The Tailor Season 2 Ending Explained: Kiraz’s Shocking Decision

The Tailor Season 2 Ending Explained: Kiraz’s Shocking Decision

The Netflix-distributed Turkish drama series The Tailor’s sophomore season managed to deliver yet another gripping season of betrayal, forbidden love, and high stakes in the fashion world.

If you like fashion, thrilling dramas with a Turkish twist and are wondering what to watch on Netflix, instead of taking about thirty minutes mindlessly scrolling, then take the time to watch The Tailor because you won’t be disappointed at all!

Now, as to the finale, that one left viewers with some major unanswered questions, especially regarding the fate of leading lady Kiraz after her world crumbled around her.

The Tailor Season 2 Ending Explained
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The Tailor Season 2 Recap

The second season of ‘The Tailor’ focuses on Peyami as he struggles with alcoholism and depression after being separated from Esvet. He meets Cemre, a carefree woman who helps fill the void left by Esvet.

Esvet and Dimitri get married, although Esvet is unhappy that Peyami did not profess his love for her. Flashbacks show Peyami survived being shot while protecting Dimitri, leading to Dimitri’s forgiveness.

Peyami tells Dimitri that Mustafa is his father and needs care, which Esvet provided. This eases Dimitri’s worries about Esvet’s feelings for Peyami.

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Cemre continues getting close to Peyami as Esvet struggles to accept Dimitri and worries for Mustafa. Peyami’s drinking hurts his work, causing Ari to lose faith in his brand. Mustafa becomes erratic after Sülün dies. Kiraz, Peyami’s mother, returns in disguise, but her encounter with Mustafa agitates him.

Peyami convinces Mustafa the woman isn’t Kiraz. But Mustafa tells Esvet she is Kiraz and to bring her back. Esvet learns Kiraz is Peyami’s mother. Tension grows between Esvet and Peyami when he doesn’t get back to work. Esvet kisses Peyami, seen by Dimitri.

Dimitri outsmarts his father to take the company, but Ari regains control when Dimitri fails to get Peyami’s shares.

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The Tailor Season 2 Ending Explained

Setting Up The Stage For The Finale

The second season finale leaves the central love triangle unresolved between Peyami, Esvet, and Dimitri. Esvet married Dimitri but clearly still has feelings for Peyami. She is unhappy in her marriage to Dimitri, which was largely for her inheritance. Esvet kissed Peyami in public, seen by Dimitri, further straining their marriage.

With Peyami’s personal issues resolved after reuniting with his parents, he could potentially find the courage to finally profess his love to Esvet in season 3. Peyami was always haunted by his abandonment issues which held him back from fully committing to Esvet out of fear.

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Now that he understands his past, Peyami may be ready for that commitment. However, this would directly come into conflict with her marriage to Dimitri.

Esvet may continue being drawn to Peyami regardless of her marriage vows. She was forced into the marriage with Dimitri by her grandfather on his deathbed. Her heart lies with Peyami, so she is likely to pursue that relationship again. This would devastate Dimitri and destroy their marriage.

Potentially, Peyami could directly challenge Dimitri and fight for Esvet in season 3 now that he is in a healthier emotional state. The two characters have a long, complex history as blood brothers. Peyami protected Dimitri at great personal cost. This could culminate in an intense confrontation between them, vying for Esvet’s affection.

Ultimately Esvet will need to make a choice herself between the two men. She may be forced to choose between passion with Peyami and the stability Dimitri provides.

Her decision could change the fates of all three characters. The love triangle provides rich drama that is left unsettled heading into the third season. Fans are eager to see how this complex romance will finally resolve itself.

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The Tailor Season 2 Ending Explained

In the finale, Peyami starts regaining control, motivated by Kiraz and his grandfather’s fabric. Esvet reveals Kumru is Kiraz. Osman arranges for Peyami and Kiraz to talk. Initially angry, Peyami hears Kiraz’s story.

She loved Mustafa but was sold to Peyami’s family as his caretaker and forced to marry him. After being thrown out when not conceiving, Kiraz learned she was pregnant but couldn’t return until Sülün died. Peyami understands his past and abandonment issues.

Peyami plans a fashion show to announce his return and prove doubters wrong. His real motive is to express gratitude and reconcile with Mustafa. Peyami recognizes his shortcomings hurt their relationship. He brings Mustafa on stage, no longer ashamed of his condition, and reunites him with Kiraz. Resolving his familial issues helps Peyami move positively to the future.

The love triangle continues in season 2 but isn’t resolved. Esvet refuses to accept Dimitri as her husband. With his issues resolved, Peyami could find the courage to profess his love for Esvet, setting up season 3 conflicts.

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