Where Is Twisted Metal Filmed? All Locations Revealed!

Where Is Twisted Metal Filmed? All Locations Revealed!

The adventure comedy “Twisted Metal” is surely one to be remembered. However, in this article, we shall see where Twisted Metal is filmed. Twisted Metal has currently completed its first season consisting of ten episodes. The action comedy premiered on July 27, 2023, and was a successful run.

It is about a voluble and chatty guy who is given a chance to make his life a better one. However, not everything comes in this world in handy, and he has got a task. He was asked to deliver a mysterious package safely, and it sounded pretty simple, but it was not really!

He needed to carry it across a post-apocalyptic wasteland whose way is surely an eerie one. Luckily, he isn’t alone in this journey; instead, he is accompanied by a crazy & comical car thief. Throughout his journey, he faces marauders and other dangers coming on the road.

All around the trip, he saw destruction, and nothing was normal. He also encounters a completely insane clown who drives an ice cream truck which seems very familiar to him. However, this journey till the package delivers is not going to be dull ever.

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Joining the cast of the Peacock series are Anthony Mackie as John Doe, Samoa Joe as Sweet Tooth, Will Arnett as Sweet Tooth, Stephanie Beatriz as Quiet, Chloe Fineman as Mary, Thomas Haden Church as Agent Stone, Chelle Ramos as Jamie Roberts, Tahj Vaughans as Mike, Neve Campbell, etc.

So, without any further ado, let us check all the filming locations of Twisted Metal.

Twisted Metal Filming Locations

The authentic perspective put in this entire crime show, “Twisted Metal,” has already won hearts, and that is what has touched our souls to the core. Regardless of the storyline of the show, this adventure comedy series has had an immense impact on the people watching, and they really got the point behind this show.

All the filming locations of “Twisted Metal” have indeed put forward more adventure and the realism of the series, and that’s what has kept the viewers held in their places. The bright city street, deserted places, hills, big buildings & factory sites, etc have all been spot on.

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You can read the further sections and see Twisted Metal’s filming locations.

New Orleans, Louisiana

The perfect backdrop provided in Twisted Metal that we see is majorly shot in New Orleans in, Louisiana. However, it is known that the southern part of the city, which has advanced in recent times, has been used primarily for shooting the series.

Where Was Twisted Metal Filmed?
New Orleans, Louisiana (Credits: Expedia)

If you have watched the show, you must understand the dark and dense vibe of the show, and because of the rich history that New Orleans has had, it was just the ideal place! Many famous spots like the Superdome, French Quarter, and the Mississippi River were used in the show.

Overall it has all the stunning picturesque, and it did total justice to the makers. Other famous shows shot in New Orleans are The Originals Season 5, American Horror Story, Assassination Nation, NCIS New Orleans, When We First Met, Adam Devine’s House Party, American Horror Story: Freak Show, & many others.

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LaPlace, Louisiana

The good part about Twisted Metal is that the entire show, which is the first season, has been filmed in Louisiana. Another shooting site includes a very serene and beautiful town in Louisiana, LaPlace. The majority of abandoned factories & buildings you see in the show are situated in LaPlace.

The cast of Twisted Metal
LaPlace (credits: Louisiana Illuminator)

Moreover, when you see Sweet Tooth driving the famous ice cream truck that’s shot in the main street of LaPlace, however, the production team also stated the locals were so warm and welcoming! The residents were blown by the team and its characters.

Special mentioned to Sweet Tooth, who actually literally startled the townspeople. However, the city is only a few kilometers away from New Orleans, and you should surely go visit there.

Hence, these were all the filming locations of Twisted Metal. Also, comment down if you have watched this show yet. If not, check it out on Peacock & have the craziest time with weird clowns!

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