SAS: Rogue Heroes Filming Locations: Where Is This Period Series Filmed?

SAS: Rogue Heroes Filming Locations: Where Is This Period Series Filmed?

Steven Knight’s period British series titled SAS: Rogue Heroes is a show based around the world war II timeline. The show has taken heavy inspiration from author Ben Macintyre’s novel of the same name. Let us tell you more about the series and the filming locations of SAS: Rogue Heroes. 

For the most part, the series depicts an almost accurate representation of the events of the war, along with the formation of the British Army Special Air Service (SAS) and how it was put to use during the Western Desert Campaign, which is what the show focuses on the most.

Fans managed to spot actors Connor Swindells, Jack O’Connell, Alfie Allen, Sofia Boutella, Dominic West, Tom Glynn-Carney, and so many more from a long list of talented actors that are a part of this series. The show released its first season, with a total of six episodes, sometime around last year.

The makers, after wrapping up the show, have announced that the show will return to our screens with a second show, also covering the SAS ventures in the European theatre of war, also during the second world war. 

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The plotline of this first series started off in 1941, in Cairo Hospital, where David Stirling, a British Army Officer, has the idea of creating a special unit of commandoes after a failed training attack. This special unit, which would get abbreviated as SAS, was to operate deep behind the enemy lines during the time of war.

SAS Rogue Heroes cast in Morocco for filming (Credits: BBC)
SAS: Rogue Heroes cast in Morocco for filming (Credits: BBC)

SAS: Rogue Heroes’ Filming Locations

Morocco, North Africa

With the show being based in Cairo, Egypt, it was important for the filming crew and the actors to move to Morocco. The place was chosen to get a vibe similar to the actual place where the event took place. The producers revealed to fans later that another reason why they chose Morocco was because of the restrictions that the covid pandemic brought along.

Overall the cast spent a total of three months in Morocco for their shoot, a place which experiences sun for the most part of the year. Since the production team had decided on Morocco as the primary shooting location, the fact that covid caused a lot of countries to close their borders was a big worry for them. 

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Getting to Morocco with the entire team, shooting together, and living as a community for three months was as tough as it was fun and emotional for the SAS team. Prior to the filming, a lot of precautions had to be taken and we are not just talking about the ones related to covid-19.

Snakes and scorpions around the filming locations had to be removed for the safety of all, and proper measures had to be taken in order to beat the heat. At the time of the year that the crew entered the country, the temperatures went up as high as fifty-three degree Celsius.

The crew and the actors had almost all given in to the heat, feeling the true spirit of the SAS heroes battling hot summers, pushing through long hours of shoots, and getting caught in sandstorms which seemed to be an everyday thing in the deserts of Morocco. 

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The SAS Rogue Heroes team in Morocco for the shoot (Credits: BBC)
The SAS: Rogue Heroes team in Morocco for the shoot (Credits: BBC)

Elveden Estate, Norfolk

The Elveden Estate is located in Norfolk, United Kingdom, and was used in the show to play the Cairo Hospital which is more or less the place where this story begins.

It was revealed that the producers even managed to work with the Norfolk Military Vehicle Group, getting their hands on the appropriate vehicles, one that truly represented those that were used at the time.

Recreation of the jeeps used during the actual time of the war in the show, SAS: Rogue Heroes, in Norfolk (Credits: BBC)
Recreation of the jeeps used during the actual time of the war in the show SAS: Rogue Heroes, in Norfolk (Credits: BBC)

RAF Bentwaters, Suffolk

While most of the show was shot in Morocco, there were a few scenes that required extra effort and help. Norfolk and Suffolk were the only two places where the crew shot in the United Kingdom. The filming crew spent around three weeks at the RAF Bentwaters near Tunstall, Suffolk.

The shots that were filmed here mostly included the plane scenes, desert camp scenes, and the jeep attack. 

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