Spamalot’ Revival Gallops into Broadway This Year

Spamalot’ Revival Gallops into Broadway This Year

King Arthur and the Knights who say “Ni” are making their grand comeback to Broadway. According to various reports on Wednesday, a fresh rendition of Monty Python’s Spamalot is set to grace the St. James THetaer in New York City, commencing on October 31, and eagerly anticipated to premiere on November 16.

The musical, affectionately described as “lovingly ripped off from” Monty Python and the Holy Grail, is triumphantly returning to Broadway after a gap of approximately 14 years since its original closing in 2009.

This revival initially had a limited run at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C., from May 12 to May 21 this year before heading to the St. James Theatre in New York City.

What did Eric Idle say about the comeback?

Monty Python member Eric Idle, who penned the lyrics and book for Spamalot, expressed his excitement about the show’s return to Broadway. In a statement from various media outlets, he shared his thrill at witnessing its revival. He emphasized that now, more than ever, a good laugh is needed, and he finds it inspiring to see audiences wholeheartedly embracing this joyous production, which remains one of the most delightful projects he has ever been involved in.

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Spamalot' Revival
Spamalot’ Revival (Credits: PEOPLE)

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In addition to his excitement about the return of Spamalot to Broadway, the 80-year-old Eric Idle playfully suggests putting the relentless News Cycle on Rinse Cycle.

Instead, he encourages taking a couple of hours to unwind and immerse oneself in the world of the Lady of the Lake, King Arthur, and the Knights Who Say Ni because, as he humorously puts it, “We’re not dead yet.”

Eric Idle’s endeavors

Eric Idle showcased his versatility by taking on multiple roles alongside the other five members of Monty Python in the original movie, a witty and irreverent comedy that drew inspiration from the tales of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

Later, he joined forces with John Du Prez to work on the music for the stage adaptation Spamalot. Their collaboration led to great success, as Spamalot earned prestigious awards at the 2005 Tony Awards, including Best Musical, Best Direction of a Musical, and Best Featured Actress in a Musical, along with numerous nominations.

The show’s triumph was a testament to the creative genius and enduring appeal of Monty Python’s humor in a new theatrical form.

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As of now, the cast list for the Broadway revival of Spamalot has not been revealed. However, Eric Idle took to Twitter on Wednesday morning to inform fans that casting announcements will be made soon. Theater enthusiasts can look forward to exciting updates about the talented actors who will bring the iconic characters of Spamalot to life on the stage.

Jeffrey Finn posted lines from Spamalot and the 1975 movie

In another Twitter post, the actor and comedian humorously referenced a popular line from both the 1975 movie and Spamalot, saying, “We’re not dead yet!” This statement reflects the excitement and anticipation surrounding the show’s return to Broadway.

Jeffrey Finn, the artistic director of the Kennedy Center’s Broadway Center Stage series and an executive producer of the Spamalot revival, expressed his delight and honor in bringing back Spamalot to Broadway.

With the approaching 20th anniversary of the original production, he recognizes the significance of restoring the show’s place on the Broadway stage. He looks forward to catering to devoted fans who have eagerly awaited its return and introducing the Knights of the Round Table to new audiences, allowing them to experience the joy and humor of Spamalot for the first time.

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Spamalot' Revival
Spamalot’ Revival (Credits: PEOPLE)

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In his statement, as reported by multiple outlets, Jeffrey Finn expressed his excitement in carrying forward the Kennedy Center’s tradition of bringing outstanding productions from Washington D.C. to the vibrant city of New York, often referred to as the “town that never sleeps.”

When is the anticipated revival coming to the stage?

Spamalot’s Broadway revival arrives approximately two years after reports surfaced about Paramount Pictures’ intention to adapt the musical into a feature film. Eric Idle, in several Twitter posts earlier this year, suggested that the movie project was halted due to a veto from the other remaining living members of Monty Python, namely John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, and Michael Palin.

Despite the film adaptation plans being put on hold, fans can now eagerly anticipate the return of Spamalot to the stage, where its unique charm and humor can once again delight audiences.

Get ready for the long-awaited return of Spamalot on Broadway! The preview performances at the St. James Theatre will kick off on October 31, leading up to the highly anticipated opening night on November 16. For die-hard fans looking to secure their seats in advance, a special ticket pre-sale will begin on August 8.

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