The Legend of Anle Episodes 36 and 37: Release Date, Preview and Streaming Guide

The Legend of Anle Episodes 36 and 37: Release Date, Preview and Streaming Guide

The Legend of Anle episodes 36 and 37 will be out this week. Chinese dramas have recently made a strong comeback in the entertainment industry with the variety and quality of content they are offering.

The beautiful feel of the ancient times it brings to the drama embraces the culture well on top of being appealing and soothing. The Legend of Anle is a magnificent adaptation of the novel by Xing Ling and makes a perfect historical drama to watch.

The story revolves around Di Zi Yuan, who belongs to the prosperous Di family, one of the pillars of the Jing empire. After some false accusations, the Han family finds the Di family guilty of betrayal and beheads the entire family except Di Zi Yuan.

She is ordered to be imprisoned, but after ten years, she returns for revenge with a new name Ren Anle and a new identity of a pirate. She makes it to the court and even the heart of the crown prince Han Ye but will the family differences be the wall between the blooming love of the two?

The Legend of Anle Story Till Now

In the latest episode, we see Leng Bei and Mo Shuang talking about the crown prince. Leng Bei seems concerned, and when Shuang asks what’s bothering him, he does not give a direct answer. She insists that she is his closest kin so he can share.

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Leng Bei tells her that he does not want to involve her in certain things, but Shuang reassures him that she will do anything that helps. In the next scene, Anle meets Di Cheng’en. She informs Anle that she is leaving her hometown tomorrow and praises Luo for finding the details of even a beggar(herself) whom he picked from the roadside.

Later, Anle and An Ning visit Luo and crown prince Ye where they get drunk and praise each other while having fun. But this moment is very emotional because An Ning is leaving for the Northwest due to the rebellion and war-like situation.

The Legend of Anle
The Legend of Anle (Credits: Youku)

Meanwhile, Anle tells Ye that she is leaving too. An Ning takes permission from Emperor Jia Chang before leaving, and he is emotional about sending his daughter into a dangerous situation. She leaves with Leng Bei after meeting Ye and Anle. Following their departure, Anle is ready to leave along with Yuan Qin and Yuan Shu.

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Wen is upset with Yuan Qin accompanying Anle because they may never meet again. Ye meets Luo to know where Anle went, and the two talk about their old days when they notice a fire. Princess of northern Qin, Mo Shuang, is reported dead in the fire, but her dead body is missing.

The emperor suspects that it is a way to instigate war and directs An Ning to reinforce her borders. An Ning is suspicious when she hears about the death of the princess and her missing body. She orders Bai Zheng to investigate all the new recruits.

Suddenly, she thinks of the striking similarities between the assassin from new year’s Eve and Leng Bei. She attacks him, but he succeeds in knocking her unconscious with smoke from a tube. As he puts her back on her chair, he hears Bai Zheng approaching them and calling out An Ning.

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The Legend of Anle Episodes 36 and 37 Release Date

Episodes of The Legend of Anle have no confirmed pattern. They are aired on all weekdays and even weekends, but the number of episodes coming on a particular day is not fixed. Episodes 36 and 37 of the Chinese drama will be released on Friday, August 4, 2023, at 6:00 PM China Standard Time. For other regions:

  • Pacific Standard Time (Canada): 3:00 AM (Friday, August 4, 2023)
  • Central Standard Time (US): 5:00 AM (Friday, August 4, 2023)
  • Eastern Standard Time (Mexico): 6:00 AM (Friday, August 4, 2023)
  • Greenwich Mean Time (UK): 10:00 AM (Friday, August 4, 2023)
  • Indian Standard Time (India): 3:30 PM (Friday, August 4, 2023)
  • Thailand Time (Thailand): 5:00 PM (Friday, August 4, 2023)
  • Japan Standard Time (Japan): 7:00 PM (Friday, August 4, 2023)
  • Australian Central Daylight Time (Australia): 8:00 PM (Friday, August 4, 2023)

Watch The Legend of Anle Episodes 36 and 37: Streaming Guide

You can enjoy all the episodes of The Legend of Anle, which are available on the streaming platform Youku for both Chinese and international viewers, along with English subtitles. Another option available for the global audience is Rakuten Viki, with subtitle options in multiple languages.

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