Why Wasn’t There A Secret Invasion Post Credits Scene? The Director Speaks Out

Why Wasn’t There A Secret Invasion Post Credits Scene? The Director Speaks Out

The latest mini-series based on Marvel Comics, Secret Invasion, has finally aired its final episodes. What surprised viewers more than the underwhelming ending was its lack of a post-credits scene. 

Created by Kyle Bradstreet and directed by Ali Selim, Secret Invasion revolves mostly around Nick Fury and the Skrulls.

Nick had previously promised the Skrulls that he would find a perfect home planet for them, but after disappearing for years, the Skrulls had become restless and planned to take over Earth by making humans kill themselves through Nuclear war.

Seeing the uprising, Nick Fury finally returns to Earth after years of working in space. Fury and his Skrull comrades decide to bring down Gravik, the new leader of Skrulls, who wants to cause a massive war between countries.

Asides from Samuel L. Jackson and Nick Fury and Ben Mendelsohn as Talos, the rest of the cast of Secret Invasion consists of Kingsley Ben-Adir in the role of Gravik, Killian Scott as Pagon, Emilia Clarke plays the role of G’iah and Don Cheadle stars as Raava & Rhodes.

Secret Invasion Post Credits Scene
Kingsley Ben-Adir in the role of Gravik (Credits: Marvel Studios)

Secret Invasion: Why Wasn’t There A Post Credits Scene?

Marvel is known for its iconic Post-credits scenes that are meant to launch the next project or provide some sort of closure to the actual movie/series it is a part of. However, as the 6th episode was ending, there seemed to be no such scene till the end. 

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Fans and critics were already disappointed by the way the show was so significant for Marvel’s history yet seemed to be lacking the wow factor in so many ways. Seeing no Post-credits made the audience more furious, as there wasn’t any clue provided about what was going to come next.

When Ali Selim, the director behind Secret Invasion, was asked about the absence of the Post-credits scene, his simple reply was that Secret Invasion sort of provided closure for itself.

When Ali was asked the same question at another event, he said that it was a good question for Kevin Feige, as the higher-ups in Marvel were the ones holding the strings.

Selim later also said that Secret Invasion was never meant to launch something. It was more of a closure to Nick Fury’s internal struggle with all of his missions and increasing age. Since the ending spoke for itself, there was no need to add another additional Post-credits scene to explain things further.

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The excitement of having a post-credits scene may not be there, but Secret Invasion truly did show us more about Nick Fury’s character, his love life, and the new powerful character of G’iah, played by Emilia Clarke.

Secret Invasion: What Happens In The Final Episode?

The final episode of Secret Invasion, which was released on July 26th, 2023, took us through the intense climax of the fight between the Skrull’s leader Gravik and Nick Fury. Gravik was looking for the Harvest, a substance that contained the DNA of almost all of the Avengers & other powerful characters. 

Nick brings the Harvest to Gravik and requests him to leave Earth in exchange for this powerful substance. However, once Fury gives away the Harvest, Gravik starts attacking him.

That’s when we find out that the one with Gravik was G’iah; the real Nick Fury was at the hospital, trying to take down Raava, who was convincing the President to send the nukes to Russia.

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After an action-filled dramatic fight, G’iah finally wins and kills Gravik by vapourising his heart away so that he can’t regenerate it. As for Nick, he shoots Raava and proves that it wasn’t really Rhodes. 

Secret Invasion Post Credits Scene
Emilia Clarke as G’iah (Credits: Marvel Studios)

One big mistake the President makes is that he broadcasts news that says Skrulls have invaded the planet and are living among humans by disguising themselves as people. What he fails to convey is that not all Skrulls are evil, as most of them are only looking for a home. 

This announcement causes people to go full-on chaotic mode as they start killing anyone that seems like a Skrull, even if they are just humans. Nick talks about it with the President, but he says the only way to peace is to get them out of Earth.

Nick then proceeds to go back to traveling space, this time with his love Varra. Fury also talks about a peace summit sort of meeting where the Kree, aliens known for their military advancements, are willing to make peace with the Skrulls. He wants Varra to be with him so that they can make this peace meeting successful and finally get a home for Skrulls.

All of the episodes of Secret Invasion are available to stream on Disney+, Hulu & Apple TV.

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