Who Was Steve Rubell’s Partner? The Studio 54 Owner’s Love Interest At The Time Of His Death

Who Was Steve Rubell’s Partner? The Studio 54 Owner’s Love Interest At The Time Of His Death

Want to know who Steve Rubell’s partner at the time of his death was? It’s been more than three decades since the entrepreneur passed away. He was just 45 years old which was indeed a premature one. Fans still mourn the loss and some aren’t aware of the cause. Keeping that aside, Steve Rubell’s secretive love life has lately come under the spotlight. Who was he romantically related to during the last days of his life? 

Steve Rubell was a renowned entrepreneur, known for co-owning the New York City disco nightclub. It goes by the name- Studio 54. Now, it has become a Broadway theatre. The other owner is Ian Schrager. Before initiating this, Steve used to work at a brokerage firm. He then gave it a thought and showed his interest in starting a couple of Steak Lofts restaurants. They were in New York City and Connecticut, respectively. 

Coming back to Steve Rubell’s love life, the entrepreneur stayed tight-lipped throughout. Also, he was very much involved with his Studio 54 and other business ventures. That’s the reason why nobody could speculate what was going on. Some also wondered if he was romantically related to his business partner, Ian Schrager. What do you think? Here is what we know about Steve Rubell’s partner. 

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Who Was Steve Rubell's Partner?
Steve Rubell (Credit: Getty Images)

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Steve Rubell’s Partner: His Secretive Love Life

Talking about Steve Rubell’s partner at the time of his death, the person is unknown. What does that mean? We are not sure if the Studio 54 co-owner was dating anyone during the last days of his life. Based on his age, being a 45-year-old man, some were convinced that Steve Rubell was hitched to someone. But, his marital status was never disclosed to the public. 

As mentioned earlier about Steve Rubell’s busy hectic schedule, the entrepreneur never got spotted with anyone. Therefore fans failed to suspect anyone as his love interest. Also, back in the 1980s, Steve Rubell didn’t spark any such romance rumors. So, Steve Rubell’s partner was not known to any. 

Most of the time, Steve Rubell used to be with his business partner, Ian Schrager. Because of that, some even wondered if the Studio 54 owners were secretly dating. Probably, not. We aren’t sure about this because neither of them ever publicly disclosed anything such. 

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Concerning Steve Rubell’s friendship with Ian Schrager, the two met each other during their college days. The duo soon became friends and ultimately became business partners too. We wonder if anything was romantic between them, following the rumors. 

Who Was Steve Rubell's Partner?
Studio 54 owners: Steve Rubell and his business partner, Ian Schrager (Credit: The New York Times)

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Steve Rubell’s Death Cause 

After knowing about the secrecy of Steve Rubell’s partner, also calls for a discussion of the cause. Yes, the cause of his sudden pass away, was in his 40s. What happened to him? 

On 25 July 1989, Steve Rubell died at the Beth Israel Medical Center. It’s in New York City itself. Five years before his death, he was diagnosed with HIV which later turned into AIDS. That’s the main cause. His health situation took an ugly turn as he ended up suffering from kidney failure, hepatitis, and also peptic ulcers. 

So many years have passed that we lost Steve Rubell. However, we still cherish his memories and shall continue doing so. 

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