16 horses wouldn’t be called horses anymore meaning Quick Guide

16 horses wouldn’t be called horses anymore meaning Quick Guide

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Episode 65 // Senior Horses and the Non-Ridden Equine [1]

Episode 65 // Senior Horses and the Non-Ridden Equine. This episode is dedicated to my gelding Cash, who passed away recently
[00:00:00] Welcome to season four of the willing equine podcast, the podcast, where we chat about all things, horses and being the best horse people we can be for our horses. I’m a certified behavior consultant, and my passion is for creating positive relationships between horses and people.
Cash passed away a couple weeks ago on August 26th, 2022. And um, I shared some of the details on Instagram and I’m sure many of you guys who are listening are familiar with that and, and saw the news

New York remains thoroughfare for horses trucked to Canadian slaughterhouse [2]

— The footage of Tender Boy appeared on TikTok in late December.. Posted by a rescue group, the video showed the New York thoroughbred with bloodied hindquarters and ribs visible through his emaciated flanks as he hobbled in front of a “kill pen” in a rural county in southern Pennsylvania.
But you wouldn’t know it looking at him now,” the clip’s narrator says.. The Times Union spent more than six months examining the horse racing industry in New York and beyond, conducting dozens of interviews with key stakeholders, from trainers, owners, scientists, investigators, track operators and lawmakers to advocates who believe the sport is cruel and should be shut down
The video was shot at Rotz’s Livestock in Shippensburg, Pa., the only pen of its kind in the Northeast that trucks horses directly to slaughter in Canada. The broker’s low-profile barn is visible behind Tender Boy, near a small dirt pen containing horses bearing numbered stickers from their livestock auction tours.

Kissing Spines in Horses [3]

Kissing Spines, more scientifically known as impingement of the dorsal spinous processes, is a condition that has grown in relevance and impact throughout the last two decades with improved diagnostics and education. It’s hard not to feel a horse’s pain after taking just one look at an x-ray that indicates Kissing Spines
While still shrouded in some level of mystery, Kissing Spines is known to be conformational and most likely genetic. When spinous processes are conformationally close together they will inevitably contact, with that continual contact causing the modeling changes that are classically seen on radiographs.
“I’ll tell you that there have been countless horses for eons of years that have been wasted because nobody knew the back was the issue, and nobody knew how to fix it.”. Though Kissing Spines can be seen clearly in diagnostic imaging, truly understanding the nuances of the condition and how it can vary patient-to-patient is where things become less well-defined

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Stubborn as a mule: the champion racehorse that went on strike [4]

Stubborn as a mule: the champion racehorse that went on strike. One of the world’s best sprinters, Chautauqua famously decided that running around a track really fast was for mugs
First conversation with Rupert Legh, managing owner of a horse called Chautauqua. What is the horse up to now? “Learning not to be a dickhead.”Why would a man who cares about animals say that? A mixture of frustration, bemusement and unrequited love
You can lead a horse to the line, but you can’t make him move. The champ’s last chance after a series of starting issues over the previous 11 months

10 lies you shouldn’t believe about horses – by Don Jessop [5]

Sign up to get the latest inspiration, updates and more…. This common misconception comes from a very basic and old idea that horses are prey animals and because of that fact, they cannot tolerate the peering eyes of a predator
You’re only a predator if you intend to eat what you’re looking at. Horses can easily tell the difference between a predator looking to eat and predator looking in curiosity and wonder
When you hide your gaze, you often look sneaky or suspicious. Perhaps with an aggressive dog, this could be a good strategy, but with a horse, it can have a negative effect

How Are Ponies and Horses Different? [6]

Carys Wonders, “what are differences between horses and ponies” Thanks for WONDERing with us, Carys!. Did you ever ask for a pony for your birthday? At one time or another, most children will think that they’d like to receive a pony as a gift.
Many of you may have ended up with a toy pony instead!. When most of us hear the word “pony,” we think of a small horse
The truth, though, is that ponies and horses are not two stages of development of a single animal. They’re actually different, although related and quite similar, creatures

Horses (Likely) Don’t Love Being Ridden: A Primer on How to Make it Suck Less [7]

Horses (Likely) Don’t Love Being Ridden: A Primer on How to Make it Suck Less. It might be hard to discuss, but it needs to be talked about
For example, whether horses prefer to stay and work in an arena, or quit riding to rejoin herd mates and/or obtain food in the barn (quit)(1). Or whether they prefer to be ridden in a hyper-flexed head-and-neck position, vs
For the purposes of this blog, I’ll use this definition of love: ‘to have a strong liking for; take great pleasure in’. If horses loved being ridden, they would likely show enthusiasm for what ‘sets the stage’ for riding to occur

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Bombproof and Desensitize a Horse: The Ultimate Guide [8]

29 May Bombproof and Desensitize a Horse: The Ultimate Guide. Bombproof is a term used in the horse world to describe a horse that isn’t afraid of anything; the idea is that a bomb could go off a few feet away from the horse and it wouldn’t even flinch
Desensitizing is when you introduce your horse to everything they may be scared of and help them understand why they don’t have to be afraid.. So, what are some ways to bombproof your horse? Here is a list of desensitizing training that I put my horses through in order to make them bombproof:
I find that these categories and the techniques that I use for each end up covering most of the things that horses may be scared of. It’s important to know how to correctly handle a horse when desensitizing, as it can be quite easy to have the opposite effect on the horse

I Have the Wrong Horse: Now What? [9]

A healthy horse and rider partnership is a thing of beauty. Each partner brings complementary skills to the arena and feels safe and valued.
Each partner senses something is “off” and is unable to meet the needs of the other in a productive way. It is important to check for car that kept failing safety tests.
You may own or lease the horse in question, or you may be limited to a certain lesson horse. Maybe it’s the only horse you could afford, or perhaps it was perfect for you… five years ago.

Chautauqua; The horse who wouldn’t run [10]

The infamous story of Chautauqua, the stubborn grey who just wouldn’t run, has come to be known worldwide. His antics in the stalls in pre-race trials soon became more famous than his own successes in his racing career.
Bred by the Throsby family, Chautauqua is a son of Group 1 winning stallion Encosta De Lago and Group 1 winning mare Lovely Jubly, so straight away he had the recipe for success.. As a yearling he was set to be sold at the 2012 Australian Easter Yearling Sale, and he ended up being sold for around $300,000.
And so Chautauqua was set to work, was taught the ropes, and was ultimately taught how to be a racehorse.. He was a very exciteable horse, and as a result of this he was gelded to calm him down

Bob Baffert’s National Treasure wins 2023 Preakness Stakes; Mage third [11]

National Treasure wins Preakness Stakes; Kentucky Derby winner Mage is third. BALTIMORE — Trainer Bob Baffert often talks about the extreme highs and lows in horse racing
National Treasure, under a masterful ride by John Velazquez, upset Kentucky Derby winner Mage in the second leg of the Triple Crown. The win gave Baffert a record eighth Preakness win and Velazquez a victory in all three legs of the American Classics.
In a postrace television interview, Baffert’s voice cracked as he struggled to share his thoughts about the day.. Havnameltdown, a horse trained by Bob Baffert, was euthanized and jockey Luis Saez was injured during a race before the Preakness at Pimlico Race Course.

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Horse Riding Cruelty: What You Need To Know [12]

Have you ever wondered if horse riding is cruel? Is there an ethical way to do it? Do vegans dare to ride horses? Spoiler alert. The ethics of horse riding are highly debatable and somewhat controversial
On the other side of the spectrum, you have people who breed, train and trade horses purely for financial gain — no matter the cost to the horse.. This guide will cover a brief history of horse riding, whether horses actually feel pain when ridden before assessing the ethical nuances of horseback riding.
The word “horse” comes from the Latin Equus or Greek hippos.. They’re large animals with adults weighing between 400 and 1,200kgs.

Dead Horse Trope [13]

Please don’t list this on a work’s page as a trope.. A trope which has gone way beyond being a Discredited Trope to where the very act of Playing With that trope has itself become a trope.
→ Then, if the downward slide continues, it may end up as a Forgotten Trope.. Named for the idiom “beating a dead horse”, which describes continuing a course of action that is clearly pointless
Try as you might, that horse isn’t going to move any faster for you… Naturally, the Dead Horse Tropes tend to be The Oldest Ones in the Book, too.

Weird Horse Words [14]

As Horse Network’s resident #horsewordnerd and a holder of copious amounts of useless information, I’m compelled to find meaning in whatever I like, frankly.. Late one night while trying to sleep, three words popped into my head, which has landed us here, on the topic of weird words
My friend called her dog Numnah just so she could yell the word out at horse shows.. It’s also a word we don’t often use anymore, which made the name all the more fun
A numnah is of course a saddle pad and, according to my 1976 Pony Club Manual of Horsemanship, they are made of felt, sheepskin, nylon, Sorbo rubber (which is a spongy form of rubber; I had to look that up) and leather, which seems a strange material for a saddle pad. Nonetheless, Pony Club calls the shots and I suspect if I had a PC manual from this century, I wouldn’t find leather on the list.

Can Horse Racing Survive? [15]

What happened at the Breeders’ Cup World Championships in late 2019 looked like the end of horse racing in California, maybe in America. It was the twelfth and final race of a two-day series, at Santa Anita Park, the storied track near Los Angeles
The “handle”—the total betting for the day—was a healthy hundred and seventeen million dollars, but thoroughbred racing itself was on life support. Since the beginning of the year, thirty-five horses had died at Santa Anita
Dianne Feinstein, the state’s senior senator, had released a letter calling the Breeders’ Cup races a “critical test for the future of horseracing.”. Outside the track, animal-rights activists had been heckling racegoers under a banner that read “HORSERACING KILLS HORSES.” They had a call-and-response going, street corner to street corner: “Horses don’t want to be forced to run!” “Just like us!” “Horses feel pain!” “Just like us!” Heather Wilson, a nurse anesthetist, wore huge fake eyelashes and an absurd cocked hat

87 Australian Slang Terms to Help You Speak Like a True Aussie [16]

Here’s the Guaranteed Way to Boost Your Career Prospects. Do you ever feel stuck at your current job? If you want to try out a new job, here’s the…
You don’t really know a language until you’ve learned its slang. And when it comes to English, many people agree that Australian slang is the richest, liveliest and funniest slang you could learn
Wouldn’t you agree? How can you have just a plain, dull barbecue when you could have a “barbie”? The Aussie slang is the best slang.. As you probably know, “Aussie” is slang for “Australian”

horses wouldn't be called horses anymore meaning
16 horses wouldn’t be called horses anymore meaning Quick Guide


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