Where To Read Haunting Adeline? Book Guide

Where To Read Haunting Adeline? Book Guide

Haunting Adeline is a Tiktok sensation dark romance book by author H.D. Carlton from the Cat and Mouse Duet series, which was released on August 12, 2021. If you are a part of the Booktok community, then it’s pretty much impossible for you to ignore Haunting Adeline. As everyone’s for your page (FYP) is flooded with Haunting Adeline content all over Tiktok.

The dark, edgy stalker story might seem interesting at first, but if you actually go into the depths of the book, readers might not like what the author, H.D. Carlton, has to offer. Haunting Adeline author H.D. Carlton herself advised her readers that the book is only meant for readers over eighteen years old and made sure to remind them to check the trigger warnings before reading the book.

Teenagers spend most of their time on social media and TikTok, and they get intrigued by these types of romance books. The author has made it pretty clear this book is not targeted at teenagers.

Where To Read Haunting Adeline? Book Guide
Haunting Adeline (Credits: Barnes & Noble Press)

Haunting Adeline, the viral hit book, offers readers a mystery and horror story. Everyone on Tiktok loves this book. Meanwhile, other readers hate this book with all their might because there is much questionable content in this book that other dark romance readers do not like. Haunting Adeline is not a stand-alone book, so if you want to dive into the world of thrilling dark fiction. You might have to read the second book in the Cat and Mouse Duet series, which is called Hunting Adeline.

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The second book was released on January 28, 2022, almost a year after the massive success of Haunting Adeline. The first book, Haunting Adeline, is extremely popular, and it has been currently rated by 214,741 users on Goodreads with 26,697 reviews. Haunting Adeline has been released in 22 different editions. The first book ends with a cliffhanger, so the story continues with the second book, Hunting Adeline.

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About Haunting Adeline Book Story 

Haunting Adeline follows the story of an author in her mid-twenties named Adeline Riley. Adeline was never very close to her mother, but she spent most of her childhood with her grandparents.

Adeline got their family house, Parsons Manor, as a gift after they passed away. Parsons Manor had a dark history of ghosts and spooky experiences, mainly because most of the workers who built the manor ended up dying on the site.

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Adeline moved into the manor because she was always drawn towards ghosts and darkness, even after her mother’s several suggestions that she should move out of that manor.

Where To Read Haunting Adeline? Book Guide
Haunting Adeline (Credits: Barnes & Noble Press)

Adeline was adamant about staying in the manor because she had an emotional attachment to the house. Adeline has a feeling that someone is keeping an eye on her after a specific event.

She quite quickly realized that she was being stalked a few days after that incident. Adeline keeps receiving roses from her stalker every day, but she does not think much of it until one day when she starts receiving threatening text messages from her stalker.

Adeline soon gets introduced to an extremely good-looking security company owner, Zade Meadows, who used to work with his team to rescue women and children from sex trafficking rings.

Haunting Adeline explores the story of Zade and Adeline as they begin to develop a romantic relationship after Zade gets obsessed with her.

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Is Haunting Adeline Worth Reading?

Haunting Adeline is worth reading if you are a fan of dark romance or you enjoy non-consensual book content. But since the book deals with many triggering contents like sexual assault, human trafficking, graphic violence, and dub/noncon.

Where To Read Haunting Adeline? Book Guide
Haunting Adeline (Credits: Barnes & Noble Press)

We strongly advise you to read Haunting Adeline only if you can handle the content of the book; this is not just a typical dark romance book. Even the author has advised readers to check the trigger warnings before continuing the book.

Where to Read Haunting Adeline Book Online?

Readers can find Haunting Adeline on Kindle Unlimited with $11.99 monthly subscription. They can also access Haunting Adeline on Audible with a $7.95 monthly subscription.

Where to Buy Haunting Adeline Book?

Haunting Adeline is available at Barnes & Nobel in both paperback and hardcover format. It is also available on Amazon in both hardcover and paperback formats. 

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