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Tina Knowles Net Worth – OtakuKart

We are going to explore the career success of Tina Knowles, a business-savvy woman whose talent and drive made her one of the most successful African American Texas women in the United States. In case the last name sounds familiar, it’s because she’s Beyonce’s mom.

And what a career she’s had, because as we’ll see, her talent is one of the reasons why she made it to the top. And in the case of Beyonce, the apple doesn’t fall for the tree for the Grammy Award-winner singer and songwriter as well. 

Tina Knowles has been in the headlines recently due to her divorce from her second husband, actor Richard Lawson and the burglary that took place at her LA home, both of which might’ve impacted her finances, but setting those untimely events aside, what is Tina Knowles’s net worth? Come with us to find out. 

Tina Knowles Net Worth
Tina Knowles and her now ex-husband, actor Richard Lawson (Credit: TMZ)

Who Is Tina Knowles?

Tina Knowles, formerly Celestine Beyonce Knowles-Lawson, is an American entrepreneur, fashion designer, and the mother of Beyonce and Solange Knowles. A native of Galveston, Texas, she is the daughter of a seamstress and a longshoreman.

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Raised Catholic with roots in Boutte, Louisiana, she married Mathew Knowles in 1980, a salesman whose luck would change when he became the manager of Destiny’s Child. Tina Knowles has four grandsons from Beyonce and Solange. 

What Are Some Of Tina Knowles’ Life Achievements?

Tina Knowles has always had an entrepreneurial mind; she’s a fashion designer with credited work with brands like Shiseido; her talent got her gigs as a costume designer in multiple films like Austin Powers in Goldmember, Dreamgirls, and Pink Panther. And her work has been featured in several magazines like Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, and Sports Illustrated. 

Is Tina Knowles Politically Active?

Tina Knowles is also known for her political activism career, being a Democratic party campaign donor with her daughter Beyonce, and has taken part in the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights; she donates to the Black Lives Matter company, African Pride, and other causes. 

Does Tina Knowles Engage In Philanthropy?

Tina Knowles founded Beyonce and Kelly Rowland, a center for youth in the early 2000s in Houston, Texas. She donated money and raised funds for the Hurricane Katrina victims and was notable in her effort during the covid pandemic to help low-income African Americans get healthcare. 

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Is Tina Knowles Married?

Tina Knowles is twice-married; her first marriage in 1980 to Mathew Knowles gave birth to Beyonce in 1981 and Solange in 1986. She started to divorce Mathew in 2009, went through bitter court proceedings, and concluded the process in 2011. 

Then, in 2013, Tina Knowles began dating actor Richard Lawson and married him in Newport Beach back in April 2015. Things were happy and peppy until recently when she filed for divorce from Lawson in early July 2023, citing “irreconcilable differences.” While her love life might seem to be on the rocks, Tina seems to be keeping things on top financially. 

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Tina Knowles Net Worth
Tina Knowle and her ex-husband (Credit: People Magazine)

Tina Knowles’s Net Worth

Tina Knowles’s net worth as of 2023 is estimated to be north of $25 million. Her business-savvy acumen, coupled with her talent, managed to open a lot of doors and success for her. She earned a lot of money during Destiny’s Child years being the head costume designer for the group.

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Her brand designs —featured in big magazines like Vogue— also helped push her brand and made her famous, and with that fame comes the cash. Those brands are House of Dereon and Miss Tina. 

Despite her recent divorce, which might’ve caused an impact on her finances due to legal fees and the recent burglary at her Los Angeles home where she lost nearly a million dollars worth of jewelry and other valuables, Tina Knowles continues to be in the double digits, and though her love life might be in the rocks, her work continues to inspire many women all over the place. 

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