Where Is Wild Things Shot? All Filming Locations Revealed!

Where Is Wild Things Shot? All Filming Locations Revealed!

The 1998 film series “Wild Things” is a classic, and its amazing cast, plot, and entire film could never be forgotten. However, we shall see where Wild Things is actually shot in this article. The film released its first part on 20 March 1998, and it was super-hit.

Wild Things is about a rich girl Kelly Van Ryan and her poor friend Suzie Toller who make similar charges of rape against their high-school guidance counselor. However, the entire film runs behind solving this case led by a police detective.

Sam Lombardo, the accused, hired his attorney Kenneth Bowden who was all set to defend him at any cost. However, as the story proceeds, on the day of the trial Suzie out of pressure and nervousness confessed that Kelly and she falsely accused him to seek revenge.

Though nothing ends here; the drama continues! Kelly’s mother, Sandra Van Ryan, and Sam had an affair which Kelly was totally against & it was the day she decided that she’ll avenge. Moreover, Suzie was charged with a minor drug case & he couldn’t bail her out.

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Joining the cast of the film is Denise Richards as Kelly Lanier Van Ryan, Kevin Bacon as Sergeant Ray Duquette, Neve Campbell as Suzie Toller, Matt Dillon as Sam Lombardo, Theresa Russell as Sandra Van Ryan, Daphne Rubin-Vega as Detective Gloria Perez, and many others.

Wild Things Filming Locations 

The 1998 thriller mystery film “Wild Things” was one of its kind, and it intensely left a long-lasting impression on many people then, and that feeling is still fresh. The shooting for Wild Things began on April 15, 1997, and it took good three months to wrap everything up.

All the filming locations of “Wild Things” has so much diversity, and there is a very homely vibe as per the premise of the film. The courtrooms, the school campus, the ocean views, etc, have all been well explored. So, let’s check out Wild Things’ filming locations.

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Virginia Key, Miami, Florida, USA

Try to recall all the sea/cruise scenes in the movie; many of those sequences of the film are shot on the beautiful island called Virginia Key, Miami, in Florida. It would not be wrong to say that this place is the literal heaven on Earth, and it is just so magical to look everywhere around the place.

Wild Things cast
Virginia Key, Miami, Florida (credits: Fishery)

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park, Florida, USA

Another prime filming location of Wild Things is the famous Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park situated on 1200 S. Crandon Boulevard in Key Biscayne. If you are looking for something scenic in Florida, this is definitely one of the places offering breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Wild Things plot
Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park, Key Biscayne (credits: Viator)

San Pedro, Los Angeles, California

However, the production team of Wild Things slightly moved towards California’s San Pedro near Los Angeles, where many important scenes were shot. San Pedro has a unique charm with so many things of attractions, including Fort MacArthur, Korean Bell, and many more.

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Where is Wild Things shot?
San Pedro, Los Angeles (credits: TripSavvy)

Oleta River State Park, North Miami, Florida

Another State Park included in the movie is the Oleta River State Park, located at 3400 N.E. 163rd Street, North Miami. This is a very gorgeous park in Biscayne Bay which is a lagoon, and if you look around, there are just serene blues and the metropolitan view it offers.

Wild Things shooting location
Oleta River State Park (credits: TimeOut)

Ransom Everglades School, Miami, Florida

As we know, the plot of the film takes place in a school, and thus, a school in Miami named Ransom Everglades School located at 3575 Main Highway was used, and yes, Blue Bay High School in the movie is actually, this one in reality.


Entire filming sites of Wild Things
Ransom Everglades School (credits: ArchDaily)

Greenwich Studios, Miami, Florida

The majority of the film is filmed in Florida, as you would have noticed; however, some of the things could not be achieved naturally, and for a film, there’s so much more to be shot. Thus, the renowned Greenwich Studios located at 12100 Ivan Tors Boulevard in Miami was the set.

Hence, these were all the filming locations of Wild Things & if you haven’t experienced this masterpiece, you can check it out on Amazon Prime Video or Netflix. Happy streaming!

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