New The Exorcist: Believer Joins Forces with The Last of Us and Stranger Things at Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights 2023

New The Exorcist: Believer Joins Forces with The Last of Us and Stranger Things at Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights 2023

This Halloween is going to be the spookiest Halloween of your lifetime. If you are wondering how to spend your Halloween night, then do not worry because Universal Studios has planned everything for you. 

The Exorcist: Believer is set to become one of the major highlights at this year’s Halloween Night in Universal Studios, joining The Last of Us and Stranger Things as a top attraction.

‘Angela. Katherine. Two girls who were once missing have now been discovered, but they have no recollection of their harrowing experience’, states the official description of the attraction.

‘However, with their return, an unimaginable evil has resurfaced. Brace yourself for a bone-chilling sequence of events as you enter the most frightening moments from the new Blumhouse film’.

Universal Studios has decided to blow people’s minds this Halloween with a chilly movie lined up.

What does the trailer of The Exorcist: Believer shows?

The Exorcist: Believer is going to do more than what meets the eye. It is not some regular possession movie but something that’s going to make your sleep hard.

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Universal Orlando
Universal Orlando (Credits: Universal Orlando Resort)

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The trailer for The Exorcist: Believer haunted house features a seemingly ordinary man going for a jog when he unexpectedly encounters a cursed doll. This encounter plunges him into a nightmarish vision where he becomes the unwitting target of a violent exorcism.

Based on the trailer, it’s likely that the theme park attraction will explore similar themes, creating an unsettling and terrifying experience for visitors.

Halloween Horror Nights, the destination for your Halloween night

If you do not know about it yet, we are here to tell you all. The Halloween Horror Nights are held every year and are hosted by Universal Studios which features a wide variety of haunted house destinations with quirky themes. This year’s event will occur on a few nights at Universal Orlando, starting on Friday, September 1, and will end on Saturday, November 4.

The horrifying event starts on Thursday, September 7th, and ends on Tuesday, October 31st. Universal Studios Hollywood will host a spine-chilling experience for visitors who are seeking goosebumps and thrills.

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The company is regularly broadcasting new haunted houses for Halloween Horror Nights. They have already revealed an attraction called The Last of Us haunted house, where visitors can team up with Ellie and Joel to confront the undead apocalypse.

This is not the end fams, the Stranger Things haunted house will provide an eerie journey into the upside-down. The roster is now growing with two thrilling new additions: one based on the famous horror movie franchise starring Chucky and another inspired by the timeless Universal Monsters.

The upcoming Halloween Horror Nights event at the theme park offers new attractions that aim to provide spooky and unforgettable experiences to attendees.

Along with the previously mentioned attractions, the 2023 lineup features Dr. Oddenfellow’s Twisted Origin, Dueling Dragons: Choose Thy Fate, YETI: Campground Kills, The Darkest Deal, and Bleed for the Blood Moon.

As for The Exorcist: Believer, the highly anticipated horror film, is set to be released in theatres on October 13, fans of the franchise can look forward to experiencing its terrifying presence at the Holloween Horror Nights event.

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Universal Orlando
Universal unleashes The Exorcist: Believer (Credits: News 18)

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What’s great about The Exorcist: Believer haunted house?

Inspired by Universal Pictures’ chilling new horror film produced by Blumhouse and Morgan Creek Entertainment, The Exorcist: Believer haunted house premises an immersive experience for visitors. Upon entering the attraction, guests will find themselves transported to a lively street market in Haiti.

Here, an innocent purchase of a peculiar folk dool with three eyes unwittingly triggers the opening of a malevolent demonic portal. SInister spirits are awakened, and the terrifying chain of events unfolds with the sudden disappearance of two 12-year-old girls in the U.S.

After three days, the girls are found, but they have no recollection of what happened to them during their absence. As they begin displaying unsettling behaviors, it becomes apparent that only an exorcism can save them from the clutches of evil. 

The chilling atmosphere extends to the theme park-goers, as unwitting guests find themselves at risk of encountering the malevolent forces and losing their souls. The haunted house promises to deliver an intense and spine-chilling tingling experience.

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