Where Is Miss Willoughby And The Haunted Bookshop Filmed? All Locations

Where Is Miss Willoughby And The Haunted Bookshop Filmed? All Locations

Starring Nathalie Cox and the talented actor Kelsey Grammer, Miss Willoughby and the Haunted Bookshop is a mystery thriller that’s sure to intrigue you with its unique and absorbing plot. This 2022 film is entirely directed by Brad Watson, while Alan Lathan serves as the producer.

With both of her parents passing away when he was just a child, Elizabeth Willoughby was raised by a US Marine named Robert. Together, they manage the estate that Elizabeth inherited at a young age.

Elizabeth works as a professor at a university, but this curious woman also indulges in exciting adventures once in a while. Miss Willoughby is informed of a haunting at a nearby library. With her impressive wit and attention to detail, there’s nothing that Elizabeth can’t deal with, even if it’s something that has supernatural origins.

Asides from Nathalie Cox as Miss Willoughby and Kelsey Grammer as Robert Windsor, the cast of this movie consists of Caroline Quentin in the role of Sarah, Bhavna Limbachia as Dr. Gaya Shirani, and Steven Elder playing the role of Oliver Deakin. After a delay due to the pandemic, the film premiered on February 8th, 2022 in the United States.

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Miss Willoughby And The Haunted Bookshop Filming Locations
Most Of The Scenes Are Filmed in York, England (Credits: Lionsgate Films)

Miss Willoughby And The Haunted Bookshop: Filming Locations

Filming for Miss Willoughby and the Haunted Bookshop began back in July 2020, right when Covid-19 was at its peak. However, the crew took proper precautions and completed shooting most of the scenes of this mystery film by August of the same year. The major filming location for this Nathalie Cox film was York, England, UK.

York, England, UK:

This city in North Yorkshire is where most of the scenes in Miss Willoughby were shot. As this film isn’t a big production, not many locations had to be used and the whole thing could be filmed at few appropriate places. The reason it wasn’t as big of a production could be due to the prevalence of Covid-19 at the time of the shooting.

York is filled with beautiful architecture almost everywhere, and it carries the old England atmosphere gracefully. Since Miss Willoughby is a movie set in previous times, York proved to be a perfect location for this film. The most common thing York is known for is its medieval architecture and Georgian homes, not to mention the Victorian-era houses that look eerily peaceful and inviting.

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Miss Willoughby And The Haunted Bookshop Filming Locations
Scenes From Miss Willoughby (Credits: Lionsgate Films)

Although the city is more modern now, it is still in touch with its historical roots and most of these antique homes are preserved and restored frequently to keep its glorious history intact. This place seems like the perfect spot for films like Harry Potter, although none of those J.K. Rowling movies were shot here.

The movies and TV series that did use York, North Yorkshire as a filming spot include Indiana Jones and The Dial of Destiny, Bridgerton, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, Transformers as well as the romance film, Wuthering Heights. Through these films, it’s apparent that York has a great collection of attractive homes and structures that echo the beauty of old architecture.

Howden, located in the East Riding of Yorkshire, was also one of the filming spots. The town is known for hosting some of the biggest Horse Fairs, so be sure to visit this place if you’re looking for the true European experience. The only project that took place here besides Miss Willoughby is the 2021 film, Father Christmas is Back, which is a movie most of the same cast also starred in (Nathalie, Caroline, and Kelsey).

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Miss Willoughby And The Haunted Bookshop: About The Film

The Haunted Bookshop is the mere beginning of the adventures our witty professor Miss Willoughby is going to be a part of. This curiosity and intelligence can be owed to Robert, as it was him that helped Elizabeth reach her full potential by giving her proper training in things like strategy, history, and literature.

Miss Willoughby is known for her smart problem-solving skills, so when family friends Helen and Oliver Deakins were plagued by supernatural phenomena, Elizabeth eagerly takes up the task and tries to solve the mystery.

She does all of this while working as an Ancient Civilization professor, showing just how much she loves being a part of something that’s mysterious and beyond normal human understanding. The suspenseful thriller starring Nathalie Cox is now available to watch on Prime Video.

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