Pokemon Legends Arceus guide: How to catch Hisuian Zorua and Zoroark

Pokemon Legends Arceus guide: How to catch Hisuian Zorua and Zoroark

Pokémon Legends Arceus – How to Evolve All Hisuian Pokémon
Pokémon Legends Arceus – How to Evolve All Hisuian Pokémon

In the early teasers for Pokemon Legends Arceus, fans already got to see the new regional forms of Zorua and Zoroark, who were first introduced in Gen V in Black & White. Their Hisuian forms have lost their dark color scheme in favor of white fur with peach-colored fringes, becoming a dual Normal/Ghost-type. Unsurprisingly, many players will be itching to get their hands on these Pokemon, keeping their eyes peeled to find the fox as they explore different locations across Hisui. To help you in your search, here’s a guide on where to catch and how to evolve Hisuian Zorua and Zoroark in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Where to find Hisuian Zorua in Pokemon Legends Arceus

While some of the other Hisuian forms, like Arcanine and Lilligant, emerge as Noble Pokemon in the game’s storyline, players luckily won’t have to deal with a frenzied beast to try and capture Hisuian Zorua. However, you will first have to beat four other Noble Pokemon, as you can only find Zorua in Alabaster Icelands, the fifth zone in Legends Arceus. As such, you can only access this area much later into the game, after quelling the fourth Noble Pokemon, Hisuian Electrode in Coronet Highlands. Moreover, the fox’s location is also quite obscure and isolated, so don’t expect to find it by just wandering along the icy paths in Alabaster Icelands.

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Players should follow these steps to find Hisuian Zorua:

  • Access Alabaster Icelands by talking to the Galaxy guard at the exit of Jubilife Village.
  • Once you arrive at the Snowbound Camp, the “home base” of Alabaster Icelands, move northward until you reach Bonechill Wastes. To check if you’re headed in the right direction, press the minus button on your Switch to check the map, or watch your screen as the location text/cue should pop up when you reach a new subarea in the icy zone.
  • At Bonechill Wastes, you will find two ice caves, which you can access by dropping through a hole in the ground. They look like light blue pools of water, and you’ll have to use Sneasler to descend into the caves.
  • You can find Hisuian Zorua by taking a left turn twice when you are at a branching route in the cave. (It’s in the room where you see Misdreavus). Watch out, as an aggressive Pokemon, Zorua will attack you on sight when it spots you.
  Where to find Hisuian Zorua in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Best way to catch Hisuian Zorua

  • Use a Stealth Spray then drop into a crouch. You can also use Smoke Bombs to create areas where you won’t be spotted. This way you can move into a good position even without any grass or other structures to hide you in the caves.
  • Move slowly until you can position yourself behind the fox, then throw a Pokeball at its back. Using the back strike is important for capturing Zorua, as well as boosting your chances by using a Great Ball or better.
  • In case Zorua notices you, be prepared to engage in a battle. Whittle it down or try inducing status conditions before throwing the Pokeball. Remember that Normal-type, Ghost-type, and Fighting-type moves won’t work against it.

How to evolve Hisuian Zorua into Zoroark

Zorua evolves by leveling up just like many other Pokemon without requiring specific tricks or unique methods like a stone or friendship level. All you need to do is to raise Hisuian Zorua to level 30, and you’ll see its Pokeball flashing in the menu in your Satchel, indicating that it is ready to evolve into Zoroark.

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To help it level up quickly, keep Hisuian Zorua in your party so that it gains experience while you continue your adventure and catch or battle wild Pokemon. Avoid letting it faint so that it can keep soaking up experience, even without being the one to battle. In battle, it will do really well against Fighting, Normal, and Ghost-types as the Normal/Ghost-typing makes Zorua immune to such moves. Watch out for Dark-types, though, as that is its only weakness.

The Pokemon will also gain experience when you use it to gather berries from trees or smash rocks to get tumblestones. It only gains a small amount of experience, but every little bit counts! But if you want to level Zorua up fast, you can always use Rare Candies to boost its level.

If you’re looking to catch the shiny variants of Hisuian Zorua and Zoroark, follow the steps in our Shiny hunting guide. Besides Zorua and Zoroark, PLA also introduced regional forms for a bunch of other Pokemon from past generations. For example, Hisuian Sneasel and its new evolution, Sneasler, are among the most sought-after Pokemon in the new game. But for the rest of our Pokemon Legends Arceus guides, click here.

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