Witness Number 3 Filming Locations: Where is The Thriller Movie Shot?

Witness Number 3 Filming Locations: Where is The Thriller Movie Shot?

Let us find out Witness Number 3 Filming Locations. It is finally revealed that the murderer is not a common man but is very dangerous, and he belongs to a big criminal organization. It is only Jodie who has seen the crime happening, and therefore, the cops are worried for her life. They fear that if the murderers come to know who has spoken against them, they will harm not just Judie but also her family and her child.

This criminal organization has had a long history, and they are known for how many witnesses there are and anyone who stands against them. However, at the same time, Jodie’s testimony is important because it is only she who can provide important information about the killer and the victim. 

Witness Number 3 Series Scene
Still from Witness Number 3 (Credit: Channel 5)

But it is equally important to hide her identity because only then could she be kept safe and the case could be prosecuted successfully. Jodie cannot choose to stay at home because her hairdressing saloon is the only way she can make money for herself and her family.

Therefore even after being on the radar of the murderers, she decides that she will go to her saloon and use a different name and identity so that they do not find out about her by any means.

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When Jodie finds out that the court hearing is approaching NIA, she becomes very anxious and gets isolated.  She cannot tell anybody what has happened because then it will also put them at risk. She cannot carry on with the secret, and the fear of being found out by the criminals and this is affecting her mental health very badly. The day of the trial has come, and Jodie’s testimony helps to solve the case, and it proves that the killer is guilty of the murder that happened.

Though the murderer is now in prison, the danger is still not over for Jodie. She gets police custody for her protection. She is still not out of the drama of the murder that had happened and is living with the same fear. 

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Witness Number 3 Filming Locations

 Witness Number 3 is a TV series that premiered in 2022 and has four episodes in the first season. The series is loved for various reasons but many people like the series for its frame settings and the visual scenes in the series. This segment of our article will tell you everything about the filming location of the Witness Number 3 Series and make you familiar with the shooting locations of this series.

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Witness Number 3 is a series that is set in South East London.  In all the full episodes of the season, we see that the characters refer to two being situated in South East London only, and they take names of the places that are located in the same part of the capital.

However, you will be a bit shocked to know that the series is not filmed in the same city, but it is filmed in Ireland. Most of the scenes are shot on this island, and this gives the show a touch of reality.

Judie Witness Number 3 Character
Judie on Witness Number 3 (Credit: Channel 5)

Unlike other series which are filmed in the studios, the makers of the series have the majority of the scenes in real-life locations. If you someday get to visit this island, you can see most of the scenes that you have seen in the series. Ireland is an island in Europe and occupies most of the area along the West Coast of England and Wales. 

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Some of the scenes in the series are also filmed in Dublin. This is the capital of Ireland; not just witness number 3, but other movies have also been shot at this location.

In the very first episode of the season, we see Jodie watching out of the window and seeing two men walking on the street. The scene where she finds out about the murderers is shot in Dublin. Not just the first episode but the other episodes of the season where you find natural landscapes, rivers, and forests, all of these are filmed in Ireland only.

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