Who Is The Beachside Brawl Season 1 Winner? Answered

Who Is The Beachside Brawl Season 1 Winner? Answered

Who was Beachside Brawl Season 1 Winner? Popular thrilling culinary competition Beachside Brawl has gained considerable popularity. The show is back with its brand new season 2, with culinary expert Antonia Lofaso returning as the host.

The unique culinary show is situated right on the sandy shores that bring together the culinary experts as they would determine which coast will emerge victorious in the realm of summer food.

As one team member will win the title of Best of the Beach and will take home the ultimate prize, which is an extravagant beach getaway that costs a whopping $25,000. The exciting first season has spawned yet another exciting new second season, and now we have all the details about the newest culinary challenge! Let us find out who is the Beachside Brawl Season 1 Winner.

Who Is The Beachside Brawl Season 1 Winner?

While not much is known about the Beachside Brawl season 1 winner, one of the top chefs who will be competing in the newest season is Samantha Cruz, who recently opened up about the newest season of Beachside Brawl, saying how by being a part of the show, she feels like the whole universe and God made her the luckiest woman on Earth. 

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Beachside Brawl season 1 Winner
Beachside Brawl Season 1 Winner (Credits: YouTube)

Samantha revealed that when she got some random phone call from a producer, she really thought it was one of those scams, and later they pushed her through, and the show happened.  Cruz is the executive chef at Rum Room. We will also get to see Kaleena Bliss from Beachside Brawl, who is a familiar face as she was also present for the West Coast last season.

Bliss has also been a former competitor on Chopped, where she took home the winning title. This season the East Coast is all geared to get on the board and even the series between the coasts. 

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Who Was The Host Of Beachside Brawl Season 1?

Antonia Lofaso is the host of the Beachside Brawl season 1. As the television host kickstarted her television career back in 2008 when she was a part of Top Chef season 4 as a contestant. She came in fourth and then later returned in Top Chef: All-Stars while coming in third in 2010.

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Antonia Lofaso also appeared as a panelist on Cutthroat Kitchen, Guy’s Grocery Games, and also on Guy’s Chance of a Lifetime. Fans later saw her as the head judge on The Julia Child Challenge. While talking about the newest season, Antonia explained that she feels like she is uniquely qualified to host Beachside Brawl.

Lofaso explained that with a strong connection to both coasts that includes her experience of being born on the East and growing up on the West, she is so thrilled to oversee this competition as her two talented friends, Tiffani Faison and Brooke Williamson, brawl on the beach will also prove that their coast is best.

As the host will be accompanied by expert chefs, Antonia has explained how both the chefs have been competitors for the last ten years, and they bring a vast knowledge of the competition.

What To Expect From Beachside Brawl Season 2?

The Beachside Brawl is being hosted by Chef Antonia Lofaso as she is back on the Network. However, she won’t be alone and will be accompanied by Brian Malarkey and Eric Adjepong, who will also help her with more coastal cooking.

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Moreover, five chefs from the West take on five chefs from the East in this cooking showdown in order to determine which coast has the best food.

Beachside Brawl season 1 Winner
Beachside Brawl season 2 (Credits: Amazon)

As it is said that it is all about playing those games to get the required ingredients. In the first episode, called “Pier Favorites,” the chefs will try to participate in the classic pier games so that they can earn the ingredients to make pier and beachside favorites. Culinary enthusiasts can watch the episodes exclusively on Food Network.

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