Who is Demi Vollering’s Partner? The Professional Cyclist’s Love Interest

Who is Demi Vollering’s Partner? The Professional Cyclist’s Love Interest

Want to know who Demi Vollering’s partner is? This professional cyclist is exceptional in her career and is at the top news for winning the Tour de France Femmes 2023. Congratulations! But fans are now more interested in Demi’s love life. Who is the cyclist seeing now? 

Demi Vollering is a versatile racing cyclist hailing from Pijnacker, Netherlands. At present, she is making fame, serving for the UCI Women’s World Team, SD Worx.

Born in 1996, Demi will turn 27 in November. During the season 2019-2020, she rode for the team Parkhotel Valkenburg. 

This year, Demi Vollering won the La Vuelta Femenina. Not to forget to mention her other achievements, some are- the 2021 Women’s Tour, 2022 Itzulia Women, etc. Back in 2019, Demi won a bronze medal at the European Championship in the mixed-team relay. 

Coming back to Demi Vollering’s love life, the racing cyclist is not just dating but is believed to be engaged too. Both are head over heels for each other. So, who do you think is her husband-to-be? Here is what we know about Demi Vollering’s partner. 

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Who is Demi Vollering's Partner?
Demi Vollering (Credit: Cycling News)

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Demi Vollering’s Partner: Who Is He? 

Talking about her love interest, Demi Vollering’s partner is Jan de Voogd. What’s his identity? Well, Jan de Voogd has experience in various fields, including leadership, digital transformation in healthcare, and athlete support. Little did you know, he also served as the managing director of Bold GmbH.

At present, Demi Vollering’s partner is currently involved in Athlete Support. His job is to take care of the business side for professional athletes. Not forget to mention, Jan de Voogd has also served at University Hospital Basel.

Moving on to Demi Vollering’s relationship with Jan de Voogd, the two of them are possibly engaged. To be more particular about the date, they seemed to have exchanged the rings in July 2022. It’s been a year. 

Demi Vollering shared the post of their engagement, adding a sweet caption to it. She mentioned that she wasn’t sure where she would be on that day without him.

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Demi also praised her partner as he made her a better person. She also mentioned that she wouldn’t achieve success without him. Demi and Jan are very much in love and never fail to flaunt that on social media. 

Who is Demi Vollering's Partner?
Demi Vollering is happily engaged to the love of her life (Credit: Eurosport)

It’s not known since when Demi Vollering and Jan de Voogd are sharing a romance. But, looking at them, it feels like their relationship is eternal. No doubt, the two look adorable together. Neither of them has shared their marriage date. Also, we are unsure if it’s going to take place anytime soon. 

Well, Demi Vollering is young, in her mid-20s. Looking at her, she appears to be maintaining a very busy lifestyle, focusing fully on her racing cycling career. We don’t think that their marriage is going to take place anytime this year. 

Well, Demi Vollering’s partner, Jan de Voogd, is very close to her family. He is a quiet person and prefers to stay out of the spotlight. However, looking at how he gets along so well, it is proved that Demi’s family has full approval of their relationship. 

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Best wishes to Demi Vollering for the upcoming days of her life. Make sure to follow Demi on her Instagram account for more relatable updates. We are hopeful that Demi Vollering’s relationship with Jan de Voogd will stay strong forever like this. 

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