W2S Net Worth – OtakuKart

W2S Net Worth – OtakuKart

Want to know about W2S’s net worth? The YouTube star often makes headlines for his crazy content. Also, his private jet win in MrBeast’s video went viral on the internet. If you are very much into gaming, then the name of W2S shouldn’t be new to you. Fans are lately wondering how much has W2S earned so far, in monetary terms. 

Despite being a huge fan of W2S, not everyone knows his real name. He is called Harry Christopher George Lewis. Hailing from Guernsey, Guernsey, he was born in 1996. Well, that makes W2S 26 years old, at present. He rose to fame for his daily FIFA gameplay footage videos. We may address W2S as one of the renowned gaming influencers. It was in 2014 when Harry Lewis aka W2S joined the YouTube group, Sidemen. 

Well, it’s not just YouTube. W2S is very popular on other platforms like Twitch, Deezer, and Tiktok. Besides his career, Harry Lewis’ relationship with Katie Leach was also very popular. It lasted for five long years until 2019. Later he got involved with Anika Bryne. However, this is not our today’s concern. 

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Coming back to W2S’s net worth, it’s primarily from his YouTube career. Later comes his other social media platforms. Also, Harry’s brand endorsement deals and stock ownership of companies are believed to be other sources. But how much is it? Here is what we know about W2S net worth. 

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W2S Net Worth: The YouTube Star’s Earnings Revealed

Talking about his monetary earnings, W2S’s net worth is estimated to be a whopping $18 million. As mentioned earlier, Harry Lewis aka W2S earns most of his income from his streaming videos. In other words, it’s mostly his YouTube videos. However, we can’t forget his Twitch account which also adds a lot to his income. 

W2S Net Worth
W2S (Credit: Sportskeeda)

If you are looking for a breakdown of W2S’s net worth, it calls for his annual salary. When estimations were made, it was reported to be $1.5 million. While we talk about W2S’s net worth, it would be wrong if we don’t talk about his fanbase. On his main YouTube channel, W2S has garnered more than 16.3 million subscribers. While, on Twitch, he has amazed 1.1 million followers. Aren’t the figures huge? Even though social media earnings aren’t fixed, we believe W2S is soon going to be one of the highest-paid gamers. 

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With W2S’s net worth being so huge, the YouTube star has invested in several real estate properties. He owns houses in different parts of the world, from Guernsey to London. On the other hand, when it comes to W2S’s car collection, it’s very impressive. Not all of his cars are known but his garage has- a chrome-wrapped Range Rover, an Audi A4, and even Lamborghini Gallardo. Meanwhile, he sparked several rumors for lying about the ownership of the Ferrari 458. W2S flaunted the car on his channel but later admitted that he didn’t own it. However, it didn’t make it less rich. 


Over the years, W2S’s net worth increased a lot. With that, the expectations of his fans also got increased. Last year, it was reported to be $16.5 million. But, this YouTube star never failed to impress his audience with his crazy gaming, challenging videos. From the very beginning, more precisely his school days, Harry was interested in gaming, especially FIFA, and eventually got into YouTube. 

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Being a YouTube star, W2S’s net worth also calls for his wealth. Well, he is the recipient of all three (silver, gold, and diamond) play buttons for his channel. Such is his prominence. Which is your favorite W2S video? Best Wishes! Make sure to follow Harry Lewis aka W2S on his Instagram account for more updates. 

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