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Randy Meisner Net Worth – OtakuKart

The recent passing of American musician Randy Meisner has the public in mourning, a pioneer of music in the 1970s; he worked with Eagles, Poco, The Poor, Black Tie, and many other ensembles. The 1998 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Nebraska native leaves an indelible mark in music’s history and an estate and net worth that we are going to be examining. 

Randy Meisner’s estate is likely to be passed among his surviving family, including his three sons from two different marriages, Dana, Heather Leigh, and Eric Shane Meisner. Meisner died in Los Angeles due to complications from chronic lung disease on 26 July 2023 at the age of 77, leaving a career as a solo artist spanning more than half a century. 

Randy Meisner Biography

Randall Meisner was born in Nebraska on 8 March 1946, the son of a family dedicated to the agriculture industry. From a very young age, he took it upon himself to learn how to play the guitar after watching Elvis Presley on television. Influenced by Presley and the burgeoning R&B genre, Meisner started a group called The Dynamics. 

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Randy Meisner Net Worth
Meisner with The Eagles (Credit: Randy Meisner VEVO YouTube Channel)

After moving to California, Meisner started playing with The Soul Survivors, a precursor band to The Poor. Then joined Poco and the Stone Canyon Band between the late 1960s and early 1970s. Then, in 1971 Meisner joined Don Henley, Bernie Leadon, and Glenn Frey in forming a band called Eagles and signed with David Geffen, releasing their debut album the next year.

In Eagles, he played supporting vocals and was the bassist. He left the band to move on to other projects in 1978 and recorded a couple of solo albums. Meisner was married twice and had three children. 

Meisner had a few health issues; he’d abused alcohol and other drugs when he played with the Eagles, had a couple of heart attacks in the early 2000s, and was a smoker; he developed chronic lung disease and succumbed to that illness on July 2023. 

What Didi Randy Meisner Do After Leaving Eagles?

Randy left the Eagles in 1978 and moved on to a brief solo career, recording a couple of albums and participating in a few projects like Randy Meisner & The Silverados. Then he moved on to Black Tie with Jimmy Griffin and Billy Swan. 

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In the late 1980s, Randy found himself touring with Rick Roberts and played with him and Dan Fogelberg, and Carol King. 

In the 1990s, he reunited with Poco and was notoriously excluded from the 1994 “Hell Freezes Over” Eagles tour. He was inducted with the Eagles in 1998 to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and joined them on stage performing hits like Hotel California. 

The 2000s were rough for Randy because that rock and roll life started to take a toll on his health, he couldn’t complete a few hours, and even when the Eagles asked him to do a reunion tour, he couldn’t make it due to health issues. 

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How Many Albums Did Randy Meisner Have As A Solo Artist?

As a solo performer, Randy Meisner recorded four studio albums, a live album, and a compilation album. His first album was “Randy Meisner” in 1978, followed by “One More Song” in 1980, then another album called “Randy Meisner” in 1982.

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After that, the man took a break and worked on a few bands, only to release “Dallas,” a live album in 1983, and finally, his last studio album, titled “Meisner, Swan & Rich,” released in 2001.

Randy Meisner Net Worth
Meisner in the 1970s (Credit: Gijsbert Hanekroot / Redferns)

Randy Meisner’s Net Worth

Before his passing, Randy Meisner had a net worth calculated north of $15 million dollars, with the bulk of his revenue coming from his royalties spawning almost fifty years as a recording artist. It was Randy’s talent as a musician that made him amass that fortune; his work with Eagles, Poco, and many other bands, as well as his solo work, are examples of music’s history at a time when rock was melding and melting with other genres.

Randy Meisner lived through the 1960s, rocked in the 1970s, and kept on working as a bass player, guitarist, and songwriter through the 1980s. 

His passing due to chronic obstructive lung disease shocked the music industry, his legacy is forever remembered, and his estate, properties, and royalties will likely pass on to his surviving family members. He will be missed, and wherever he is right now, he’s probably rocking the stage as he used to do back in his days of thunder. Rest in peace, Randy; we miss you!

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