N:Dear (Formerly known as Lively): Members, Debut, Songs & Albums

N:Dear (Formerly known as Lively): Members, Debut, Songs & Albums

N:Dear is a K-pop group that has recently caught everyone’s eye. It has made it to the headlines because of a lack of activity and no songs and albums coming from the end of the group. N:Dear official account has been deleted from a few platforms making the fans worry about the sudden disappearance of the group.

The history and activity of the group has been on and off since the beginning. Such a situation always gives rise to curiosity, and we are here to solve it for you. Today, we will try to get enlightened about the K-pop group N:Dear, its members, and what’s going on with the group and its members.

It is a pre-debut girl K-pop which is not a very old one and was formed in the year 2022. Unlike everyone else debuting and being supported and promoted by big agencies, the group is an independent pre-debut girl group that consists of four members. Earlier, it was known by the name Lively. The members of the group are Jihae, Ara, Byeoljji, and Shana.

N:Dear Members


Born in 1999, her birthname is Choi Ji-hae. Jihae began her K-pop journey in 2020 as a trainee for Aftermoon Entertainment. She was a potential member of WeGirls, but she left her agency to choose an independent career and landed up at N:Dear. She was followed by the official Instagram account of N:Dear on 12 October 2022, and she was announced a member two days later on 14 October.

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Jihae (Credits: N:Dear_official)


Born on 2 October, her birthname is Ra Mi. She is also known by the name Chashana, and she also began as a trainee at Aftermoon Entertainment. She joined N: Dear on 22 May 2022, but as the group disbanded in July of the same year, she returned with the reformation of the group on 12 October 2022 and is the eldest amongst all members.

Shana(Credits: N:Dear_official)


Born on 6 March 2000, her birthname is Ah-ra. She began her journey in April 2020 by joining the girl group Daydream which was under the label Great Company. In the year 2021, she joined Aftermoon Entertainment. Post her departure and becoming an independent trainee and dancer, she was a part of the dance group Zero and Babys.

Ara(Credits: N:Dear_official)

On 12 October 2022, when the official account of dance group Zero was assigned to N:Dear, she became a member of the group. Currently, she has been introduced as a member of a new group Berryz.

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Born on 3 January 2001, her birthname is Kim Byeoljji. She is the youngest member/maknae to secure a spot in the group who played the role of rapper, dancer, and vocalist. She began with the group MIDNIGHT in the year 2018 and continued to be its member till 2020.

Byeoljji (Credits: N:Dear_official)

Later, she was chosen as a member of WeGirls. She was also a part of the dance group Zero before making it to N:Dear. She will join Ara as a member of the upcoming group Berryz.

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Former Members

Besides the four final members, the group had five other members. They were Danbi, Dami, Hayoon, Do Hayoon, and Sia.


Born on 10 July 1996, her birthname is Park Dan-bi. She was a member of the girl group MIDNIGHT under H&I Entertainment, but the group disbanded without debut. On 21 May 2022, she was revealed as the leader of group N:Dear, but her journey with the group was short-lived as she left in June.


Born on June 16, her birthname is Jeong Da-mi. Dami was the vocalist for the group N: Dear. She was one out of three members revealed on 22 May 2022. She left the group in June.

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Born on 8 July 1997, her birthname is Ji Ha-Yoon. Also known as Yoon, she was out of the first five members of the group N: Dear. She made her debut in 2017 with the group Gate9. She joined N: Dear officially on 22 May 2023 and left on 27 June.

Do Hayoon

Born on 1 December 1997, her birthname is Park Ji-ho. Also known as Ji Ho. She made her debut with the group ILUV on 11 November 2019. She was also a part of WeGirls before joining N:Dear. After she departed from the group, she became a member of the upcoming group Clear:I.


The last member to be associated with N:Dear is Sia. Born on 3 June 1998, her first stage name was Sowon which she changed on 22 July 2022. She started with the group AZM in 2018, followed by PoshGirls, and finally, N: Dear, which she left in July 2022.

N:Dear Debut, Songs and Albums

The debut date of the group was never confirmed, but it was expected to be in 2023. However, deletion of accounts from Tiktok and YouTube and with members joining other groups, it is confirmed that the group has disbanded. There is no debut, song, or album released by N: Dear.

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