Pokémon Go: How to Beat Leader Sierra?

Pokémon Go: How to Beat Leader Sierra?

Pokémon Go was made available in 2016. The video game definitely did an excellent job of combining AR aspects. You simply have to collect Pokémon in this video game. So, if you were to point your device to your pantry, you might be in luck and see a Pokémon there! The video game uses GPS to pinpoint your precise location and help Pokémon be placed correctly on maps.

Similar to previous video games, Pokémon Go features foes and competition. Like any video game, defeating them requires skill. It can be challenging to defeat Sierra, one of the Team Go Rocket leaders in the game. Do not worry; we are going to show you how to defeat Sierra and provide you with strategies!

An Insight on Sierra

Sierra is beguiling and elusive. She is Giovanni’s strongest ally, but she chooses to keep to herself.

Finding Sierra

You can obtain Mysterious Components by taking down Team Go Rocket Grunts at hijacked Pokéstops. When you have all of these, you may build a potent rocket radar that will direct you directly to the Team Go Rocket Leaders.

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But the Team Go Rocket Leaders pose a much more difficult battle than the Grunts, who may be eliminated rather quickly. There are three of them in all together: Cliff, Arlo, and Sierra, and everyone has a collection of distinctive Pokémon at their disposal for battle.

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Beating Sierra

The combat consists of three stages, all of which differ in severity. The enemy in the initial stage never changes, but Sierra’s composition can be unexpected. Since Sierra offers a variety of alternatives, Pokémon GO fans are left to play a game of chance in both of the subsequent stages. In order to overcome Sierra, you need to know the wider context of the battle lineup.

Phase One

Sierra will get you the Shadow Geodude during the first round. So buckle up!

Pokémon Go- Geodude
Pokémon Go- Geodude (Credits: Nintendo)

Here are some Pokémon you can use to clear phase one on beating Sierra:

  • Feraligatr:
    • Fast: Water Gun
    • Charge: Water Gun
  •  Greninja:
    • Fast: Bubble
    • Charge: Hydro Pump
  • Kyogre:
    • Fast: Waterfall
    • Charge: Surf
  • Kartana:
    • Fast: Razor Leaf
    • Charge: Leaf Blade
  • Roseraid:
    • Fast: Razor Leaf
    • Charge: Grass Knot
  • Swampert:
    • Fast: Water Gun
    • Charge: Hydro Cannon
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Phase Two

Sierra has a trio of choices in her second stage. Shadow Gardevoir, Sableye, and Steelix are in the gang. Gardevoir is vulnerable to poison, steel, and ghosts. It can take dragons and psychics really well. When it comes to Sableye, it can only not handle fairies. Steelix is good with all types of attacks except for waters, ground, and fire.

Here are some Pokémon you can use to clear phase two’s Gardevoir:

  • Chandelure:
    • Fast: Hex
    • Charge: Shadow Ball
  • Exadrill:
    • Fast: Metal Claw
    • Charge: Iron Head
  • Gengar:
    • Fast: Hex
    • Charge: Shadow Ball
Pokémon Go- Gardevoir
Pokémon Go- Gardevoir (Credits: Nintendo)

Here are some Pokémon you can use to clear phase two’s Sableye:

  • Granbull:
    • Fast: Charm
    • Charge: Rough Play
  • Galarian Rapidash:
    • Fast: Fairy Wind
    • Charge: Rough Play
  • Slyveon:
    • Fast: Charm
    • Charge: Gleam

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Here are some Pokémon you can use to clear phase two’s Steelix:

  • Blaziken:
    • Fast: Fire Spin
    • Charge: Overheat
  • Terrakion:
    • Fast: Double Kick
    • Charge: Sacred Sword
  • Reshiram:
    • Fast: Fire Fangs
    • Charge: Fusion Flare
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Phase Three

The final stage presents the most difficult rivals. Sierra can select between Shadow Victreebel, Houndoom, and Gyarados. Victreebel is resistant to grass, water, electricity, and fairies. Houndoom can do grass, ice, fire, darkness, and ghosts. Lastly, Gyarados are not vulnerable to rocks and electricity.

Here are some Pokémon you can use to clear phase three’s Victreebel:

  • Alakazam:
    • Fast: Confusion
    • Charge: Psychic
  • Darmanitan:
    • Fast: Fire Fangs
    • Charge: Overheat
  • Mamoswine:
    • Fast: Powdered Snow
    • Charge: Avalanche
  • Reshiram:
    • Fast: Fire Fangs
    • Charge: Fusion Flare

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Here are some Pokémon you can use to clear phase three’s Houndhoom:

  • Conkeldurr:
    • Fast: Counter
    • Charge: Punch
  • Machamp:
    • Fast: Counter
    • Charge: Punch
  • Rampardos:
    • Fast: SmackDown
    • Charge: Rock Slide
Pokémon Go- Houndhoom
Pokémon Go- Houndhoom

Here are some Pokémon you can use to clear phase three’s Gyarados:

  • Electivire:
    • Fast: Thunder
    • Charge: Wild Charge
  • Magnezone:
    • Fast: Charge Beam
    • Charge: Wild Charge
  • Tyranitar:
    • Fast: SmackDown
    • Charge: Stone Edge
  • Zekrom: 
    • Fast: Charge Beam
    • Charge: Fusion Bolt

We hope this extensive guide on how to beat leader Sierra helped you do so! Let us know your favorite counters in the comments below!

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