13 how to use recruit a friend code ffxiv Advanced Guide

13 how to use recruit a friend code ffxiv Advanced Guide

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FINAL FANTASY XIV, The Lodestone [1]

Whether you’re braving the depths of dangerous dungeons, harvesting the realm’s natural bounties, or taking in sweeping vistas, your adventures in Eorzea will be that much more rewarding together with your friends.. Recruit a friend now via the FINAL FANTASY XIV: Mog Station.
Trade to the Calamity Salvager NPC for special items. The Calamity Salvager NPC can be found in Limsa Lominsa, Gridania, or Ul’dah.
The Calamity Salvager NPC can be found in Limsa Lominsa, Gridania, or Ul’dah.. Items you can trade for with gold chocobo feathers:

Recruit a Friend Overview [2]

Guide to the Recruit a Friend (RAF) System in FFXIV. This page goes over the step-by-step method for completing the Recruit a Friend program in FFXIV, as well as some of the rules and limitations to be aware of when trying to complete it.
Players that join using a recruitment code will also receive in-game rewards as they continue to subscribe to and play FFXIV.. For a full breakdown of the rewards and the stage at which you receive them, as well as what certain rewards can be used for, you can head to our dedicated rewards page, which is linked below.
In order to find your code to give to others, you will need to log into MogStation, head to Your Account, and find the banner for Recruit a Friend.. If you click on this banner, you will be taken to a page where you can find your recruitment code to give to your friend, but note that there are restrictions on how often you can invite friends:

Recruit a Friend Campaign [3]

The Recruit a Friend Campaign aims to encourage more players to play FFXIV. Existing players can send their friends their recruitment code
Exclusive rewards are awarded both to the recruit and the friend when the friend subscribes to the game. Introduced in Heavensward (3.0, when players recruit friends to play FFXIV, they will earn Gold Chocobo Feathers
– Heavensward features are retroactive, meaning that if you have recruited friends before the implementation of the feature you will receive your rewards.. – The end date, if any, will be announced at a later time on a separate website.

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Recruit a Friend Campaign [4]

The Recruit a Friend Campaign is a program designed by Square Enix to encourage players to invite their friends to play Final Fantasy XIV. From the Mog Station, a player can navigate to the Recruit a Friend page and send a message to a friend along with a recruitment code
Exclusive recruitment rewards are provided based on the friend’s number of accumulated paid subscription days (i.e. The reward items can only be redeemed once per character
|First Recruit (Recruiter)||Ballroom Etiquette – Improper Greetings, Gold Chocobo Feather x5||Thank you for participating in the FINAL FANTASY XIV Recruit a Friend Campaign. One friend has used the campaign code you provided.|

FFXIV Recruit A Friend! [5]

To use my recruitment code please make sure you enter the code BEFORE purchasing your 1st subscription, you will not be able to do so after!. Click on “Your Account” at the top left of the screen.
10 Silver Chocobo Feathers: Trade for special items!. Ballroom Etiquette – Improper Greetings: Get a cool, unique emote – “Fist Bump” (/brofist)!
I just joined FFXIV last week after giving the free trial a go and got myself to level 55 in 2 weeks of playing before I decided to make the purchase.. However, as I wanted to keep my free trial account forever, so I used my retailed keys with a new account, which means I have to start from the beginning again.

Recruit a Friend Codes – Offers and Requests – Page 11 [6]

If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons!. I love to help new players experience Final Fantasy since it’s my favorite game of all time so let’s reward new players with the rewards ingame below:-Friendship circlet – increases exp by 20% for all classes below level 25
-10 Silver Chocobo Feathers – You trade these in for starter gear. -99 Aetheryte tickets – consumable for free teleports, gil saver.Avaliable Codes:MDEBXWNZ {Avaliable}Enjoy the 14 day trial, but use the code BEFORE you register a new subscription or you won’t receive the bonus items.How to register the code?To register1) Login or Register on Mog Station https://secure.square-enix.com/accou…est=mogstation2) Click on Account services3) Click on enter friend recruitment code4) Enter code5) Enjoy your rewardsEU Phoenix feel free to add {Eoin Sama} would love to help new recruits
1) Sign up for 14 day trial (NA/EU/Steam), download the client and the client will guide you with region select and registration. Non Steam: http://www.ffxiv-freetrial.com/us/?utm_source=lodestone&utm_medium=pc_buyarea&utm_campaign=na_freetrial

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FFXIV Recruit a Friend Campaign [7]

Are you curious about how to recruit a friend in FFXIV? I’m sharing all you need to know about the FFXIV recruit a friend campaign in this post!. As of late, I’ve become pretty obsessed with Final Fantasy 14, better known as FFXIV
Basically, the way it works, is you’re given an FFXIV recruit a friend code, and if your friend uses it you get perks, and they do too!. Recruit a Friend FFXIV Rewards – For You (The Recruiter)
– First recruit rewards are: 5 Gold Chocobo Feathers and the emote “Fist Bump”. – Rewards for subsequent recruits: 5 additional Gold Chocobo Feathers for each additional friend

Did Not Receive Recruit A Friend Rewards [8]

– My friend paid the subscription, how long does it take to send me the mount?. When you recruit a friend, you can earn a reward for every 30 days of game time your friend adds to their account
Rewards can be claimed in-game 8 days after your friend added game time.. If you recruited a friend and you didn’t earn a reward, here is a list of possible reasons for it.
– If your friend has a recurring subscription, they will be charged only when their current game-time expires. – If your friend was charged, their payment may still be processing, and you must wait until it is complete

FFXIV Shadowbringers: Refer a Duder [9]

With so many new folks hopping in for Shadowbringers, I thought it would be a good idea to have a nice centralized place for people to post their refer a friend codes, and for new folks to be able to find them.. Codes benefit both people, it’s especially beneficial to someone just starting out, because it gives you a 20% xp bonus, 99 free teleports, a fistbump emote, and tokens you can trade for gear!
Here’s a good format to post your codes in (i don’t know if all this information is relevant but it’s good to have). They’re one time use, so post when you take one, and the poster can cross it out or put up another or whatever.
For more information on the refer a friend system, check out the special site here

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Final Fantasy XIV kicks off the ‘Recruit a Friend’ campaign [10]

I know some hardcore players that will love these rewards. In addition to offering a 14-day free trial for Final Fantasy XIV, Square Enix has launched a new campaign aimed at bringing in newcomers
The first item (for 30 days of subscription time) is a “Friendship Circlet,” which increases EXP earned by 20% when you’re below level 25. In other words, this is going to be a great item to have when veteran players level up their ninja in patch 2.4.
For a whopping 90-day subscription on your friend’s side, you can get a badass Draught Chocobo, which lets someone else ride along with you on it.. I know a few people who are already buying their friends subscriptions just to earn these items — I want that Chocobo!

Can free trial use recruit a friend? [11]

Can you use a recruit a friend code for the free trial FFXIV?The recruitment code can only be used on a service account that has a retail version of the game registered to it and has not yet paid for a subscription.. Does recruit a friend work on free trial?No rewards are earned until after the first paid 30 days since you recruited
Note that the 30-day free play period does not count toward subscription length.. Can you join a FC on free trial?Free Trial Players cannot create or join a Free Company during the Free Trial
What are the limitations of the FFXIV free trial?First off, you’re restricted to A Realm Reborn and Heavensword content, and your level is capped at 60. As a free trial player, you’ll also be limited to only 8 characters and only 1 character per world.

Party Finder [12]

The Party Finder is a gameplay feature of Final Fantasy XIV, added in Patch 2.1. It allows players to search for and recruit players on their server to participate in group content
Patch 3.5 added cross-server features to allow players across the Data Center to form a party in advance before using Duty Finder or Raid Finder. It also added password protected private parties and advanced searching
Through the Party Finder, you can either search for a party to join, or recruit other adventurers to form a party of your own. This feature is unlocked upon completion of the quest “It’s Probably Pirates,” and can be found in the Social section of the main menu.

FFXIV Callback Campaign Wants You to Bring Your Lapsed Friends Back [13]

Eventually, you’ll drop off to play other games or simply get on with your life. People even fall off Final Fantasy XIV, despite the game offering new dungeons, new raids, and intriguing new features like the Island Sanctuary.
To that end, the team has kicked off another Callback Campaign. These events give current players the chance to earn great rewards by calling their friends back into service
During the event, there will be a new option in your Friends List or Free Company Roster. When you right-click on an inactive player, the bottom option will now be “Invite Friend to Return.” Click that and you’ll send an invite to that friend

how to use recruit a friend code ffxiv
13 how to use recruit a friend code ffxiv Advanced Guide


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