Tomb Raider King Chapter 412 Spoiler, Release Date, Recap, Raw Scans

Tomb Raider King Chapter 412 Spoiler, Release Date, Recap, Raw Scans

The worldwide readership of manhwa has been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Chapter 412 of “Tomb Raider King.” Finally, after weeks of uncertainty, the official release date has been unveiled, intensifying the anticipation. This highly anticipated upcoming chapter guarantees the introduction of intriguing new characters and captivating plot twists, making it an enthralling read. Readers should brace themselves and not keep their expectations on hold. Ever since the cliffhanger at the conclusion of Chapter 412 was revealed a week ago, devoted fans have been speculating about the unfolding events.

Tomb Raider King Chapter 412 Spoiler

Tomb Raider King Chapter 412 Release Date And Time

After much anticipation, the long-awaited Chapter 411 of the popular manhwa “Tomb Raider King” is scheduled to be released on June 26, 2023. Devoted fans of this widely acclaimed manhwa have been anxiously counting down the days for the arrival of the latest chapter, and their enthusiasm has been evident through numerous expressions of excitement on various social media platforms.

  • Pacific Time: 9:00 AM on Monday
  • Central Time: 11:00 AM on Monday
  • Eastern Time: 12:00 Noon on Monday
  • British Summer Time: 6:00 PM on Monday
  • Japan Standard Time: 2:00 AM Tuesday
  • Korea Standard Time: 2:00 AM Tuesday
  • India Standard Time: 10:30 PM Monday

Tomb Raider King Chapter 412 Reddit Spoiler

Tomb Raider King Chapter 412 Spoiler

Within a vast secure room, Jaeha finds himself surrounded by the absence of 200 artifacts, including hazardous ones like the Gold Axe and Silver Axe. Poking their heads out to engage with Jaeha, Ju-Heon’s sons, Seo Ah-In and Seo Seol-In, reveal their presence. These siblings are mentored by their father’s restorer, Ju-Heon, a master in crafting counterfeits. At the mere mention of Ju-Heon’s name, the eldest son, Ah-In, trembles and tears up, while the younger son, Seol-In, breaks into sudden sobs. Witnessing the children’s desperate plea, Jaeha’s smile fades, and he assumes a serious demeanor, causing the eldest son to avoid his gaze. Ah-In employs an artifact vacuum to erase any evidence of Seol-In’s artifact destruction.

Frightened by Ju-Heon’s wrath, the siblings fled after the Phoenix reacted to its master’s anger. Ju-Heon vented his frustration by destroying the safe door he himself had crafted. Amused by the defeated artifact, Jaeha’s laughter is abruptly interrupted by an angry voice, the master of the artifacts. Observing Jaeha’s frozen state, the rest of the team members offer him reassuring pats on the back. Witnessing Jaeha’s tears, Ju-Heon’s two other children, Seol-A and Irene, become filled with concern.

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Ju-Heon feels gratitude and remorse towards Jaeha, who inadvertently became a babysitter, and rewards him with a new workshop, free from disturbances. Additionally, he provides Jaeha with a check to travel the world and find solace. Unlike most children, the eldest, Seo Ah-In, is highly dependable and seldom smiles. Each of the three children possesses distinct personalities. Ah-In, deeply interested in Artifact Engineering, holds numerous patents under his name. Unfortunately, Jaeha bears the brunt of indignity due to Ah-In’s prodigious talents, as he is responsible for Ah-In’s education.

Ju-Heon’s daughter, Ah-Rin, differs slightly from her elder siblings and most closely resembles Ju-Heon in appearance and behavior. Resembling a beautiful Elf, much like her mother, Ah-Rin’s dissimilarity to Jaeha brings him relief. Observing Ah-Rin’s laughter in her crib, the artifacts in Valhalla tremble with fear. These artifacts, potential assassins targeting Ju-Heon, have grown wary of the suspicious gate that Ju-Heon has been emerging from. However, their focus shifts not to Ah-Rin but to the monstrous creatures she summons.

As Seol-In touches the fleeing artifacts, they emit startled screams. Nonetheless, the artifacts set on targeting Ju-Heon suffer partial destruction. Utilizing the Chaos-connected SSS-Grade Supreme Leader artifact, Ah-In employs an artifact vacuum, creating a space of destruction. Seol-In blinks a few times upon witnessing the artifact wielded by his older brother, prompting the artifact itself to scream in response. Remarkably, the artifacts can eliminate assassins unaided, even in the absence of their parents.

Tomb Raider King Chapter 411 Recap

Jae Ha found himself increasingly frustrated as each time he completed the restoration, it would end up destroyed again. Uncertain about what was causing the issue, he couldn’t help but question himself. Irene, sensing his frustration, inquired if the situation was truly dire. Jae Ha’s face brightened upon seeing Irene, and he assured her that it wasn’t as bad as it seemed. He explained that Ju-Heon was simply going through a process of trial and error to discover the best way to utilize the new treasure. Irene revealed that Ju-Heon had shared the same sentiment with her, but she couldn’t help but feel concerned as the trial had been ongoing for quite some time.

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Tomb Raider King Chapter 412 Spoiler

Curious about Ju-Heon’s whereabouts, Irene asked Jae Ha, but before he could respond, Ju-Heon came rushing towards them, taking a break from the trial. Ju-Heon questioned when Irene had arrived and jokingly mentioned that he would have tidied up a bit if she had informed him beforehand. Jae Ha commented that Ju-Heon seemed too casual for someone who had just emerged from a pile of rubble.

Noticing Ju-Heon’s worn-out appearance, Irene expressed her worry about any injuries he might have sustained. Ju-Heon, not wanting to burden Irene, promptly told Jae Ha to keep quiet. He reassured Irene that he was unharmed, albeit his disheveled clothing, which was indeed a cause for concern. Ju-Heon informed her that she had arrived at the perfect time, as he was excited to show her his new relic beans.

He proudly shared that it was the first relic created by Rope. Jae Ha’s delight knew no bounds upon hearing that Rope had finally achieved success. However, Chaos interjected, suggesting that although Rope had achieved success, the trial had resulted in a significant explosion. Nonetheless, it was a remarkable improvement compared to causing an explosion for no reason at all.

Tomb Raider King Chapter 412 Spoiler Release Date

As of the current moment, no spoilers have surfaced for Chapter 412 of “Tomb Raider King.” Usually, these spoilers start to emerge online approximately three to four days prior to the official release date. Enthusiasts often share them in online communities such as 4chan and Reddit. Therefore, we anticipate that the spoilers for this week’s chapter will likely become available around June 24, 2023.

Tomb Raider King Chapter 412 Spoiler

Tomb Raider King Chapter 412 Raw Scan Release Date

As of the present writing, the Raw Scan for Chapter 412 of “Tomb Raider King” remains unavailable. Usually, these Raw Scans start to circulate online approximately three to four days prior to the official release date. Online communities like 4chan and Reddit are popular platforms for sharing such scans. Consequently, we anticipate that this week’s Raw Scan will likely become accessible around June 24, 2023.

Where To Read Tomb Raider King Chapter 412

Readers will have the opportunity to access Chapter 412 of “Tomb Raider King” on Tapas. In South Korea, this chapter can be found on Kakao Page, while in Japan, readers can enjoy it on Piccoma.

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Why You Should Read Tomb Raider King Manhwa

The comic book series “Tomb Raider King Manhwa” has garnered significant popularity in recent times, captivating readers with its awe-inspiring content. The series revolves around the courageous and audacious explorer, Lara Croft, as she embarks on a global quest to locate ancient artifacts. Through her thrilling adventures, she confronts formidable adversaries, unravels enigmatic puzzles, and unveils long-forgotten secrets.

Reading “Tomb Raider King Manhwa” provides a truly unparalleled experience that distinguishes it from other comics. Its dynamic and action-packed narrative transports readers on an exhilarating journey across time, as Lara embarks on a mission to unearth lost treasures and unravel mysteries of the past. Each installment enthralls readers with gripping battles and captivating storylines that leave them yearning for more.

Tomb Raider King Chapter 412 Spoiler

About Tomb Raider King

“Tomb Raider King” is an action-fantasy novel written by San-G and brought to life by Breathe. The story takes place in the vast world of Korea. Recently, an adaptation in the form of a manhua has been published on the Kakaopage website, created by Studio 3B2S and Redice Studio.

Mysterious and ancient tombs, known as the Tombs of God, have started appearing in various locations worldwide. These tombs house legendary relics, granting incredible powers to those who can harness their energy. Some individuals have successfully claimed these artifacts for themselves, utilizing their immense abilities. However, there are also those who have succumbed to the influence of these relics, falling under the control of their wielders.

Amidst this backdrop, a skilled Tomb Raider emerges with the sole purpose of stealing these precious artifacts. He is the formidable Lord of the Tombs, whose presence evokes frustration among others. “This despicable scoundrel has already plundered another site, hasn’t he?!” he exclaims. To him, everything that exists within these tombs rightfully belongs to him. This is the extraordinary tale of a resurrected Tomb Raider who will stop at nothing to claim all the tombs and artifacts for himself.


The concluding moments of Chapter 412 in “Tomb Raider King” introduce an epilogue that introduces a fresh character named Seo Seol-In. Moreover, the chapter provides subtle indications regarding the existence of God’s Tombs, enigmatic locations spread across the globe where individuals can attain mystical abilities. The reactions of the team members vary, with some displaying apprehension while others remain indifferent to whether Seo Seol-In is a son or daughter.

The ending of this chapter leaves ample room for speculation and conjecture. One reader speculated that the protagonist might have been isolated or transported to a parallel world, their memories altered. All in all, Chapter 412 of “Tomb Raider King” offers an alluring glimpse into what lies ahead in the narrative, setting the stage for new and exhilarating developments.

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