Where Is Netflix Thriller Hidden Strike Filmed? All Locations Revealed

Where Is Netflix Thriller Hidden Strike Filmed? All Locations Revealed

Chan & Cena’s thriller “Hidden Strike” is already in so much talk lately, and fans are very thrilled to learn about the locations where the film is shot. Thus, in this article, we shall see every filming location of Hidden Strike. The film was already released on 6 July 2023 on Netflix.

Hidden Strike is about two former soldiers who are back on duty to save the world against the danger that’s on their way. Obviously, Luo Feng and Chris Van Horne are the best choices for this task, and no one has a doubt about it. It’s going to be a mission to look forward to.

However, they proceed to face the never-ending danger coming on their way. They will also experience some of the most dangerous roads in the world that they have not even thought of! The hired one is basically a Chinese private security contractor.

Before the mission was dictated, everyone knew the scheme about eliminating the oil workers, but later everyone came to know that the vast amount of oil that’s gonna be stolen is just a basic plan known to them, there is something very humungous planned & that was unbelievable.

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Thus, to accomplish the mission, the Chinese contractor and the U.S. Marines join, and it would be exciting to see how they do it. However, as of now, the film has received a mixed response, but we can definitely give it a try.

Joining the cast of Hidden Strike is Jackie Chan as Luo Feng, John Cena as Chris Van Horne, Zhenwei Wang as Xiao Wei, Pilou Asbæk as Owen Paddock, Gong Jun as Haiming, Nadine Leon Gobet as Officer Rodriguez, Amadeus Serafini as Henry Van Horne, Tim Man as Knox, & others.

Hidden Strike Filming Locations

The strong perspective put in this thriller mystery, “Hidden Strike,” has impressed many viewers, and that has obviously made them curious about the places where it’s shot. This Netflix film has had an immense impact on people due to its strong action & it’s well implemented. 

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All the filming sites of “Hidden Strike” have indeed contributed to the realism and narrative of the film. The dusky city roads, the oil factories, deserts, big buildings, etc have all been thorough. So, let’s see Hidden Strike’s filming locations.

Beijing, China

As the entire film has the essence of Chinese departments and Jackie Chan is one of them and thus how cannot the film be shot in the capital city of China, Beijing? Yes, you read it right, the entire Hidden Strike is shot in China & it stood as the most satisfying backdrop for the film.

Netflix’s John Cena and Jackie Chan starrer Hidden Strike
Beijing, China (Credits: CGTN)

Beijing has welcomed some of the most amazing production teams, and the films have done wonders! Films shot there include The Monkey King: Havoc in Heaven’s Palace, The Hidden Fox, Crazy New Year’s Eve, Iron Man 3, The Karate Kid, The Mermaid, etc.

Alxa desert, Inner Mongolia, China

Even if you have not watched the film, you can look at the trailer attached above and understand the scenes shot here in the Alxa desert in Inner Mongolia, China. The sandy hills and the entire broad roads surrounded by sand are shot here. That’s clearly noticed in the movie.

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Hidden Strike cast
Alxa desert, Inner Mongolia (Credits: China Daily)

Taizi Great Mosque, Yinchuan, China

Some small sequences of Hidden Strike have also been shot in the very famous mosque of China, which is called the Taizi Great Mosque. The place is a divine beauty with peaceful and pure vibes! 

What is Hidden Strike about?
Taizi Great Mosque, Yinchuan, China (Credits: The Telegraph)

Yinchuan, Ningxia, China

Other than the outer regions of the country, some of the very prominent sequences of Hidden Strike are filmed in Yinchuan City in Ningxia. You can explore the famous museums, parks, film art centers, and many other monumental sites of the city.

Where is Hidden Strike shot?
Yinchuan, Ningxia, China (Credits: Britannica)

China Film Group Studios, Beijing, China

However, not everything is made available naturally, thus, the film has also used some artificial places for the perfect atmosphere that needed to be created for the film. Hence, the China Film Group Studios in Beijing was also used.

Therefore, these were all the filming locations of Hidden Strike known so far.

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