Who Is Julian Edelman’s Baby Momma? Meet His Ex-Girlfriend Being The Mother Of His Daughter

Who Is Julian Edelman’s Baby Momma? Meet His Ex-Girlfriend Being The Mother Of His Daughter

Want to know about Julian Edelman’s baby momma? The former NFL player is making headlines as he opened up about stealing Tom Brady’s jerseys and cleats as he made his exit from the New England Patriots. Keeping this aside, what fans are lately concerned about is the mother of Julian Edelman’s little daughter. Who is she? 

Starting from the basics, Julian Edelman is a versatile former NFL player, hailing from Redwood City, California. Born in 1986, he is now 37 years old. He used to play as the wide receiver for New England Patriots from 2009 and continued until 2020. As far as Julian’s achievements are concerned, he became the Super Bowl Champion, thrice. It was in 2006 when he made it to the Second-team All-MAC. 

Besides Julian’s sports career, he is also quite popular on television. That includes America’s Next Top Model too. Not forget to mention, he also runs a clothing line that goes by the name- JE11. Also, he owns a production company- Coast Productions. 

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Coming back to Julian Edelman’s baby momma, she is none other than his ex-girlfriend. The two are not sharing a romance today but are co-parenting their daughter. Therefore, we may say that the former NFL player is on good terms with the mother of his baby. But, the question remains who is she? Here is what we know about Julian Edelman’s baby momma.  

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Meet Julian Edelman’s Baby Momma: Who Is She? 

Talking about Julian Edelman’s baby momma, she is none other than Ella Rose. Just like being a mother, fatherhood is also a blessing. The former NFL player shared how it changed his view of life. He addressed it as “challenging” and “rewarding.” Julian’s relationship with the Swedish model, Ella Rose, lasted for a couple of years, starting in 2014. It was very casual from both of their ends until she got pregnant. They confirmed themselves to be “friends with benefits.” 

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Who Is Julian Edelman's Baby Momma?
Julian Edelman’s baby momma: Ella Rose, with their daughter Lily (Credit: Instagram)

It was on 30 November 2016 when Julian Edelman and Ella Rose welcomed their daughter, Lily. She was born at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in California. Discussing more about their baby girl, Lily weighed 8 pounds, 5 ounces at the time of her birth. It was reported that Julian Edelman was present at the time of the delivery. You will be surprised to know, Julian initially denied being the father of Ella Rose’s daughter. At that time, the model filed a paternity lawsuit against him. She was 5½ months pregnant at the time. 

Lily is quite close to her father, Julian Edelman. She often spends time with him in Massachusetts. Whereas, she lives with her mother, Ella, in California.  

Concerning Julian Edelman’s baby momma, Ella Rose is a model and social media influencer. She hails from Malmo, Sweden. Born on 16 October 1991, Ella is now 31 years old. Did you not watch the music video of “Karate”, by R3hab? Julian Edelman’s baby momma starred in that. She has garnered more than 773K followers on her Instagram account. There, Ella is very much active and often posts pictures with her daughter, Lily. 

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Who Is Julian Edelman's Baby Momma?
Julian Edelman sharing a kiss with his baby, Lily (Credit: The Ball Zone)

Well, talking about Julian Edelman’s baby momma, it also calls for the discussion of her baby shower. Ella Rose posted a picture of her surrounded by friends and fellow models for a lavish baby shower. It took place in Los Angeles by Abigail Ratchford. The event reportedly cost $10,000. That included ham-and-cheese croissants and mini beef wellingtons. 

Julian Edelman shares a great friendly, playful bond with his daughter, Lily. Now, as he is co-parenting her with his baby’s momma, he is believed to be liable for child support. Whenever he gets time, he prefers spending time with Lily. 

Best Wishes to Julian Edelman and Ella Rose for the upcoming days of their lives. Sending loads of love to Lily. 

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