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Miniminter Net Worth – OtakuKart

Want to know about Miniminter’s net worth? The YouTube star is making headlines as he went vocal about his opinion regarding who he thinks would depart The Sidemen. If you are very much into gaming, you surely know him. Following that, his fans are lately wondering how much Miniminter has earned so far. 

Despite being a fan, not everyone knows that Miniminter isn’t his real name. The YouTube star goes by the name: Simon Edward Minter in real. Born on 7 September 1992, he is now 31 years old. He hails from Hemel Hempstead. 

Along with KSI, Miniminter studied at Berkhamsted School. You will be surprised to know that initially, the two used to fight a lot in class. They hated each other. Who would say that now? Working together in-gaming field has helped them in bonding. Later, Miniminter joined the University of Hull and studied criminology. 

Once in an interview, Miniminter shared that he highly got inspired by Nigahiga to start YouTube. Eventually, the content of his videos got diversified into lifestyle, gaming, Reddit, and vlogs. No doubt, as a gamer, Miniminter has also amazed a large fanbase on Twitch. 

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Coming back to Miniminter’s monetary earnings, a major portion of his income is from his YouTube career. His special media influence has helped him in earning a lot to date. How much is the star’s wealth? Here is what we know about Miniminter’s net worth. 

Miniminter Net Worth
Miniminter (Credits: Biography Mask)

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Miniminter Net Worth: The YouTuber’s Earnings Revealed

Talking about his monetary accumulations, Miniminter’s net worth is estimated to be a whopping $35 million. If you are looking for Miniminter’s annual salary, it is roughly around $2 million. By now, you must know that a YouTube career is very uncertain, and therefore, the monthly earnings aren’t fixed. Over the years, Miniminter’s net worth has increased, and so has his prominence. 

With Miniminter’s net worth being huge, he has invested a huge part in his real estate properties. The YouTube star owns a lavish property in Herefordshire. Aside from that, he also has another property available in Manchester. Even though the purchase value is kept under wraps, it is likely to be worth million dollars.  

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When it comes to Miniminter’s YouTube channel, he is considered the third most subscribed Sidemen member. He is right after KSI and W2S. To be more exact, Miniminter has garnered more than 10.2 million subscribers on the platform. On the other hand, his Twitch fanbase is over 4 million. 

Miniminter Net Worth
Miniminter (Credits: StarsInformer)

Back in 2016, Miniminter revealed his car to his fans. Guess which car it was? Well, it was a red Range Rover Evoque, but he doesn’t own it now. The YouTube star sold it to TBJZL. At the end of the following year, Miniminter purchased a Tesla Model X.

But, while living in London, he felt like it was not working for him. So, he decided to sell it out. Miniminter’s net worth is huge and also helped him in adding luxurious cars to his collection. It reportedly has Aston Martin, Land Rover, and many more. 

Miniminter’s net worth also got added up with a hefty amount from his other ventures. Along with his group Sideman, he has sold Sidemen Clothing merchandise. Not only that but also he has polished a book. It goes by the name: The Book, published in 2016.

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The Sidemen group also embarked on a promotional tour in the United Kingdom. While we talk about Miniminter’s net worth, it calls for the discussion of his expensive belongings. Well, the YouTube star has a great collection of shoes, more precisely, sneakers. It is reported that one of his Nike running shoes is worth $35000. Also, several brand endorsement deals and stock ownership added a handsome figure to Miniminter’s net worth. 

Best Wishes to Miniminter for the upcoming days of his life. Which is your favorite Miniminter video? Make sure to follow Simon on his Instagram account for more updates. 

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