Where Is The Ritual Killer Shot? All Filming Locations Revealed

Where Is The Ritual Killer Shot? All Filming Locations Revealed

The crime thriller “The Ritual Killer” has not failed to astonish the viewers with its crazy and fierce backdrops. in this article, you can get to know about all the filming locations of The Ritual Killer. The film got released on 10 March 2023.

The Ritual Killer is set in a small town in Mississippi where a detective is on a hunt to track the most-wanted and international murderer who has been following a pattern of killing that has shaken every person in the town to the core. He uses ritualistic killing to make a mark!

However, he is not alone in this mission, and he has a partner in crime who guides him throughout his run & guess what? He is an anthropology professor! The professor is a pro and knows everything about ancient rituals & he, too, seeks pleasure in such a horrific task.

You can take a look at The Ritual Killer’s trailer to get an idea about the vibe of the movie in case you didn’t watch it.

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Joining the cast of The Ritual Killer is Cole Hauser as Detective Lucas Boyd, Morgan Freeman as Dr. Mackles, Mayumi Roller as Deelie Boyd, Vernon Davis as Randoku, Peter Stormare as Captain Marchand, Brian Kurlander as Shelby Farner, Giuseppe Zeno as Inspector Mario Lavazzi, Aurora Cossio as Sgt. Downs, and others.

Directed by George Gallo, the American crime film has received an overwhelming response, and of course, that’s because of the plot, and we can’t ignore such an amazing lineup of actors it has. So, without any further ado, let us go through every site where The Ritual Killer is shot. 

The Ritual Killer Filming Locations 

The realistic strategy used in this entire crime film, “The Ritual Killer,” has already won so many hearts, and what else is truly needed? Regardless of the plot of the movie, the crime thriller has had a powerful impact on fans because of its scenic context.

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All the filming locations of “The Ritual Killer” have indeed put forward the realism of the film, and that’s what kept everyone stiff in their seats. The city lights, dark rooms, sea, old monumental buildings, etc have all been spot on.

You can read further to see The Ritual Killer’s filming locations.

Jackson, Mississippi, USA

As mentioned in the very beginning, the story of the film was set in a small town in Mississippi, thus, the makers decided to keep the filming locations confined to the original city. Hence, Jackson City in Mississippi was the prime location used to film the thriller.

The Ritual Killer cast
Jackson, Mississippi, USA (Credits: Britannica)

Jackson, Mississippi, has been a site of filming for so many movies/shows like Ghosts of Mississippi, The Inspection, The System, A Day to Die, Get on Up, Same Kind of Different as Me, O Brother, Where Art Thou? and so many others.

Madison, Mississippi, USA

Moreover, Madison City in Mississippi was another site where some of the additional scenes of the film were used to provide an ideal setting. Madison is a small and peaceful city to visit, and if you wanna run away from the hush-hush of the city, lead to this place.

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Where is The Ritual Killer shot?
Madison, Mississippi, USA (Credits: TripAdvisor)

Millsaps College, Jackson, Mississippi

If you notice the big blocks of corridors, the buildings, etc., in the film, it is actually the Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi which was used to capture that perfect shot. You should really check out The Ritual Killer in order to get an overview of the places.

The Ritual Killer plot
Millsaps College, Jackson, Mississippi (Credits: Pinterest)

Rome, Italy

Now moving slightly away from the US, the team of The Ritual Killer moved to the city of love, Rome, in Italy. Yes, Rome was one of the filming locations used for the thriller film. One of the cast members, Vernon Davis, also took to his Instagram while shooting in the city.

The Ritual Killer (2023)
Rome, Italy (Credits: Travel + Leisure)

No doubt the makers have completely been successful in giving what they actually wanted to portray. Hence, this concludes our knowledge regarding all the filming locations of The Ritual Killer.

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