NMIXX: Members, Songs, Debut & Albums

NMIXX: Members, Songs, Debut & Albums

All entertainment labels in Korean entertainment industries are famous for some reason or another. But whenever the topic of longevity, mental health or ethical training of the employees come to one’s mind JYP Entertainment tops the list.

Not only this but the agency has done some remarkable work in producing legendary groups which are popular across the globe such as Twice, Stray Kids, 2PM and GOT 7. This time JYP has come up with their 4th generation girl group named NMIXX, nearly 2 years after the debut of their commercially successful girl group ITZY.


Everything that you want trendy ‘Now’, ‘Newer’ and of ‘Next’ generation you will find in the combination of this Gen Z K-Pop girls. The group debuted under SQU4D, JYP Entertainment’s Sub Label.

NMIXX Members, Songs, Debut, Albums
NMIXX (Credits: JYP Entertainment)

This popular girl group is also nicknamed as SLAYMIXX and their fandom is named as NSWER, so that in whichever direction you are in the North South, East or West the group will always take a Route to hopefully reach towards you with their songs.

Members Profile

The group consisted of Seven members at the time of their debut Lily, Haewon, Sullyoon, Bae, Jiwoo, Jinni and Kyujin. 

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Bae is the vocalist and dancer in the group. She has a charmingly deep voice in the group. She can also imitate singer Gazelle from Zootopia. Bae is also the first person to get ready for the day in the group. 

NMIXX Members, Songs, Debut, Albums
Bae (Credits: JYP Entertainment)


Haewon is the leader and vocalist of the group. She possess a jade-like voice that can put anyone in a dreamy daze. She is an anchor as well as the mind of the group.  Haewon learned songwriting as a trainee and is also considered as a comedian of JYP. She is also nicknamed as ‘Nongdamgom’ and can do a hilariously beautiful lip pantomime performance.

NMIXX Members, Songs, Debut, Albums
Haewon (Credits: JYP Entertainment)


Jiwoo is the Rapper and Dancer of the group. She is regarded as the quickest to learn choreography in the group. She is a master of kick ball, good at doing bridge and bending fingers.  She made the 55 cm record of Weekly Idol in Limbo. She is best at freestyle rapping in which she talks about her daily life like a diary.





Kyujin is the rapper, dancer and Maknae of the group. She is nicknamed as CC or ‘Cheeky Cat’. She can do impressions of Britney Spears and Cheon Seo Jin. Her group members think her clothing to be the most stylish in the group. She is quite active in the group chat and sends tik tok and memes the most.

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NMIXX Members, Songs, Debut, Albums
Kyujin (Credits: JYP Entertainment)


Lily is the oldest member and a vocalist in the group. She is nicknamed as ‘Lively Lily’ who possesses Happy Virus Vibes. She is fluent in speaking English. Lily is regarded as the best at giving advice according to her group members due to the tendency to be able to relate to others feelings. Lily had also learnt songwriting as a trainee.

NMIXX Members, Songs, Debut, Albums
Lily (Credits: JYP Entertainment)


Sullyoon is the lead vocalist and dancer of the group. She is also nicknamed as ‘Baby Deer’ ‘Baby Bunny’ and ‘Ttullyoon’. Sullyoon is a face genius who can make cute voices. She is an excellent dodge-ball player and loves cooking, baking and making cookies.

NMIXX Members, Songs, Debut, Albums
Sullyoon (Credits: JYP Entertainment)


Jinni is the former member of the group. She is good at playing Charades and speaks with a Dialect. She left the group due to personal reasons in 2022. However she has a huge amount of fan following on her Instagram account @jiniyxxn even after leaving the group.

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NMIXX Members, Songs, Debut, Albums
Jinni (Credits: JYP Entertainment)

Songs and Albums 

Fans have known NMIXX for their sudden transition in songs and signature Moves in their choreography. And every song released by them is replete with a variety of concepts. 

For Example in 2022, the opening of Music Video ‘O.O’ gives the vibes of pirates stylized concept along with addictive hook of the song and on point choreography. The girls in rugged clothing look quite powerful. 

Another music video ‘Funky Glitter Christmas‘ is rich with the concept of pretty Christmas merriment.

For 2023 the group experimented with a variety of different concepts. In ‘Young, Dumb, Stupid’ the pink pretty girlish charms bring fans back to their childhood. The ‘Roller Coaster’ MV exposes the potential of the girls by highlighting the ability of their vocals.

The song ‘Love me like this‘ is considered the perfect song for a long ride. Similarly ‘Party o’clock‘ entertains the fans with its addictive party song Chorus. A girl group that experiments with this much variety of concepts, you definitely need to check them out.

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