Where Is Fit For Christmas Filmed? Know All Locations

Where Is Fit For Christmas Filmed? Know All Locations

Let’s know about Fit For Christmas Filming Locations. The enjoyable Christmas-themed film “Fit for Christmas” from CBS gives the romantic comedy subgenre a distinctive twist. Jessica Harmon’s film follows Audrey, a cheery fitness teacher from Mistletoe, Montana, who is smitten with all things holiday-related.

She teaches at the community center in her village, to which she feels incredibly connected. Audrey disagrees with the mysterious billionaire who comes to town to turn the center into an opulent resort because of the center’s dire financial situation.

The couple’s disagreements, nevertheless, soon open the door for them to fall in love over the holidays, which puts the businessman’s intentions in jeopardy. The ensemble of “Fit for Christmas” delivers standout performances, and the storyline is plenty of laughs, keeping the audience engaged all the way through.

Additionally, they are interested in learning whether the holiday romance was filmed in Montana due to the charming small-town location and the cheery Christmas images. So let us enlighten you if you’re looking for a similar solution!

Specifically, Greater Vancouver and Abbotsford, British Columbia, served as the location for the whole filming of “Fit for Christmas.” Beginning on August 14 and ending on September 1 of that year, principal photography for the CBS film began.

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The film is set in Montana, but British Columbia’s diversified environment, which includes snow-capped mountains, lush forests, rivers, metropolitan centers, and lovely little villages, makes a perfect alternative. Let’s now investigate the specific locations mentioned in the romantic comedy!

Fit For Christmas Filming Locations

Greater Vancouver, British Columbia

The Greater Vancouver metropolitan area, which includes Vancouver and its neighboring areas, served as the main location for the filming of “Fit for Christmas.” The majority of the film’s scenes were filmed by the actors and crew in Vancouver, which is a popular location for holiday movies.

They also traveled to the neighboring city of Burnaby, where they captured more material in the renowned Burnaby Village Museum at 6501 Deer Lake Avenue, Deer Lake Park. The open-air museum, which was established in 1971 and was formerly known as Heritage Village, is home to the C.W. Parker Carousel, which has drawn numerous visitors since 1912.

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Greater Vancouver, located in British Columbia’s Lower Mainland, is well known as a filmmaking destination because of its stunning scenery, tax breaks for shooting, and vast pool of skilled actors and crew personnel. The area has served as the backdrop for several films, including “A Maple Valley Christmas,” “Three Wise Men and a Baby,” and “Time for Him to Come Home for Christmas.”

Abbotsford, British Columbia

The production crew set up shop in Abbotsford, a nearby city to Greater Vancouver, to film additional segments of “Fit for Christmas.” Experts probably captured scenes against appropriate backgrounds all across the city. Outside of Greater Vancouver, Abbotsford is the largest municipality in British Columbia and offers stunning vistas of Mount Baker and the Coast Mountains.

A few of the city’s many tourist attractions include Mill Lake Park, The Reach Gallery Museum, Tretheway House Heritage Site, and Mennonite Heritage Museum. ‘Christmas in Tahoe’ and ‘My Christmas Family Tree’ were filmed in Abbotsford.

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Plot Of The Movie

Played by Amanda Kloots, Audrey is a fitness instructor who left New York City and is now back in her little, icy hometown of Mistletoe. She is at least back at home and teaching a few last-minute sessions at her favorite recreation center even though her gym closed and her boyfriend wanted to end their relationship.

Fit For Christmas
Fit For Christmas (Credits: CBS)

Nothing is sacred, not even the recreation center, because she is the star of a holiday movie. It turns out that the recreation center is closing, and a large city developer is preparing to pounce and turn the whole region into a posh resort, threatening to drive away all the local companies.

How will Audrey be able to secure the $80,000 required to maintain the recreation center? How can Audrey get the support she needs to stop Mr. Grinch from approaching Audrey’s temporary residence with a wrecking ball? And if Gryphon and Audrey keep running into one other all over town, what will they do? Everybody is aware that if you cross paths with someone in one of these films, you will kiss about 80 minutes later!

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