My Hero Academia Chapter 396 Spoilers & Raw Scans: Mecha All Might Vs All For One!

My Hero Academia chapter 396 is the next one for the manga, which is set to be released in the upcoming weekly shonen jump magazine, and the fans are excited for the return of the manga after a break.

The narrative will be moving forward from Toga’s and Uraraka’ss fight, and as we previously predicted, this fight is indeed between All For One and All Might. 

This is one of the battles that no one expected. No one saw that All Might would be stepping himself into the battle after being quirkless.

However, he has indeed gone to fight the strongest opponent; however, it is not a blind charge as the spoilers for the chapter reveal that All Might has a plan to fight All For One.

In addition to showcasing, All Might be doing various attacks that recall the ability of the students from Class A, there was also a huge announcement regarding the future installments of the series that includes various projects.

There is a message from the author itself that there is a new movie in production for My Hero Academia, while the new season is also being produced by Bones And Toho. 

There isn’t much info revealed for the movie rather that it will feature the narrative after the latest season of the My Hero Academia featuring an untold story. We will surely provide new info once we have on it but for now, let us see what the spoilers for the My Hero Academia chapter 396 bring. Here we bring you the latest updates on the My Hero Academia manga series.

My Hero Academia Chapter 396 Spoilers And Raw Scans

As per the spoilers, My Hero Academia Chapter 396 is titled “The Quirkless Fight,” and the spoilers reveal that the chapter takes place 20 mins prior to the clones disappearing with All Might remembering Nighteye’s vision of him dying. The former wonders if this is the battle and if the villain that he had mentioned might be All For One after all.

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The car, which is named Hercules, turns into body armor that covers all of All Might’s body except for his face, as All Might’s smile is the strongest.

The armor is similar to his hero costume, and it replicates all the things from the suit, including his hair which is now an antenna in the armor.

My Hero Academia Chapter 396 Spoiler and rwa
All Might in Mecha Suit colored concept (CC:@lumiart)

All Might command Hercules his car to start recording the fight to which the latter responds that it has already done so. All Might, in addition, speaks to Tsukacuhi while La Brava sees an opportunity to stream this fight.

However, the cops are against it, but La Brava goes hard to stream, yelling dramatically, “Start Stream!” to which the cops respond that she is using “Bankai” or something.

Moving to Tsukauchi, he remembers the time that All Might left the command room to fight All For One and wonders if this is the place where he chooses to die, as it won’t matter how many support items one has; against All For One, they would be useless. In addition, Tsukacuhi also tells La Brava to stop the stream what they are about to see is All Might being brutally killed by All For One.

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All For One Vs. Mecha All Might

Cut to AFO, who sees that All Might is there to buy some time and he should avoid him, but seeing the latter smile makes him want to go for it. All Might use the car’s abilities to stop the attack from the AFO by forming a barrier around him.

The barrier also causes AFO to get hit by his own attack, but the barrier has already down to 66% of its capability. AFO starts to regenerate, but seeing the opportunity, All Might use Black Whip, which uses the wires from the suit to grab onto AFO.

The latter tries to shake the wires off, but All Might pass electricity through it, calling the technique Chagebolt, which makes the regeneration of AFO slow.

Following this, All Might use one more technique to get close to AFO, which is backed up by his armor that latches onto his legs, pulling him closer to AFO. All Might state weakness of AFO that is using range attacks, but since he is quirkless, it won’t work on him.

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All Might informs that this suit was made by two of his friends from the US, and his daughter Melissa is watching the fight.

In addition, All Might also tell Tsuakachi that he should know that All Might would never go into a fight knowing that he would lose as All Might kicks AFO calling the technique Shooting Style Smash at the end of the chapter.

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