Pearl Boy Chapter 93 Release Date, Spoilers & Where to Read

Pearl Boy Chapter 93 Release Date, Spoilers & Where to Read

Pearl Boy Chapter 93 will show how the life of the two will be after the short time skip. The series finally concluded, but that doesn’t mean we won’t see some more chapters that will tell us about how the characters are faring in life. If anything, the positive yet ambiguous nature of the ending demands that there will be more to the story.

The manhwa is one of the popular ones in the genre and found great success even when the series went into Hiatus. But it is always sad to readers when their series comes to an end, and they can no longer read it.

Though there are few new series that have popped up during the release of Pearl Boy, the story left its mark. But given the ending of the series, one can’t help but feel as if the story was rushed in the end. Or if it was meant to be like this from the very beginning.

There will always be some that will feel that the ending was early and unjustified, and that could be why the series makes a return later.

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Our two protagonists, Dooshik and Jooha, found each other through a twist of fate. Jooha is the low-bottom denizen that had no place to go, just like many bottom characters from other manhwa. In comes the Dooshik, who helps him in his case of the pearl that could make him a fortune and help with his past.

Pearl Boy Chapter 93
Pearl Boy (Credits: Lezhin)

Pearl Boy Chapter 92 Recap

Pearl Boy Chapter 92 showed how Dooshik and Jooha have nothing to worry about or deal with. Dooshik had been making sure to get back at people that have made Jooha’s life miserable without the bottom knowing. He had no reason to disturb the guy who was at his weakest in life due to many sicknesses.

Jooha wasn’t even able to stay conscious during most of the chapter when all of this happened, as the illness had gotten the better of him. This also meant that the later chapters of the series were more focused on Dooshik than Jooha. Jooha was just there as a reminder to readers that all the things that Dooshik is doing are justified.

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However, Dooshik has gone and crossed boundaries with other people, people that were affected by the same man as Jooha. People that he should have spared, given they suffered from the same circumstances as him and Jooha, but he had no sympathy. Instead, he dealt with everything that came his way or affected Jooha in the past, cutting all the loose ends.

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Pearl Boy Chapter 93 Spoilers

Pearl Boy Chapter 93 will not be coming any time soon, but there will be follow-up chapters. It is like digitally released Manhua to have a series drop bonus chapters sometime after the series has finished. But the question is whether or not this series deserves some kind of aftermath.

We saw in the final chapters that Jooha still suffered from the illness despite his past finally being revoked. Sure, the guy has a burden lifted from his life, and he even gets to spend his life with someone that helped him with that. But, his health wasn’t in top condition, and he had to be carried by Dooshik still due to his weakness.

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Dooshik was happy that he, too, could move forward in life with Jooha having his back, quite literally. The two could be shown to spend life together in a new city where they are away from all the memories of the past. Jooha would have finally recovered, and the Dooshik will be looking after him but also at a much better place psychologically as he gets to heal in the time he spent with him.

Pearl Boy Chapter 93
Pearl Boy (Credits: Lezhin)

What is the release date for Pearl Boy Chapter 93?

Pearl Boy Chapter 93 will come unannounced and out of nowhere, but the moment it drops, there should be a few more chapters which then will come a few more that will further go into detail on how they live their new lives. 

Pearl Boy Chapter 93
Pearl Boy (Credits: Lezhin)

Where to read Pearl Boy Chapter 93?

Pearl Boy Chapter 93 will be available to read on Lezhin.

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