Tokyo In April Is Season 2 Spoiler, Release Date, Recap, Trailer, Where To Watch? & More

Stepping out of their culture, they have a new show called Tokyo in April Is… which dives into a gay relationship between two childhood best friends. This show is an adapted from the manga that carries the same name as the show from the romantic drama genre and is directed by Yuho Ishibashi.

The fans are loving the show a lot and are asking about the status of season 2 of this show as well. Here we will talk about all the intel available on Tokyo in April Is… season 2.

Japanese dramas are known to have a lot of charm and amazing storytelling in their shows which makes them good enough to stand on their own with the rest of the crowd. As time goes by, they are becoming more and more evolved with the stories they tell which makes them a must-watch for the audience around the world.

Tokyo In April Is Season 2 Renewed Or Canceled?

The renewal status for Tokyo In April Is season 2 has not been announced yet, but it is expected to be renewed. However, there are speculations that the show may not be renewed for a 2nd season. The show is a hit with viewers and critics and is considered one of the best new shows on television.

Tokyo In April Is Season 2 Overview

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Tokyo in April is Series Storyline
Tv SeriesTokyo In April Is
Native Title4月の東京は…
Also Known AsTokyo in April Is… , 4gatsu no Tokyo wa
Total Season1
Total Episode8 (Season 1)
DirectorYûho Ishibashi
WriterHaru (manga)
Country Of OriginJapan
First Episode AiredJun 16, 2023 (S01 EP01)
Last Episode AiredAug 04, 2023 (S01 EP08)
Season 2 Release DateNA
Run Time30 min.
Available OnMBS
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Tokyo In April Is Season 2 Release Date

Tokyo In April Is… is a hit with the fans and they are really enjoying the story of Kazuma and Ren as they try to navigate through their awkward reunion and get closer together after 10 years of separation. While season 1 of this show hasn’t concluded yet, the viewers are eager to know what is the status of season 2 of this Japanese drama.

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After doing a lot of digging, we were able to find no information on an official confirmation from the creators for season 2 of this gay love story. However, if we were to predict a release date, we can see this show coming out with another season sometime in the year 2024.

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What Is The Storyline Of Tokyo In April Is

The story of Tokyo in April Is… revolves around Kazuma Takizawa and Ren Ishihara who have been best friends for a long time now and their friendship is really strong which makes them inseparable. However, things take a turn for the worse when they get promoted to the third year of middle school as Kazuma shifted to America without giving any information to Ren which created a drift between them as their friendship ended out of nowhere.

Kazuma finally returns to Japan after almost 10 years to start working at his new job. Kazuma is shellshocked when he discovers that Ren is working in the same company and has occupied the position of the best designer in the company.

Kazuma gets excited to get back together with Ren and refresh old memories by continuing where they left off, however, Ren does not want Kazuma near him after how he left without any news all those years ago.

Tokyo In April Is Season 2 Spoiler

Ren is still devasted about the fact Kazuma left him without even telling him about the fact that he was shifting to America even though they were best friends. Ren now chooses to maintain a distance from Kazuma while he tries to get closer to Ren just like old times.

Kazuma finds it hard to comprehend why Ren is choosing to not interact with him like they used to so he accepts that being around him at workplace is Kazuma still good enough for him.

Ren later confesses that he is delighted to have Kazuma back in Japan and around him however deep down he just wishes that his childhood friend is the one who has returned and not a Kazuma with a different personality. Will they get close again like they were before? Or nothing is bringing these best friends back together?

Tokyo In April Is Season 2 Spoiler

Tokyo In April Is Season 2 is highly anticipated by fans of the show and there is much speculation as to what may happen in future episodes. Unfortunately, there have not been any spoilers released so far, leaving viewers to wonder what might be in store for them when the show returns. Despite this, the cast and crew have hinted at some exciting developments that could take place in an upcoming season.

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What We Can Expect From Tokyo In April Is Season 2

If the creators decided not to end the story of Kazuma and Ren in the first season of Tokyo in April Is… and continue it in the second season. Then we can expect the show to continue their love story by adding new elements and situations for them that might make their love story difficult.

We might see the appearance of someone Ren was in a relationship within the last 10 years after Kazuma left for America. This can bring tension between them and can create an aspect of jealousy in the story which will be fun to see. However, this plot Is just an assumption and there is no real answer to what we can see in season 2 until the synopsis arrives with a trailer for season 2 when it gets green-lit.

What Happened At The End Of Tokyo In April Is Season 1?

Ren is called to a meeting because Sanada has attacked a former temporary employee. A colleague reveals that she also experienced a similar assault years ago, but it was kept quiet. Ren promises to assist and considers finding additional help. At home, he conceals his concerns while contemplating the menacing way Sanada treats Kazuma. However, Kazuma has become accustomed to handling Sanada’s seriousness.

The next day, Ren has a meeting with a previous co-worker in order to uncover the actual reason behind his departure from the company. He discovered Sanada’s acts of aggression and attempted to intervene, but was ultimately compelled to leave. The former colleague offers assistance to Ren, emphasizing the requirement for considerable bravery.

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Ren contacts his friend Yagami Ryunosuke to inquire if he has ever encountered whistle-blowing at his workplace. Through a voiceover, Ren expresses astonishment while recalling the incident of him arriving at a school in France, entirely fixated on calling a specific person without interacting with others or making an effort to learn the language.

He found out that Ren was being bullied and assisted him in treating his injuries. In an attempt to befriend Ren, he inquired about his aspirations. However, Ren only desired to reconnect with a friend, but unfortunately, that connection had been severed. He then approached Hide to find out that Kazuma had returned to America after coming out of his coma. At least, he is grateful to learn that Kazuma is still alive.

Following his time in France, he made the decision to go back to Tokyo and patiently await his return. However, on a regular day at his workplace, he unexpectedly came across his name while going through a stack of human resources documents. To Ren, it felt like an unbelievable stroke of luck, intensifying his desire to keep the past events from ten years ago concealed.

On Sunday, Ren wakes up to attend another meeting, but he realizes that he doesn’t have any clean clothes to wear. Kazuma comes to his rescue by lending him one of his own shirts. As Ren is about to leave, he hears a woman calling out to him. Suddenly, he remembers that she is none other than Kazuma’s mother, who had slapped him in the past.

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What Does The Showrunner Say About Tokyo In April Is Season 2?

The showrunners have not yet revealed any information about Tokyo in April Is… season 2 which is perfectly fine because the show has made its debut very recently so it is not really a big deal if they are choosing to withhold information about the next season right now. They will most likely reveal intel about the second season after the first season of the show comes to an end in the next few months.

Tokyo In April Is Season 2 Cast And Crew

This show features some well-known and talented actors, including

Sakurai YukiTakizawa Kazuma
Takamatsu AlohaIshihara Ren
Furukawa TsuyoshiYagami Ryunosuke
Ayano AyaMaeda Ayumi
Takeno SenaTakizawa Kazuma
Mitsunobu JiyoIshihara Ren
Okabe NaoSanada Hayato
Nakayama ShingoMatsumoto Hide
Mahiro TamakiTakizawa Ayako

Tokyo In April Is Season 1 Rating

The show has been rated very highly by various review websites and critics and even the fans have given their fair share of ratings online on Google. Rakuten Viki has rated Tokyo in April Is… a 9.8/10 while MyDramaList went with a 7.8/10 and on IMDB this show get 8.8/10 which are both good ratings in their own rights.

Tokyo In April Is Season 1 Review

This is a narrative about a gay boy and his friendship with his best buddy, which evolved over time but ultimately ended in the two of them having to part ways due to a number of unforeseen events. They hadn’t seen each other in ten years, but when they did, everything changed.

Tokyo In April Is Season 2

Now, they both have to figure out the answers to all of their problems at the same time as their friendship evolves into something more than simply friends. I found myself quite engrossed in the manga, and I can’t wait to find out how they resolved the situation. Both the young and the experienced actors are giving outstanding performances. Dare we hope for the best?

How Many Episodes Will Be There In Tokyo In April Is Season 2?

According to sources, the highly anticipated 2nd season of the critically acclaimed show Tokyo In April Is might have between 8-10 episodes. This news comes as a relief for fans who had been worried that the new season might be cut short due to budget constraints. The creators of Tokyo In April Is are going all out in order to make sure that they deliver an Drama, Mystery, Thriller, high stakes plot filled with intense plot twists and turns.

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Where Can You Watch Tokyo In April Is Series?

Tokyo In April Is… is available to stream on Rakuten Viki and all the episodes of the show can be accessed with a subscription. You can even browse the website for more content related to other shows on their platform.

Is Tokyo In April Is Worth Watching

Tokyo in April Is… is really bold and upfront with its depiction of gay couples and is clearly not made for the older generation. While the story feels amazing, the character motivations for Kazuma feel a bit weird as he expects everything to go smoothly with Ren after disappearing without any hit for 10 or ten years. However, the show manages to bring in the audience with their relationship and drama as the series proceeds to make them come closer and on good terms again.

Tokyo In April Is Season 2 Trailer Update

The trailer for the second season of Tokyo in April Is… is not yet available as the show has not been green-lit yet for another season however, we can expect the trailer to arrive sometime in the year 2024. Until then you can watch the trailer of the first season of Tokyo in April Is… on YouTube.


Tokyo in April Is… a bold show that doesn’t pull any punches when showing a gay couple getting intimate which is an interesting choice from a Japanese show. Season 1 is being loved by fans as they wait for the rest of the episodes to release on Rakuten Viki.

Frequently Ask Questions About Tokyo In April Is Season 2?

1. How many episode will be there in Tokyo In April Is Season 2?

Tokyo In April Is Season 2 might have 8 episodes.

2. Who is the creator of Tokyo In April Is?

Tokyo In April Is creator is Yûho Ishibashi.

3. What is the age rating of Tokyo In April Is?

Tokyo In April Is age rating is 15+.

4. Will there ba a Tokyo In April Is Season 2?

As of now, there is no confirmation about Tokyo In April Is Season 2.

No there is no promo for Tokyo In April Is Season 2.

6. Where can you watch Tokyo In April Is?

you can watch Tokyo In April Is on MBS.

7. When is Tokyo In April Is series initialy release?

Tokyo In April Is series initialy release in Jun 16, 2023.

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