The After Party Filming Locations: Where Was The Crime-Mystery Series Filmed?

The After Party Filming Locations: Where Was The Crime-Mystery Series Filmed?

Let us find out The After Party Filming Locations. The After Party is a murder mystery and comedy-drama series that was released in 2000 22 on Apple TV.

It was released in America, and it’s an anthology TV series created by Christopher Miller. The first season of the series premiered on 28 July 2022, and after that, the makers renewed it for the next season. The second season of the after party was released in 2023 on 12 July.

The plot of the story revolves around the night after the high school reunion after the party. Each of the episodes of the season contained the perspectives of the different characters in the series, and they were telling their version of what happened that night. 

The series received positive Reviews from the audience as well as the critics, and some of the critics said that it was a millennial would unit and a new kind of murder mystery not involving the investigation as a tool for the characters to find second chances.

This murder mystery is unlike the other series, which have become boring and oppressive. The series will see how the investigation becomes a tool for the characters in the series for their fulfillment and how each character in the series has his new perspective and story to tell.

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The second season is also based on the same lines. A wedding has taken place, and then the people who have been the guest at the wedding are telling their perspectives about what happened on the wedding night.

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The After Party Filming Locations: Where Was The Crime-Mystery Series Filmed?

The series After Party is filmed in Los Angeles, California.  It is quite interesting to see how the makers, especially the cameraman and set designers of this series, have put their visual presentation and skills very well. 

You may feel that how it becomes important to know the film location of a series that revolves around a single event on the same night, but you will be amazed to know that each episode has its unique visual presentation.

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They have a different story that is in sync with the personality of the Person who’s telling his or her story. The filming of the series began in the other half of the year 2022 and was completed in the next year in Feb.

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 Los Angeles California

 You will find beautiful properties and clear-side beaches in California Los Angeles, and the city is indeed very beautiful. All the scenes in the series where you see the high school sequences are filmed at a school named Monrovia high school which is in Los Angeles.

Cast of The After Party Series
The After Party Series Cast (Credits: Apple TV+)

This school is located on West Colorado Boulevard, which is in the Los Angeles suburbs of Monrovia. There is one scene in the series where you see Xavier lands at the school campus in a helicopter on the football ground. The scene was shot in the same school, and the makers used a real helicopter to film the scene.

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Another major filming location of the series is the Xavier Belvedere clifftop house. In the final scenes of the series then, the obnoxious celebrity falls off the Cliff to the beach. The Cliff that you see is this only.

While talking to a famous media channel, the star cast of the series revealed a lot about the filming location and their experience of shooting in the beautiful city of Los Angeles. 

Zoe Chao, who is playing the character of Zoe in the series, said that they shot the series in Santa Clarita, which is outside of Los Angeles. She also revealed that everybody felt the same, and they had to be at the location for almost five months.

While talking to the media, he also spoke about one such incident that has kept him thinking for long. He was talking about the scene in the series where there is a reunion happening, and he has to do the scene where eight people are telling who they feel the killer is.

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