Oh!GG: Members, Songs, Debut & Albums

Oh!GG: Members, Songs, Debut & Albums

We can all agree that the Second Generation of K-Pop has produced many legendary K-Pop groups and idols in the form of TVXQ, Wonder Girls, Super Junior, Big Bang, Shinee, Girls’ Generation, 2PM, etc., that took over many global markets and built a fortune for Korean entertainment companies.

Working tirelessly to hone their craft and adding up to the K-Pop scene, these artists have dedicated more than a decade of their lifetime, and still, their popularity never fades away. But everyone deserves a break, Right?

With all the rush and brainstorming in the world of stardom, many groups go into hiatus or disband when they feel they have given everything they could to the art form.  Yet We, the fans, cannot bear the separation from our beloved artists. For this dilemma, SM Entertainment found a creative solution in the form of Oh!GG, forming a sub-unit of Girls’ Generation.

Oh!GG Members, Songs, Debut, Albums
Oh!GG (Credits: SM Entertainment)


After working hard for more than ten years, many members of the Girls’ Generation wanted to leave the group. But to save the group from being inactive and on hiatus, SM Entertainment formed Oh!GG, a sub-unit of Girls’ Generation, the legendary group, can stay active in the K-Pop scene and debuted with the Single ‘Lil Touch’ in 2018. 

Members profile

Oh! GG consists of five members, Yuri, Taeyeon, Sunny, Yoona, and Hyoyeon, selected from the parent group Girls’ Generation.

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Yuri is the Lead Dancer of the South Korean girl group Girls’ Generation and its sub-unit Oh!GG. She is nicknamed a lovely pearl and is also considered to possess a resemblance to Sophie Marceau. She is good at imitating animal sounds. She is also a chef who has cooked even a 13-course large meal for the group.

Oh!GG Members, Songs, Debut, Albums
Yuri (Credits: SM Entertainment)

Fans can witness her winning recipes on @yurihantv. She loves Korean instant Ramyun. She has also acted in famous dramas like Fashion King, Innocent Defendant, and Stage Play ‘Mr Henry and Me’ with Park So-dam, with whom she ended up being friends.

Yuri also has a silver poodle named Kwon DooE as a pet who has its own Instagram account @dooeyuri with an impressive amount of fan following.


Taeyeon is a member of the South Korean girl group Girls’ Generation, and it is sub-unit Girls’ Generation-TTS and Oh!GG, Super-group ‘Girls on Top,’ and also a solo artist under SM Entertainment. She is a vocal fairy who is also nicknamed Jelly, Pudding, and Kid Leader.

Oh!GG Members, Songs, Debut, Albums
Taeyeon (Credits: SM Entertainment)

The members of the group regard her as the Girls’ Generation’s best driver. This OST Queen has also given some hit songs such as If, Can You Hear Me? And I love you. The members of the group feel that when she sings songs for OSTs, it feels as if the female character of the drama is singing.

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Sunny is a member of the South Korean girl group Girls’ Generation and its sub-unit Oh!GG. This idol has been nicknamed ‘Vitamin Sunny,’ who has quite a playful personality and is the niece of SM Entertainment’s founder Lee Soo-man.

Oh!GG Members, Songs, Debut, Albums
Sunny (Credits: SM Entertainment)

Sunny, along with Super Junior’s Yesung, are regarded as ‘Gods of Self Maintenance’ owing to their youthful appearance. Her love for kittens is evident on her Instagram account @515sunnyday.

At the age of 19, Sunny declared to remain single, and on one occasion, she chose to remain single for life rather than dating publicly.


Hyoyeon is the Main Dancer of the South Korean girl group Girls’ Generation, its sub-unit Oh!GG, Super Group ‘Girls On Top,’ and a soloist under SM Entertainment.

Oh!GG Members, Songs, Debut, Albums
Hyoyeon (Credits: SM Entertainment)

This dancing machine was also a former member of the dance unit ‘Younique’ along with SM Entertainment’s other legendary dancers, such as Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, Shinee’s Taemin, Super Junior-M’s Henry, Exo-K’s Kai, Exo-M’s Lu Han.

This expert dancer has mastery over many dance forms and has quite a bubbly personality. She has two pet dogs named Barbara and Venus.


Yoona is a member of the South Korean girl group Girls’ Generation and its sub-unit Oh!GG. She is one of the popular Korean celebrities who have been featured in a variety of cover magazines to being cast in popular K-Dramas and K-Movies of her times, such as Love Rain, The K2, King The Land, and Confidential Assignment Series.

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Oh!GG Members, Songs, Debut, Albums
Yoona (Credits: SM Entertainment)

She is even considered among the top 3 SM beauties, along with Lee Yeonhee and Go Ara. She is also the ‘Queen of Visuals and Aegyo.’ Her legendary Aegyo on weekly idol became so popular that it became a reference clip for many other legendary artists such as Shinee, JYP, NCT, Red Velvet, Got 7, CN Blue, and many more.

On one occasion, even Super Junior’s Leeteuk also admitted Yoona to be her Idol type. She is one of the highest followed Korean celebrities on Instagram who also owns a YouTube channel, Yoona’s So Wonderful Day, and possesses a humble personality.

Songs and Albums

Advancing forward with the creative solution of subdividing Girls’ Generation, Oh!GG brought forward MV ‘Lil’ Touch,’ expressing the girl’s yearning and desire for intimacy in the lyrics. 

This music video exposed the womanly charm of the members dressed as Diva. This creative debut actually gave more screen time to the five members as compared to the usually crowded space of the parent group Girls’ Generation.

The music video was an instant hit and quite popular in the South and East Asian Regions. In this way, the legendary group of SM Entertainment was saved from hiatus and inactivity, giving fans extra space to know their artist better.

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