Zoey 102 Filming Locations: Where Is The New Show Shot?

Zoey 102 Filming Locations: Where Is The New Show Shot?

Let’s know Zoey 102 Filming Locations. Coming soon is Zoey 102, a new show that picks up 15 years after the Nickelodeon original series ended. So there isn’t much longer for you to wait if you missed Zoey and the crew!

Fans will be able to learn what has happened to their favorite characters since they graduated from Pacific Coast Academy in the series, which will be set in the present, and follow the graduates of the school as they reunite for a wedding.

“I’m beyond excited to be back,” declared Jamie Lynn Spears, who plays the show’s protagonist Zoey Brooks, “with my PCA family and continue the tale of Zoey and all the characters viewers know and love. Being able to collaborate with such amazing talent and work with Paramount Plus and Nickelodeon has been a wonderful opportunity for me as an executive producer.

The movie’s official story is that Zoey Brooks is still attempting to navigate life and love more than ten years after the end of the enduring series, this time in her twenties. The Pacific Coast Academy (PCA) crew makes a triumphant return to Malibu for an extravagant wedding that doubles as a memorable high school reunion.

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About The Show

In Wilmington, North Carolina, work on Zoey 102 started in January 2023. Given how important the coast was to the original, the placement seems ironic. Plot specifics are currently being kept under wraps. Let’s examine what is known, nevertheless. In the present, Zoey and the former PCA graduates will reunite for a wedding.

There isn’t much information in that description to go on. First of all, we are unsure of the bride and groom. It might be a regular program or a brand-new, original character. It’s also unknown if Pacific Coast Academy itself will appear, given the filming location.

The 2015 tenth-anniversary revival short, “What Did Zoey Say?” provides one potential narrative hint. In that location, Zoey and Chase had split up after falling in love in the series finale, and Chase was getting set to pop the question to a different woman. Michael unexpectedly shows up with the DVD the group buried in their time capsule ten years ago at the very moment he is proposing.

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On the DVD, Zoey revealed that she thought he was her soul mate, and he assures Chase that this is true. Chase ends his relationship with his new almost-fiancee and heads to locate Zoey to see whether she still feels anything. The short was never finished, even though it left the audience hanging.

With some significant exceptions, the major cast members of Zoey 102 are expected to reunite. First, Zoey Brooks, played by Jamie Lynn Spears, will reprise her title role. Spears will also act as an executive producer for this project.

Along with the lead, Sean Flynn, who portrayed on-again, off-again love interest Chase Matthews, will make a comeback in Zoey 102. Quinn Pensky, Zoey’s former flatmate and the resident scientist on the show, is also back in the role played by Erin Sanders. Quinn frequently subjects the gang to her weird experiments.

Zoey 102 Filming Locations

Originally, the United States of America (USA) was intended to be the location for the production of this project. The Drama Film’s principal photography and filming started in 2022. All of the Zoey 102 films were shot in North Carolina, namely in Wilmington.

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The film’s photography and a number of sequences are said to have taken place in North Carolina. The state is located in the southern region of the nation and borders the Atlantic Ocean to the east.

Zoey 102
Zoey 102 (Credits: Paramount+)

A port is located in Wilmington. This site in North Carolina provides access to the Wrightsville region of the Cape Fear Coast. The Wilmington neighborhood of downtown Carolina is one of its historic districts and is bordered by numerous restaurants and shops.

The water on this island is exceptionally pure, making Wrightsville Beach one of the nicest beaches in the south of the United States. The majority of the movie was filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina, in the United States.

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