are you up to?” just means “What are you doing?”
“What Are You Up To?” Can Be a Way to Ask “Are You Busy?”. Are you doing something interesting? Tell them! You can have a good conversation about it

SSUP Meaning in Chat reply in English | What is SSUP in Chat? [10]

SSUP translation, meaning, definition, explanation and examples of relevant words and pictures – you can read here.. It is widely used in various social media platforms.
If you want to start a conversation with the person in return, you can ask them how they are doing or any other questions.. SSUP (What’s Up?) company’s exports have increased from 10 percent to 15 percent.

25 of the Best Responses When Someone Says What’s Up [11]

“What’s up?” is a phrase used by English speaking people worldwide. “What’s up?” is a greeting, a question, and a show of mutual respect or understanding.
Knowing how to respond also depends on the person who said it- is it a friend, stranger, or coworker? Are you confused?. Well, here are 25 responses that will make you a pro at how to respond to “What’s up?”:
When your friend asks you “What’s up?” your response can be funny or sarcastic because you are well-acquainted with the speaker.. These are nine ways of how to respond to “What’s up?” when it is asked by a friend:

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How to Reply to What’s Up? 48 Best Responses to WSP [12]

Last Updated on May 31, 2022 by Alexander Burgemeester. Why Do People Ask What’s Up? The phrase “what’s up” means “what is happening at the moment.” Yet, you can interpret this phrase differently depending on the person.
According to lemongrad.com, “Although ‘what’s up’ is used interchangeably with ‘how are you,’ it’s not the same. When people say ‘what’s up,’ they mean what’s going on.”
For example, someone might say “what’s up” with the intended meaning, “how was your day.”. If, instead, that person gets the response “I’m doing good,” it is still understood.

25 Quick & Easy Replies for What’s Up or ssup [13]

Are you still replying the same when your friend, colleague, or even stranger asks you “How are you” or “What’s up”? Then it’s time to add a few more replies to your vocabulary.. You’ll be surprised to know that there are many creative and fun replies for what’s up or ssup, you can use
Well, so if you are looking for some fresh responses to what’s up, then here is the list for you.. If you’re an online trader, then this is an opportunity to show-off your trading knowledge, a bit
You don’t require to have high blood pressure, to reply like this. These are kind of better replies for what’s up when it’s your best friend, who knows you don’t have blood pressure

‘What Are You Doing?’: Meaning and How to Reply [14]

Did someone ask you, ‘what are you doing’ and you’re wondering what it means? In this article, we’ll take a look at the meaning, definition, how to reply, and more.. When a person asks ‘what are you doing’ at the start of a conversation, they are typically asking what activity you are currently working on
‘What are you doing’ is a question that can be used to ask another person what activity a person is working on at the time.. Depending on the context, the intent of this question can vary.
They might be asking out of curiosity or because they want to make plans together.. At the same time, you don’t necessarily have to go into the details of what you are currently doing when you respond

What’s Up Meaning in Chat [15]

When someone says ‘What’s up?’ in a chat, it is usually a casual way of asking how you are or what you are doing. It is a common greeting used to initiate a conversation or check in with someone
What’s Up in Chat Meaning in English : Description, Examples & Sentences. In chat conversations, “What’s up?” is a common greeting used to initiate a conversation or check in with someone
Here are some examples and sentences to help illustrate the meaning of “What’s up?” in chat:. In this example, Person A is using “What’s up?” as a way to initiate a conversation

6 Ways To Ask “How Are You?” and 18 Ways to Answer [16]

Want to avoid awkward conversations with native English speakers?. Then it’s time to make sure you know how to react when someone asks “How are you?”
Keep on reading to see all the possible answers and reactions to “How are you?”—things you never learned in ESL class or during your self-study.. – Formal Answers to “How Are You?” for Acquaintances and Strangers
Until you become familiar with these questions, you’ll have to pay attention to which question was used. Well, if someone asks you “What’s up?” it doesn’t make sense to answer “Good.” The common answer is “Not much,” followed by a return “What’s up with you?”.

What does wsg mean? [17]

‘What’s good?’ is just another casual way of saying ‘What’s up?’ or ‘How are you?’. These phrases are used amongst friends and WSG is a way to abbreviate it online.
In today way of sending text messages, this is how young people chat.. Meaning that more and more young people are abbreviating words
Young people think that this way of messaging each other will make it easier for them and cut the time in half.. It might seem easier and better to send messages using the abbreviation but that is not always the case.

whats up meaning in chat reply
17 whats up meaning in chat reply Full Guide


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