What Happened To Lucie Blackman? Story Behind Her Missing Case

What Happened To Lucie Blackman? Story Behind Her Missing Case

Want to know what happened to Lucie Blackman? This English expat went missing in Japan back in 2000. Not everyone knew her until a documentary on the case was released on Netflix. We shall get to that later. After seven long months of thorough investigation, the remains of Lucie Blackman were found. What happened to her? 

Lucie Blackman used to work as a hostess at a bar in the Roppongi district of Tokyo. To be more exact, it was at the Casablanca nightclub. On 1 July 2000, when she got spotted for the very last time. She was alleged to be going out on a paid date on that day. At that time, Lucie was just 21 years old. Before moving to Japan, she used to work for British Airways as a flight attendant. 

The reason behind Lucie Blackman’s missing case was that she was murdered. Things were fatal as it was something more. What happened? As the Netflix documentary, Missing: The Lucie Blackman Case got its release, people started having more interest in the victim. Also, who was responsible? Here is everything that you need to know.  

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Lucie Blackman Went Missing: What Happened To Her? 

As mentioned earlier, Lucie Blackman went missing, and she was murdered. Later, she was found buried in a cave 30 miles south of Tokyo. However, people at that time got to find her after several months missing. Lucie Blackman’s sudden missing case sparked an international investigation. 

It was a person named Joji Obara who was found guilty of the entire Lucie Blackman’s missing case. He was the con man who killed her. Who is he? Joji Obara comes from a privileged background and is professionally a property developer. But, he isn’t as decent as he might appear to you at first. His net worth was estimated to be around $38 million. 

What Happened To Lucie Blackman
Lucie Blackman (Credits: The Mirror)

On the very day of going missing, Lucie Blackman had called her pal, Louise Phillips, multiple times. That’s what her call record suggested. The latter moved to Japan along with her.

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Her friend got a call from a stranger and threatened her that she would not be able to hear from Lucie again. Without making any further delay, Louise contacted Lucie’s parents, and they ended up going to Tokyo with the hope of searching for her. 

After seven months, when Lucie Blackman’s dead body was found, the condition was bad. It was decomposed. Because of that, the cops couldn’t ascertain the exact death cause. Initially, Joji Obara denied being involved with Lucie Blackman’s missing, eventually death case. But, later, he was guilty enough as three other women came forward with their similar experiences. 

Talking more about Lucie Blackman’s missing case, Joji Obara didn’t just kill her but also drugged and raped her. That was brutal enough. Little did you know, when the investigation was done, it was found Joji did the same to nine other women. Among them, a woman named Carita Ridgway passed away. Joji Obara was imprisoned for life. 

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Lucie Blackman’s murder case also sparked Carita’s case. She was an Australian national who moved to Japan for work purposes. It was in 1992 when Joji drugged and raped her. 

Concerning the murderer, Joji Obara is reported to be still alive. He is spending his days in jail. Briefly, we can address him as a serial criminal. 

Discussing the documentary, Missing: The Lucie Blackman Case, was released on 26 July 2023. This Netflix film is directed by Hyoe Yamamoto. It will not just sadden you but shock you too. Make sure to watch it to know the entire Lucie Blackman’s missing case. 

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