NextU: Members, Debut, Songs and Albums

NextU: Members, Debut, Songs and Albums

NextU is a new girl group making its way into the hearts of the fans and also getting popularity due to their open approach of accommodating all nationalities. The K-pop industry is one of the fastest growing industries with new girl, boy, and children groups debuting frequently.

The fans are super active and want to keep themselves updated about all that is going on in the industry and their favorite K-pop idols. NextU has managed to get attention even amidst so many options available due to their fresh take on actually taking K-pop to the global level in a different way.

So today, we will try to know more about NextU group, its members, debut, songs, and albums.

NextU introduction

NextU is a pre-debut girl group of four members in the K-pop industry that comes under the label Shinwa Entertainment. They came into existence around 2021 and were supposed to make their debut in 2022, at least that is what was anticipated, but it looks like the fans have more wait left because even after half of the year 2023 has passed by, no official announcement has yet been made.

Their official Instagram account, nextu_official offers a way to interact with the group members and know updates about them. NextU is said to be active since 2021, but the official logo was launched on 15 January 2022, and members were introduced to the fans on the same day. Their fandom colors and names are not known.

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Jane, Kim Yujin, Shine, and Kim Gyubin are the current members, and they hope to be joined by many new faces as the auditions are still going on. When a few interested fans asked on the official Instagram if the auditions are still underway, nextu_official replied, saying they are always open for auditions and candidates can fill out the forms anytime.

So, if you are willing to be one of them, maybe give it a shot. Nationality, religion, and race does not stop you from getting into NextU as their motto is to accommodate diversity.

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NextU Members


Jane was born on 31 August 1999. She is a member of the group who hails from Kyrgyzstan, and her real name is Erkina Studentka. She is still a trainee at Shinwa Entertainment. She was introduced as a member of the group on 15 January 2022.

Jane(Credits: Shinwha Entertainment)


Joining Jane in the group is a fellow from Kyrgyzstan. Shine was born on 23 October 1999, and her birthname is Aidai Sadykova. She has been a part of Shinwa Entertainment since 2021 and became a part of NextU on 15 January 2022. She is not very active on social media but posted some pictures with her fellow Jane from her Instagram account shine_vidvi.

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Shine (Credits: Shinwha Entertainment)

Kim Yujin

Born on 9 August 2002, Kim Yujin was not an initial member of the group and joined later. Her nationality is Korean, and she is close to maknae Kim Gyubin. You can find her on Instagram and YouTube by the name “ofyujin”.

Yujin(Credits: Shinwha Entertainment)

Kim Gyubin

Born on 16 September 2002, Kim Gyubin is also Korean and was the last one to join the group as she became a member in 2023. Her name is often confused with Kim Yujin, her fellow Korean, due to the astounding similarity, but she is also the youngest member of the group/maknae and also very reserved. She is also on Instagram by the name of Pearlybinnie, but her account is currently private.

Gyubin(Credits: Shinwha Entertainment)

Former members

Although very little information is available about the former members of NextU quite a few girls were associated with the group before they dropped their first video on 15 June 2023 with the final members. The ones spotted in the video were Jane, Shine, Yujin, and Gyubin.

On 15 January 2022, four members of the group were revealed, out of which two are now former members. So these two members of the initial lineup were Riel and Irene. Riel was a Russian, and her departure was not announced, and nobody knew until she was not spotted in the video released by NextU. Irene was a Spanish member of the group in 2022.

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Post their departure, two new members, Geuna(Korean) and Wang Qin(Chinese), joined, but both left in 2023. Besides, two members, Liha(Korean) and Rabia Sirin(Turkish) were expected to be members of the group and were linked to NextU in 2021. Similarly, a member in 2022, Chinatsu from Japan, was also supposedly a member of the group.

NextU Debut, Members, Songs, and Albums

The group has still not made their debut, and neither any official confirmation of a debut date has been given. When the fans inquired about the debut and expressed their eagerness to witness the debut of NextU under an Instagram post from nextu_official, the date was still not revealed, but they asked the fans to stay connected for updates.

However, the group is in active status and released a video with its four current members on 15 June this year. So it is highly anticipated that they might make their debut in the near future.

The Instagram account dedicated to the group posts casual pictures of the group members, their logo, and even a dance cover by the members to keep the fans entertained and engaged, hyping up the debut.

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