While You’re In Love Chapter 18: Release Date, Preview & Where To Read

While You’re In Love, Chapter 18 will possibly consist of more moments between The Duchess of Tordel and Aslan. But before we get into the details of Chapter 18, let us see what ‘While You’re In Love’ is all about.

It all begins when The Duchess of Tordel marries Aslan Tordel. What will people think of her when she marries him? The Duchess of Tordel was already aware of it all. Because she had read the ‘original novel.’ This was a novel The Duchess of Tordel had read in her previous life.

When The Duchess of Tordel woke up as a ten-year-old girl, she remembered her previous life. At first, she thought it was just a memory that had nothing to do with her. Because her life was very ordinary, but her life went according to the contents of the book she saw through the war.

As if everything is trapped in a predestined destiny. In the end, she got married to Aslan for three years. As in the original story, she became the Duchess of Tordel.

The direction in which the current novel flows is something The Duchess of Tordel could not change. As if it was a fate that even her soul could not go against it. She was so surely in love with Aslan Tordel. It was okay for her to be a contracted married couple. Just being by his side was enough. 

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While You’re In Love
While You’re In Love (Credits: Naver Series)

The Duchess of Tordel hoped for this happiness too long for a long time. However, after three years, the day had come. Rosalyn Peridot; a woman who would capture Aslan’s heart, had arrived. The main character of the novel is Aslan Tordel.

Aslan Tordel meets Rosalyn Peridot and falls in love at first sight. Aslan was determined to be with Rosalyn for the rest of his life. After three years of contract marriage, he will take Rosalyn as his true wife. And no one will know what happened to The Duchess of Tordel.

The Duchess of Tordel’s name barely even appeared in the original story. It was only described as ‘The Duchess of Tordel’. Because she was just an ‘extra.’ 

Previously on While You’re In Love Chapter 17: Recap

In While You’re In Love Chapter 17, we see that Aslan was breaking out in a cold sweat as The Duchess of Tordel was speaking to him. She wanted to try and get back the memory that he lost after the recent accident.

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While You’re In Love
While You’re In Love (Credits: Naver Webtoon)

On the other hand, Aslan could not breathe because of the rushing emotions. He wanted to hug the girl right in front of him, that is, The Duchess of Tordel. He could not think of anything but to kiss her.

However, Aslan was being very cautious not to reveal his weakness. To him, The Duchess of Tordel was the woman who threatened him. He thought she might try to wield his weakness again. He did not want The Duchess of Tordel to threaten and use him again.

Even though she coveted his love and clung to it while shedding tears, he was suffering while The Duchess of Tordel was crying. He felt as though his heart would stop any moment now. Looks like he is in love with The Duchess of Tordel this time.

While You’re In Love Chapter 18: Release Date & Timings

While You’re In Love, Chapter 18 is scheduled to release on August 02, 2023, as per its weekly release schedule. Below listed are the timings of the release of While You’re In Love Chapter 18 internationally:

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While You’re In Love
While You’re In Love (Credits: Naver)
  • (KST) Korean Standard Time: 12:00 AM (August 02, 2023) 
  • Pacific Daylight Time: 8:00 AM (August 01, 2023) 
  • Central Daylight Time: 10:00 AM (August 01, 2023) 
  • Eastern Daylight Time: 11:00 AM (August 01, 2023) 
  • British Summer Time: 4:00 PM (August 01, 2023) 
  • Indian Standard Time: 8:30 PM (August 01, 2023) 
  • Singapore Standard Time: 11:00 PM (August 01, 2023) 
  • Philippines Standard Time: 11:00 PM (August 01, 2023) 
  • Japanese Standard Time: 12:00 AM (August 02, 2023) 
  • Australia Time: 12:30 AM (August 02, 2023) 

While You’re In Love Chapter 18: Where To Read?

While You’re In Love, Chapter 18 Raw will be available to read in its original Korean version on Naver Series. The series consists of all paid chapters except for a few. To access them all, you will have to either purchase them or subscribe officially. 

There are no official sites with English translations available of While You’re In Love, but there are plenty of fansites offering English and other language translations. However, OtakuKart suggests you access the official sites only to give credit to the original creator. 

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