What Happened To Tori Kelly? American Idol Season 9 Star Receives Flowers From Beyonce After Getting Discharged From Hospital

What Happened To Tori Kelly? American Idol Season 9 Star Receives Flowers From Beyonce After Getting Discharged From Hospital

Want to know what happened to Tori Kelly? The American Idol Season 9 star is at the top of the news, sparking health concerns. Did she get diagnosed with any illness? From the title itself, you must have understood that Tori was hospitalized. As the singer got back to her home, she had Beyonce waiting for her with flowers. So, things seemed to be serious enough. What went wrong with Tori Kelly’s health? 

Tori Kelly is a versatile singer hailing from Wildomar. Right after earning massive recognition from the aforesaid singing competition, she released her first extended play in 2012. It goes by the title- Handmade Songs by Tori Kelly. You must listen to it. Some of Tori Kelly’s notable musical works are Inspired by True Events, Unbothered, Never Alone, Time Flies, Should’ve Been Us, and Help Us to Love. 

To date, Tori Kelly worked with various artists. Some of them are Chris Lane, Professor Green, Justin Bieber, Kirk Franklin, Big Sean, etc. Little did you know, Tori has provided her voice for the leading character, Meena, in Sing and his sequel. 

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Coming back to Tori Kelly’s health, the incident took place last month. The news about her hospitalization broke out to the public, leaving everyone shocked. How serious was the situation? What’s her current health status? What happened to Tori Kelly? Here are all your answers. 

What Happened To Tori Kelly?
Tori Kelly (Credit: USA Today)

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What Happened To Tori Kelly? Everything To Know About The Singer’s Health

It was on 23 July 2023 Tori Kelly fainted at a restaurant while out with her friends. The incident was very sudden. Concerning the location, the restaurant she visited was in downtown Los Angeles. Tori Kelly reportedly felt that the pace of her heartbeat suddenly became faster than usual. She was unconscious for some time. 

Following this incident, Tori Kelly was admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for proper medical treatment. No delays were made. The medical experts found blood clots in her legs and lungs.’ That hinted at the singer’s “serious condition.” While she was hospitalized, Tori got in and out of consciousness. 

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After a few days, Tori Kelly updated her fans through a social media post. On 27 July 2023, she shared that it was quite a scary thing which she faced. The singer provided an update stating that she feels stronger than before. However, there are certain things that Tori still needs to recover from. In addition to this, Tori Kelly shared her gratefulness towards the amazing doctors and nurses who looked after her so well. 

What Happened To Tori Kelly?
Tori Kelly: Never Alone singer (Credit: People)

In that same week, Tori Kelly had plans to release another extended play of her name. But, because of her health, she failed to do so. However, Tori shared that health comes first. It’s good to know that she prioritized it over her music release. Still, she managed to launch after some days. Her show at the Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles got postponed. 

Even Tori Kelly’s husband, Andre Murillo, provided an update to her fans, stating that she is healing. In case you forgot, the two exchanged their vows in 2018. He thanked each of her supporters for their good wishes, prayers, and blessings. A part of his post said, “Tori is doing so much better, and I believe you all have something to do with that.” Andre is indeed a great husband and is believed to be taking proper care of her. 

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Best Wishes to Tori Kelly for the upcoming days of her life. At present, we hope for nothing but Tori’s quick recovery. Make sure to follow the Unbreakable Smile singer, Tori, on her Instagram account for more updates. 

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