The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3 Spoiler, Recap, Release Date, Trailer, Where To Watch? & More

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3 Spoiler, Recap, Release Date, Trailer, Where To Watch? & More

We are talking about The Lincoln Lawyer, based on the novel series written by Michelle Connelly. An idealistic lawyer runs his practice outside of the courthouse and takes it to the back of his car where he takes on the small or the big cases on the road and helps the people.

The following article will talk about the third season of The Lincoln Lawyer, the plotline, the reviews and the ratings along with some of the important news regarding the continuation of the series.

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3 Renewed Or Canceled?

The renewal status for The Lincoln Lawyer season 3 has not been announced yet, but it is expected to be renewed. However, there are speculations that the show may not be renewed for a 3rd season. The show is a hit with viewers and critics and is considered one of the best new shows on television.

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3 Overview

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The Lincoln Lawyer Series Storyline
Tv SeriesThe Lincoln Lawyer
Total Season2
Total Episode20 (Season 1-2)
StatusSeason 2 Running
WriterMichael Connelly
DirectorDavid Grossman
ProducersAndi Bushell, Michael Connelly
MusicDavid Buckley
CastManuel Garcia-Rulfo, Neve Campbell
GenreCrime, Drama, Mystery
Country of OriginUnited States
Origin LanguageEnglish
Available LanguagesEnglish
First Episode Aired13 May 2022 (S01 Ep01)
Last Episode Aired3 Aug. 2023 (S02 EP10)
Season 3 release dateNA
Available OnNetflix
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The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3 Release Date

The third season has not been announced yet. Since the production team is pretty focused on the second season, they just want to get the second season airing since it will be released in two parts. The first part will air on 6 July and the second part will premiere on 3 August.

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The release and the announcement of the third season will be announced after speculating the results of the second part of the second season.

The series is, however, more likely to release the third season because it is very popular among fans and critics since the series topped the charts almost instantly after its initial release. The show will most likely continue towards the end of 2024 or 2025 at the beginning of the third season.

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What Is The Storyline Of The Lincoln Lawyer

Mickey Haller is a good and exceptional lawyer who takes on cases on the roads of Los Angeles. He takes upon cases that are big and small, related to his past or not. His professional relationship, his personal life and his history are explored in the series thoroughly. As a lawyer life is not very easy, especially if you are working from the road. He faces several challenges while trying to bring justice to his clients and exposing the truth.

The plotline varies because it is a depiction of the novel series by Michelle Connelly. The Brass Verdict is the novel that was taken for the first season as a depiction that shows how Mickey is set on defending a billionaire who is accused of murder. The second is based on the novel, The Fifth Witness, where Mickey protects a woman.

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3 Spoiler

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3 Spoiler

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3 is highly anticipated by fans of the show and there is much speculation as to what may happen in future episodes. Unfortunately, there have not been any spoilers released so far, leaving viewers to wonder what might be in store for them when the show returns. Despite this, the cast and crew have hinted at some exciting developments that could take place in an upcoming season.

What We Can Expect From The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3

Either Mickey will survive the shootings. Once he escapes he will defend Lisa who is accused of killing a prominent businessman. And maybe some more romance would develop between Lisa and Mickey.

Mickey will also encounter Andrea, a prosecutor who has a crush on him which could make things awkward and lead to some hilarious events along with a great subplot. He will also have to deal with his injuries which leads us to thinking if he will be okay or not. What could the injuries lead to? Will there be something hidden about it? And the mysterious attacker. Who could that be? What does he want? Was it someone he knew beforehand?

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What Happened At The End Of The Lincoln Lawyer Season 1?

Season 2 part 1 was left with a cliffhanger when Mickey was attacked by two unknown men at the parking. He was trying to look for Lisa’s missing contract that would prove her innocence and that she hasn’t murdered the businessman and the real estate agent who was trying to gentrify her neighbourhood.

During his search, he realised that Lisa lied to him about several things such as her relationship with Mitchell, the real estate agent, his connection to Alex Garnt, a business owner who was also a suspect in the murder and her podcast deal. Mickey also encountered Andrea who was determined to convict Lisa so she’d get the death penalty.

What Does The Showrunner Say About The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3?

The showrunners haven’t said much about the third season. But the executive producer, David E. Kelly announced that he would love to work more on the series and on Michael Connelly’s works. “We’re very proud of the show…. There are seven books in the series, so there’s plenty of material to mine from. And we have a great relationship with Michael Connelly who’s been very supportive and collaborative.

So we’re keeping our fingers crossed that we’ll get to do more,” stated Kelly in an interview with Screen Rant. The producer seems to be very excited to be working with Michael and the rest of the team. The series might be his favourite novel since he sounded so thrilled and passionate about the books. We too cross our fingers for the third season Kelly, we’re the same.

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3 Popularity

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 has gained immense popularity among fans and critics alike. With its compelling storyline, gripping performances, and high production value, the show has captivated viewers from all walks of life. The engaging plotlines, filled with surprising twists and turns, keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

The well-developed characters, led by the charismatic and brilliant defense attorney Mickey Haller, played by the immensely talented actor, Matthew McConaughey, have become fan favorites.

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The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3 Cast And Crew

This show features some well-known and talented actors, including

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Manuel Garcia-RulfoMickey Haller
Becki NewtonLorna Crane
Angus SampsonDennis ‘Cisco’ Wojciechow
Jazz RaycoleIzzy Letts
Neve CampbellMaggie McPherson
Krista WarnerHayley Haller
Lana ParrillaLisa Trammell
Christopher GorhamTrevor Elliott
Ntare Guma Mbaho MwineDetective Raymond Griggs
Yaya DaCostaAndrea Freemann
Marlene ForteJudge Teresa Medina
Jamie McShaneDetective Lankford
Michael GraziadeiJeff Golantz
Matt AngelHenry Dahl
Lamont ThompsonJudge James P. Stanton
Chris BrowningTeddy Vogel
Elliott GouldLegal Siegal
Katrina RositaTanya Cruz

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 1 Rating

7.3 out of 10 on IMDb, 83% on rotten tomatoes and overall Google reviews are of 4.6 out of 5. The series seems to be doing pretty well for itself. All of the adaptations are some of the best parts of a novel so it is not very surprising that the series will most likely be continued further.

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 1 Review

Following the passing of a close friend, a heroin addict-turned-lawyer with two ex-wives, a kid, and a passion for automobiles finds himself forced into the center of a high-profile legal investigation. This includes practice and a greater number of secondary cases than he can handle now.

This captivating premise will provide a backdrop that is ripe with opportunities for a legal procedural series. The show takes this and runs with it at a good pace, adding a solid cast, well-crafted and executed dialogue, and an exciting plot.

Although some uncomfortable decisions are made with the cinematography, such as shots with changing focus and some orange casts, the overall effect accomplishes what must be done. Izzy, Mickey’s driver, is frequently used to explain the plot. Yet, despite the fact that it is clear, it feels natural and is consistent with telling the story.

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3

How Many Episodes Will Be There In The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3?

According to sources, the highly anticipated 2nd season of the critically acclaimed show The Lincoln Lawyer might have between 8-10 episodes. This news comes as a relief for fans who had been worried that the new season might be cut short due to budget constraints. The creators of The Lincoln Lawyer are going all out in order to make sure that they deliver an Drama, Mystery, Thriller, high stakes plot filled with intense plot twists and turns.

Where Can You Watch The Lincoln Lawyer Series?

You can watch the series on Netflix or Amazon Prime videos but if you are not able to gain access to the series, then most probably there is a geo-block in your region. Perhaps waiting for a while to check on the series again or you could use VPN and see if that works well for you.

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Is The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3 Worth Watching?

Yes. Please watch the series. Flaws and all included, the series is worth the watch. The show is realistic and does justice to the books written by Michelle Connelly. It’s a very nice depiction and one should watch the series because the suspense, the thrill and the action, all of it are on par and great.

Though there isn’t much originality or something new in the series, it can also get predictable at times, but overall the screenplay is amazing and the rest of the execution of the plot is done well and exceptionally.

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3 Trailer Update

The third season’s trailer has not been released since the third season has not been announced yet either. The series has other trailers and promotional videos. The trailer is available only up until the second season’s first part.


The team has been working hard to deliver the plotline of the books as best as they can. The second season will have a second part which is released in August and based on the reviews Netflix will decide further if they will continue the series or not.

But as far as the reviews are right now, the series will do good for itself. The third season will most likely happen as the team has 7 entire novels to work from.

Frequently Ask Questions About The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3?

1. How many episode will be there in The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3?

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3 might have 10 episodes.

2. Who is the creator of The Lincoln Lawyer?

The Lincoln Lawyer creator are Ted Humphrey, David E. Kelley.

3. What is the age rating of The Lincoln Lawyer?

The Lincoln Lawyer age rating is 15.

4. Will there ba a The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3?

As of now, there is no confirmation about The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3.

No there is no promo for The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3.

6. Where can you watch The Lincoln Lawyer?

you can watch The Lincoln Lawyer on Crunchyroll.

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