Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: How to Beat Iron Leaves?

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: How to Beat Iron Leaves?

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet is the first game in the ninth installment of the Pokémon games. Nintendo released these last year, and they have been getting immense love and attention.

You can decide to take part in the Scarlet or Violet Academies in Scarlet and Violet. Every year, the institution hosts a “Treasure Hunt” where learners are urged to search the area to discover something special.

Scarlet and Violet offer a variety of fresh and resurrected elements to complement their expansive universe and encourage research. Although the original character’s facial appearance is far more comprehensive than in the previous games, character modification has returned with this installment.

In Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, Iron Leaves is a five-star Tera Raid encounter. They could offer priceless goods like skill capsules, rare candies, big pearls, and PP up.

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An Insight on Iron Leaves

Iron Leaves has a greenish metal-based complexion and eyes that are black in color. Its blazing head and neck can change into longsword-like objects that can be used as weaponry. It is mechanistic and appears more robot-like. The sole Pokémon that can pick up Psyblade is our one and only Iron Leaves.

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  • Attack: 130
  • Special Defense: 108
  • Speed: 103
  • HP: 90
  • Defense: 88
  • Special Attack: 70

How to Beat Iron Leaves?

Let’s look at what you could be attacked with by Iron Leaves when you face it in the video game.


A psychic-type technique is called Psyblade. If you are on an Electric Terrain, the effectiveness of this maneuver is increased by 50%.


A movement of the Bug kind is Megahorn. A strong charging strike is applied. You can smash relentlessly into the object being attacked with the aid of its powerful and durable horn. Megahorn can choose any Pokémon surrounding you in a Double Battle. Megahorn is restricted to concentrating on a Pokémon that is close to you during a Trio Encounter.

Leaf Blades

A movement of the Grass category is Leaf Blade. Destruction is dealt with by cutting the victim with a pointy leaf that you can swing like a long blade. The likelihood of this attack scoring the fatal blow is double.

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Pokémon Counters to beat Leaf Blade

Now we will give you some of the best counters you can use to get an answer to ‘how to beat leaf blade?’ Let’s go!


Having among the Defiant’s strongest blows and an enormous hit stat, Annihilape is a powerful fighter. Beef up to begin the Iron Leaves tera raid. Now we advise you to employ it once more in the following round to boost your offense and defense numbers.

Pokémon Go- Annihilape
Pokémon Go- Annihilape (Credits: Nintendo)

You can either start attacking physically at this point or use Screech to reduce Iron Leaves’ defense. You might not require this, however, as your fellow players would likely drop the statistics for you, considering the other Pokémon they are playing. To endure a few of Iron Leaves’ worse blows, pick a Ghost tera-type.


In the very first moments of the encounter, you should aim to effectively accept and deliver the majority of the harm to Grimmsnarl. You must be belly-drumming with Azumaril while practicing additional established skills with your squad to prepare for an assault on the following act while preparing for Taunt to draw the Iron Leaves’ attention to it.

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Pokémon Go- Grimmsnarl
Pokémon Go- Grimmsnarl (Credits: Nintendo)

Even though Grimmsnarl is not the Pokémon on the squad that is predicted to deal the greatest harm among the bunch, the dark and fairy types basically allow for it.


Pokémon Go- Mimikyu
Pokémon Go- Mimikyu (Credits: Nintendo)

Mimikyu works finest in this configuration as it’s among the most potent ghost-type Pokémon, giving Iron Leaves a psychological nightmare. Use Swords Dance first to increase your strike rate, followed by striking each of the Play Rough targets as possible prior to your rival Pokémon restoring your attributes and skills.

We hope you learned a few things about how to beat a leaf blade with absolute ease. Tell us your tricks for defeating the leaf blade in the comments below!

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